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  • Title: Michelangelo
    Matching lines:
    • epoch to another, are the souls of human beings. Sense and meaning
    • this way we can see a meaning in the study of single epochs; their
    • and carry over once more into later epochs. In this way and thanks to
    • study the great epochs of art and the great artists. We shall never
    • successive epoch differs from the earlier one and human souls have
    • has been perpetually changing in the successive epochs of human
    • at a different epoch of humanity when the soul was more closely
    • a new epoch, and what the Greeks had been able to experience within
    • impossible for the soul in one epoch becomes possible in another, and
    • just a false analogy when we say that successive epochs of humanity
    • from one epoch to another, undergo at the same time some upward
    • earlier epochs, the life of which he could share, and could thus
    • and expressing always the character of the epoch through one of them.
    • a later epoch — closely though it was still connected with
    • into ever new ages what has been experienced in older epochs of mankind.
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture III: Spiritual Science and Denomination
    Matching lines:
    • aesthetic enjoyment from this sensory world. The epoch of
    • However, the Goethean epoch, in
    • climates, races, and epochs, and what they now want to bring
    • races and epochs, and that with the ascent to the real
    • Greek-Roman epoch, and how for an ascending development an
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture V: The Meaning of Immortality of the Human Soul
    Matching lines:
    • human race. He distinguishes single epochs of the advancing
    • today has lived repeatedly in preceding epochs in which it has
    • absorbed what these epochs could give the souls. Thus, the
    • the souls that have lived in ancient epochs and have not taken
    • past epochs to their present existence and which gain
    • spiritual life and they carry them over to future epochs to
    • souls carry over what is created in one epoch from epoch to
    • epoch. There we stand on the ground of spiritual realities that
    • hold together the historical epochs of humanity.
    • be an epoch-making invention; it can also be something that
    • the mental glance can be darkened for epochs
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VI: The Evil
    Matching lines:
    • epoch has approached in which one can represent spiritual
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VIII: Voltaire
    Matching lines:
    • historical becoming. We see successive epochs in this
    • other. If we look back at ancient epochs, we realise that the
    • ideals in other things than in later epochs. We can say as it
    • were that the different epochs of the historical becoming
    • impressions of one epoch after the belief that the human being
    • Thus, it gets out from any epoch what it can give. Then it
    • spiritual world. It appears in the next epoch again, of course
    • epoch to the next one. Therefore, we can say that the human
    • soul participates in all epochs through the historical
    • the spirits of the successive epochs. If one goes once
    • in the historical becoming; one will recognise how an epoch
    • the different epochs, why they are positioned in the different
    • epochs. Then that what spiritual science has to say no longer
    • course of the epochs.
    • present epoch. One may say that the most primitive part of this
    • light. Spiritual science, however, shows that in the epoch that
    • nature in old epochs.
    • epochs. Voltaire could not get to a pure, noble image of the
    • time. Therefore, Voltaire had to misjudge an epoch as it were
    • in shorter time than all former epochs had done. Yes, in the
  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • can say: it is connected to the epoch, in which one can
    • stand at the watershed between two epochs: the epoch of
    • spiritual epoch, as considering evil and wickedness, when we

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