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  • Title: Michelangelo
    Matching lines:
    • 1489 to 1492; he had been born in 1475. His first object of search
    • “Christ in the Spiritual World: The Search for the Holy Grail”
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture I: The Spiritual World and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • based on immediate research results that one can attain without
    • stand on the firm ground of scientific research and thinking. I
    • assumes with the spiritual researcher. Since the increase of
    • attention is something that the spiritual researcher must
    • to reach the ground of the spiritual-scientific research
    • What the spiritual researcher has to form
    • means that: the spiritual researcher has to form any mental
    • there. With the spiritual researcher, it must be just the
    • completely quiet for the spiritual researcher. He must divert
    • water. The spiritual researcher stands before the human being
    • being is for the spiritual researcher an intimate compound of
    • human life only. In this field the spiritual researcher must be
    • spiritual researcher a dualist because he practices
    • The spiritual researcher works with the
    • with the chemical experiment. The spiritual researcher
    • spiritual researcher would have to add knowledge of the same
    • research is completely in accordance with the scientific
    • spirit, his research method is, nevertheless, quite different;
    • Thus, the spiritual researcher attains a
    • The spiritual researcher experiences that he is strengthened
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture II: Theosophy and Antisophy
    Matching lines:
    • If the spiritual researcher attains the
    • spiritual researcher that we are built up as human beings not
    • If the spiritual researcher looks at the
    • development of the spiritual researcher now compared with this
    • abyss. It is in such a way that the spiritual researcher must
    • before this turning point. The spiritual researcher has to
    • spiritual researcher must overcome this abyss. From that soul
    • self-consciousness. The spiritual researcher can penetrate into
    • spiritual researcher to leave it and to look around in the
    • find as a spiritual researcher what can be found within
    • those like me who call myself a philosopher as a researcher of
    • while they stimulate them to look, but while they search what
    • excellent investigations of the Danish researcher Lang (Carl
    • example the mentioned researcher. Such fear has an effect down
    • However, spiritual research investigates
    • concentrated researcher who really lives in his scientific
    • researcher who turns his eye upon the outside is perpetually in
    • is the mood of the scientific researcher as I have described it
    • knows that the human soul must always search the coherence with
    • Someone who is not a spiritual researcher
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture III: Spiritual Science and Denomination
    Matching lines:
    • thinkers in the fields of religious research struggled only for
    • researches of the nineteenth century, and until our time. There
    • divine in nature. Other researchers think that the religious
    • which he revered them. Such researchers mean that ancestor
    • whose opinion in particular the religious researcher Leopold
    • spiritual researcher transports himself by the specified
    • spiritual researcher can say about such a picture:
    • spiritual researcher is able to transport itself. Indeed, a
    • expression of a spiritual world if the spiritual researcher
    • Thus, the spiritual researcher rises by
    • relation of spiritual research to the spiritual, a life in the
    • of the spiritual researcher presents itself in such a way that
    • spiritual researcher is saturated with new reality. The
    • the spiritual researcher strengthens his soul in such a way
    • spiritual-scientific research, however, it appears as an
    • experience, the spiritual researcher attains the view of those
    • researcher ascends in the climax of the human soul development
    • researcher, however, we become independent of the physical
    • researcher has strengthened his soul life so that the still low
    • spiritual-scientific researcher positions himself beyond all
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture IV: On Death
    Matching lines:
    • to do it relating to the great religious researcher and
    • exclusive principle of research, one wants, quite certainly, to
    • research bound to the senses. With his body, the human being
    • which research does in the most remarkable sense in the modern
    • exclusive principle of research that one cannot investigate
    • While one has given up in the scientific research that these
    • question, actually, with the means of outer research. Since
    • undoubtedly one has to search the immortal of the human being
    • he becomes aware of that what the spiritual researchers of all
    • research existed at all times. Spiritual research was done
    • spiritual research could not be done as today. The human beings
    • spiritual researcher must often repeat it later; but when it
    • spiritual research many a thing is said that the historian can
    • researcher comes and says something without anticipating that
    • -long research; then this is
    • researcher must not only spend the work that one needs to such
    • spiritual-scientific researcher does not really lead to
    • is that what the spiritual researcher has to carry out
    • The spiritual researcher learns to
    • spiritual researcher consciously experiences in his inside
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture V: The Meaning of Immortality of the Human Soul
    Matching lines:
    • indications from the field of spiritual-scientific research
    • that spiritual research just wants to penetrate to the immortal
    • essence of the human being. I have said that that research is
    • research on the fact that single persons are able by means of
    • I have also indicated that for the spiritual researcher who has
    • spiritual research to say to this thought gained by Lessing on
    • basis of certain historical necessities? Spiritual research
    • what presents itself to the spiritual researcher in the real
    • spiritual researcher lively that he lifts his soul out of his
    • spiritual researcher comes to a particular knowledge: where
    • If the spiritual researcher has really
    • use a comparison. The spiritual researcher does not change the
    • life. There the spiritual researcher recognises that the
    • researcher recognises at first as spiritual-mental activity is
    • true spiritual-mental in which the spiritual researcher lives
    • longer searches the meaning of immortality in the continued
    • birth and death; but one has to search the real basic origin of
    • Somebody who does not search the spiritual-mental behind the
    • If now the spiritual researcher becomes
    • consciousness at the same moment when the spiritual researcher
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VI: The Evil
    Matching lines:
    • faces us if we try to go this way of spiritual research? Which
    • researcher must look back as at something evil, yes, only at
    • results that the spiritual researcher considers himself as a
    • emphasised very urgently: that the way of spiritual research is
    • the usual life sticks to you if you search the way into the
    • researcher finds as determinative namely the strengthening of
    • just the spiritual researcher reaches by his soul development.
    • undeterred to search spiritual progress. This is rather our
    • why it is comprehensible if the spiritual researcher says that
    • — to search the way to
    • researcher must recognise everywhere in the souls today what
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VII: The Moral Basis of Human Life
    Matching lines:
    • Do you search the highest, the
    • without will. You have to search the heart of all philosophical
    • briefly, how the spiritual researcher ascends to the spiritual
    • world where we want to search the origin of
    • spiritual research it matters that everything that is already
    • as a spiritual researcher one dives consciously in this world.
    • experience of the spiritual researcher that he must see himself
    • It is necessary for a spiritual researcher
    • that a spiritual researcher should not have such antipathy, but
    • what the spiritual researcher must behold.
    • spiritual researcher beholds are experienced in the sensory
    • unconscionable spiritual researchers absolutely. They feel the
    • spiritual researcher has to experience if he ascends from the
    • confidence of truth that searches its way through the narrowest
    • spiritual researcher beholds as the reasons of both, but what
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VIII: Voltaire
    Matching lines:
    • human soul experiences other things, that it searched its
    • outer research has already brought many things of them to
    • search.
    • expression of that what one searched in the English cultural
    • search into the structure of a soul with all its fights that as
    • world against himself strictly speaking. Voltaire searched a
    • researchers appeared as that which furthered the human beings
    • the tragedy of Voltaire that he must search the connection of
    • the deepest subconscious soul grounds which search the hold
    • Voltaire died, a seed was put in a soul to search the primary
    • superstitious image, a figure which shows us how to search the
    • searches the birth of the consciousness soul in another way
    • words sound to Voltaire from Goethe who searched the striving
    • spiritual-mental of the human being searches its
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture IX: Between Death and Rebirth of the Human Being
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual-scientific research. I am allowed to require with
    • spiritual-scientific research is accepted, after I have tried
    • beneficiary of this spiritual research in a more general way.
    • spiritual-scientific research.
    • audience about results of spiritual-scientific research. Since
    • truthfulness of research if it wants to take up the results of
    • spiritual-scientific research impartially. Quite briefly, I
    • exist with the spiritual researcher and in certain sense also
    • spiritual-scientific research as true.
    • spiritual researcher and someone who wants to accept his
    • be typical of the spiritual-scientific research. More and more
    • to spiritual research. This spiritual research can gain
    • the spiritual researcher gets around to doing that. Thereby it
    • researcher has to say about the life between death and rebirth
    • sensation: your thoughts have gone far away, you must search
    • search your disappeared thoughts. This knowledge of the
    • penetrates with spiritual research just into the spiritual
    • our soul must form its new embodiment to search what must
    • researcher that often weighs heavily on his heart.
    • As a spiritual researcher, one faces any
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture X: Homunculus
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual science. The spiritual researcher also understands
    • contradiction from some researchers taking action a little more
    • on basis of its research results that with any thinking, with
    • any research which can survey the processes of the sensory
    • However, the spiritual researcher realises that the human soul
    • one has to search the spiritual of Helen? There he remembered
    • bad abstraction who search the “real.” However,
    • Homunculus must search his further journey through life.
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture XI: Spiritual Science as a Treasure for Life
    Matching lines:
    • pointed repeatedly to the fact that spiritual research is based
    • on something quite different from any other research in our
    • time. I have mentioned that with any other research it matters,
    • researcher cannot take himself in such a way as he is. With the
    • directly to the outer world the spiritual researchers uses it
    • that the spiritual researcher uses the techniques, the inner
    • spiritual research for the preparation of that what one should
    • the spiritual researcher has compared with knowledge that he
    • brain, cannot supply any cognitive force to spiritual research,
    • fact that at every moment the spiritual-scientific researcher
    • realise that the spiritual-scientific research can deliver
    • researcher to understand what the spiritual researcher explores
    • spiritual researcher says, even if it cannot be active
    • truth. Hence, one can object to the spiritual researcher very
    • say spiritual research now
    • spiritual research brings to light. We can only characterise
    • research appeals —
    • another way. Everything that the spiritual researcher
    • is no spiritual researcher, but only faces the communications
    • understanding forces for the results of spiritual research.
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  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • Augustine. Augustine too had to think over and research
    • what depths a sensible thinker goes, if he researches the
    • path of spiritual research, the path that has often been
    • a spirit researcher begins on his/her path, in order to rise up
    • spiritual world as a spiritual researcher must be called a
    • very forcefully emphasised: that the path to spiritual research
    • the same thing that a spiritual researcher finds to be
    • which a spiritual researcher has also reached through his/her
    • longer incomprehensible, when a spiritual researcher says: the
    • Therefore, spiritual researchers must today look into the soul

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