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  • Title: Michelangelo
    Matching lines:
    • Experience the works of
    • relation to artists of earlier ages who worked within the same field.
    • especially Greek sculpture work on us, we shall certainly feel that
    • looks properly at the works of Greek sculpture will perceive that
    • What does matter is the way in which the Greek sculptor worked upon
    • and the work of art has some relation to us only when we direct our
    • soul towards it. Yet this work of art does not belong to the same
    • created works of art which deny the outer world and produce their
    • works we can see the effect of these anatomical studies and of the
    • our right when we enter St. Peter's. This work still bears
    • lap her dead son; if we compare it with any Greek work of art, we
    • happened at the moment to be working on his David, so he decided to
    • use this particular block. Now if we follow this work as it
    • Michelangelo began work on
    • well. The fundamental trait about Michelangelo's work is that
    • gigantic work but wanted also to pour into it the whole inner
    • he soon began on the preliminaries of the work. But petty jealousies
    • compensation for the stopping of work on the tomb. Now though he had
    • work. It was therefore with a sorrowing heart at having to give up
    • work on the tomb, even if not with actual dislike, that he tackled
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture I: The Spiritual World and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • The spiritual researcher works with the
    • times when the single worker faced his employer in a
    • also works from other currents of the spiritual life if
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture II: Theosophy and Antisophy
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual forces working that have descended from the spiritual
    • of the soul forces is able to work in the human organisation;
    • the other part is rejected as it were, cannot find working
    • points to work on this human organisation. I may use a picture
    • What worked in the subconscious soul life
    • of Du Bois-Reymond at that time, and what works today in the
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture III: Spiritual Science and Denomination
    Matching lines:
    • works his way up in the present to that height which gives the
    • produced at the same time as the highest natural works by human
    • works spiritually behind all natural phenomena. Hence, such
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture IV: On Death
    Matching lines:
    • without any doubt natural sciences completely work with tools,
    • not surprised if one makes the work with these tools the
    • thinking really and works in the experiment with it: operating
    • merge that what he works what he acquires between birth and
    • the world economy that the human soul has attained and worked
    • on working in the world. Should the human being be condemned
    • You gain for yourself by working what you should
    • -long work from the
    • researcher must not only spend the work that one needs to such
    • he must carry out the whole work that is necessary for years in
    • himself. However, this work has another aim, another character
    • the spiritual-mental forces work which the spiritual
    • the work of the spiritual-mental behind it. We come as
    • get to know the inner work, the inner feeling, the inner
    • work of karma.
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture V: The Meaning of Immortality of the Human Soul
    Matching lines:
    • work, in such a way. I cannot go into the details of his
    • activity of the spiritual-mental works on the body in such a
    • treated that one can compare this work to the writing of
    • it is that what works at first in his bodily organs and
    • work on those forces with your thoughts so that you realise,
    • does our humanity work if this body is destroyed and does not
    • must happen by the body, the misfortunes will work suitably,
    • attempts, he still would show how the soul still works in the
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VI: The Evil
    Matching lines:
    • in stoicism that the human development works out the
    • tried to work out just this side of the stoic view, which has
    • been worked out in the history of philosophy only a little, in
    • (1907) gives the same answer exactly, and whose works
    • One must suppose that God needed the evil to work out the human
    • work, while they themselves experienced this inner state that
    • consists in working out of the evil, and thereby learn to
    • his God; since only then one needs to work out the better in a
    • assume as the work of a divine being in the world. Since if one
    • being works his way out of the evil here in the physical world,
    • gained strength in itself and has worked out what is in its
    • the spiritual world before our birth in order to work on
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VII: The Moral Basis of Human Life
    Matching lines:
    • have to work through this Imaginative world, so that you get to
    • called in the usual sense. One works the way up through
    • and works on as those, so that we deal again with them because
    • work on which I have just characterised. They have a strong
    • beholds it in the Imaginative world. However, it works as dark
    • impulses that continue working, which one finds again. We send
    • universe old and ripe, originally moral impulses are working.
    • the usual soul life is exposed, but to such impulses which work
    • working in time, filled him when he spoke of the “starry
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VIII: Voltaire
    Matching lines:
    • intellectual work realises that by the ideas of this writing
    • arrangement is that in which the blind passions work and the
    • works what provides the perception of the physical outside
    • spiritual beings to which we work our way up again with the
    • still allowed him to imagine the soul in the work of nature.
    • position myself to the work of nature from which no longer
    • the senses. The view of nature works so immensely, so
    • work on the soul. We realise that the power of the view of
    • links. There was a view of nature now that worked so
    • if I mention another work that appeared almost at the same time
    • as a view of nature. This worked impressively! This view of
    • nature worked so impressively on Locke that he rejected
    • divine-spiritual prevailing there. Let us look at the works of
    • working on the world and the destinies of the human beings
    • give her she returns to France, works as an agitator, appears
    • We see spiritual powers working in
    • forces anyhow which are working in the human
    • experiences historical becoming. Which forces work in it, which
    • work in the environment of the human becoming?
    • the spiritual forces divide the natural forces, how worlds work
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture IX: Between Death and Rebirth of the Human Being
    Matching lines:
    • world objectively, you start working in it as you work with
    • experienced the time before that spiritual midnight; we worked
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture X: Homunculus
    Matching lines:
    • that work in the human nervous system up to the subtlest
    • works, however, in this physical human being, it is that in
    • works in the physical-sensory nature.
    • world, so that he works up his way with the usual consciousness
    • processes and let them work on his soul. The effect of these
    • physical-sensory world which works in the human being as a
    • unless the spiritual power of Mephistopheles worked in the
    • It works! the moving mass grows
    • They do not know only that he is in such a way as he works.
    • Such thoughts worked in Robert Hamerling
    • Praiseworthy piece of work.
    • them work as machines. This is the right Homunculism. Such a
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture XI: Spiritual Science as a Treasure for Life
    Matching lines:
    • is used first to the work on the soul. However, thereby the
    • can work recovering from the soul by lively acceptance of
    • becomes something different, but something that works more
    • world does not supply the impulses? Which impulses can work
    • soul with a comprehensively working force. This is the impulse
    • Spiritual science will work as a strange
    • treasure for life just in moral fields. It will not work like
    • will work quietly in the soul of any human being, so that he
    • works as the inner voice of conscience which does not punish
    • which works like a strengthening of conscience, like
    • will not work best by programs and outer associations in moral
    • fields; but it will work, while it incorporates itself in the
    • they work with their science internally with that what
    • appears where one believes that it works correctly. I allow
    • has to work, even if so many opponents arise; it must be
  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • being, in order to work upon the human consciousness of the I.
    • Nineteenth Century,” since it is still only little worked
    • so-called “New Theology” and whose works in certain
    • meaningful philosophical works for the nineteenth century. Let
    • working for themselves, that is organise our working the way
    • we must work our way out of the worst, at the same time as
    • can properly assume is the working and weaving of a divine
    • might say: the more a human being works him/herself free of
    • and has worked outwards on what lies in its inner fullness.
    • before our birth in the spiritual world to work upon ourselves;
    • worked indeed, enormously to imprison precisely the very best

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