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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture I: Spirit and Matter, Life and Death
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    • butterflies, and he could hear a morning concert. He allowed
    • can open to perceive them, a human ear can hear them. Unless a
    • human eye or ear faces this outside world, this outside world
    • hear the tones of the morning concert; they are not outdoors,
    • instruments the violins and flutes cause, work on my ear. There
    • everything wrong that is connected with it must disappear, and
    • the world appears in a new connection, in a new light, under
    • imagine the spiritual world after analogies. The earth with its
    • the earth, but everything that this being has accomplished
    • of spiritual research just gets to them as the scientist of the
    • spiritual researcher just develops the inner methods of
    • research that I have shown in my book How Does One Attain
    • researcher can really figure the spiritual nature of thinking
    • out, he can ascend to other levels of spiritual research. Since
    • those books of spiritual research. But because one does not
    • effects disappears. However, for it the spiritual view of the
    • the betrayal of God. A kind of fear seizes me as in my
    • earth collapsed there. There round me the world extends in all
    • book, which appeared in 1908: From Cloister to
    • he directly touches the forces of the heart with his knowledge.
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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture II: Destiny and Soul
    Matching lines:
    • connection of the events in life which appear by chance at the
    • them, it becomes obvious that only such a research can come
    • human being. Then the contradictions of the dream disappear in
    • it is natural that also that who appeared to the dreaming as
    • Schopenhauer pursues this example shows clearly that he could
    • appears to this thinking more or less as a sum of
    • destiny appears in its true figure if one does not pursue the
    • systematic inner soul work. The spiritual researcher works with
    • weeks, months, years which one handed over to the unknown world
    • the spiritual researcher has to attain. If he does not attain
    • advance. The spiritual researcher must get around, while he
    • other side. Then, however, the human being must not search mere
    • appear in their diversity, but in such a way that as it were
    • around to doing research of the riddles and of the deeper
    • clearly see the thought opposite to Schopenhauer's worldview.
    • as a spiritual researcher.
    • learns to recognise what he experiences unconsciously in the
    • inner consciousness appears in the soul in sleep, in the dream,
    • place. In the outside world this struggle does not appear. The
    • spread out in the sensory world appears to someone who figures
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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture III: Immortality, the Forces of Destiny, and the Course of Life
    Matching lines:
    • soul at any price, that it never is able to appear in the usual
    • the scientific research, just because it complies more with
    • seems clearer, even if natural sciences have still to work a
    • with spiritual science. All possible unclear mystic mental
    • spiritual science, and then one confuses it with these unclear,
    • different times, something very noteworthy appears not with
    • mystics and you clearly realise with them that the modern
    • heart by high poetic beauty, by wonderful imagination, by a
    • life on the bodily organisation, even if it appears in
    • trained as it were, so that that which appears, otherwise, in
    • searches, actually, if one speaks of the deeper soul riddles.
    • researcher shows that also everything that the human being can
    • spiritual-scientific research, and only someone finds this
    • develop and are searched which can be kept and appear again, we
    • other memories of life do not appear, and then experiences
    • anything about them. Then you can find out how they appear
    • Spiritual research has no use for that at first. But something
    • becomes apparent that the mental pictures, indeed, appear again
    • as memories just as the others after months, years, but that
    • They have developed their power and appear in another figure
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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture IV: Human Soul and Human Body Considered Scientifically and Spiritual-Scientifically
    Matching lines:
    • listeners to hear proving details about this or that result to
    • researchers who tried to work on the field of the soul
    • the representatives of scientific research are as a rule so
    • literary phenomena of the last time that contain research
    • shows brilliantly, even if the still varying research results
    • However, just in this field it is quite clear that the method
    • nervous mechanism. If one examines the area of research
    • that one may say, concerning feeling such a researcher has to
    • that soul element in the nervous mechanism that appears as
    • is in motion. There one says such a researcher means the
    • this work appeared and nothing else since the seventies.
    • may learn from this example that it is impossible for this
    • research; but it is also undoubted that the experience of the
    • cannot say now that all researchers standing on the ground of
    • hypothetical, but appears in such a way that it is nervous
    • matter in the sense of spiritual research. There appears that
    • emotionally, it is clear that we have outer reality in the
    • clear about the following: while we face the outside world with
    • normally. If the spiritual researcher proceeds Imaginatively,
    • now such researchers, like Theodor Ziehen, are honest, they do
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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture V: The Riddles of Soul and World in the German Cultural Life
    Matching lines:
    • point out above all that where true knowledge is searched such
    • itself more and more on the spiritual researcher as an
    • immediate experience with the more intimate research. It is
    • Hence, the spiritual researcher will abandon more and more from
    • research in spiritual areas must not only know what militates
    • appears if one allows that to work on the soul which militates
    • only appear if exhalation and inhalation are there, the
    • spiritual can only appear in the soul if you can react
    • question. He gets to a viewpoint that lets the way appear more
    • more and more clearness of what is, actually, the cognitive
    • attitude of the spiritual researcher, and that the spiritual
    • researcher needs a certain width and mobility of imagination to
    • tried to demonstrate the results of spiritual research in this
    • however, it appears that it probably has a deeper background to
    • anatomical-physiological research, then the
    • which appear in our consciousness; the feeling of aesthetic
    • clearness. Since then one has to consider that with any
    • appears subtler to them than these material states. They reach
    • appears in connection with material processes, it causes
    • spiritual research takes the mental-spiritual basis as starting
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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture VI: Life, Death, and Immortality in the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • research and to be able to get a worldview which does not
    • envisages the ways of scientific research in more concrete,
    • the earth based on scientific results. This is a state, in
    • which the human inhabitants of the earth can no longer exist as
    • authorisation that one has to suppose that the earth cools
    • down. He calculates a final state in which the earth will be
    • He implies the thought that the earth develops to such a final
    • state. There he is clear in his mind that of course everything
    • liquid, and at a height of ten metres the earth will be covered
    • the appearance of many things. Of course, it does not only
    • future state of our earth after his world picture. On the
    • can picture this final state of the earth to yourself in the
    • spiritual-scientific research that the soul comes gradually by
    • this, but the whole mood which the spiritual researcher has to
    • Thus, the relation of the spiritual researcher to his own
    • life of an idea, of a mental picture just this appears that one
    • pictures saturated with reality. Then the spiritual researcher
    • it proceeds, we say, between the thirtieth and fortieth years.
    • within 150 years. Only one has to object that after 150 years,
    • physical and chemical principles of the earthly
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  • Title: Spirit and Matter: Lecture VII: The Beyond of the Senses and the Beyond of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • turns the attention to a tender feeling, it disappears in the
    • “Strong feelings or even affects, like fear and rage,
    • wrong tracks that just this research takes because of a certain
    • brings in. Since it matters that that never appears which we
    • inspiration appeared. Just those had such flashes of
    • concerned, he would appear as someone who has a superficial
    • whole matter appears to me in such a way that he considers it
    • because they had an indescribable fear of the way which leads
    • into the soul. However, this fear remains in the subconscious;
    • remains which appears as pictures as it is in the dream; but
    • some dear listeners have said to me in the last times that they
    • important results of spiritual research; however, it will go
    • over also into the scientific research, in so far as this will
    • those results of spiritual research which I have put forward in
    • peculiar kind. The head appears straight away in a certain
    • on earth.
    • that really appears there what compels you to consider the
    • appears in the etheric organism at first that continues in the
    • grasped a thought, which now has disappeared and lives down in
    • that which lives unconsciously from the disappearance of a
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  • Title: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod: Lecture I: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod
    Matching lines:
    • Professor war; der mitgearbeitet hat an den Erkenntnisfragen
    • gearbeitet hat, bevor sie wahrnimmt. Die ganze Wahrnehmung ist
  • Title: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod: Lecture II: Schicksal und Seele
    Matching lines:
    • sondern es bearbeitet, umwandelt, vorwärtsbringt bis zu
    • dazu, durch Entwickelung, innere Bearbeitung seines Denkens,
    • Sehen Sie, da haben wir konkret herausgearbeitet, wozu
    • dadurch umgeartet wird — dadurch wird die Seele
    • trotzen, wie die philosophisch so wenig bearbeitete
  • Title: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod: Lecture III: Seelenunsterblichkeit, Schicksalskrafte und menschlicher Lebenslauf
    Matching lines:
    • gearbeitet hat, so zeigt diese Begegnung der Vorstellung des
    • mitgearbeitet, indem sie durch die Geburt geschritten ist mit
  • Title: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod: Lecture IV: Menschenseele und Menschenleib in Natur- und Geist-Erkenntnis
    Matching lines:
    • bearbeiten, mit den großen bewundernswerten Ergebnissen
    • noch gar nicht bearbeitet ist. Die leiblichen Ausdrücke
  • Title: Geist und Stoff, Leben und Tod: Lecture VI: Leben, Tod und Seelenunsterblichkeit im Weltenall
    Matching lines:
    • schattenhaften, wirklichkeitsfremden Begriffen gearbeitet wird.
    • sozialen Gebieten gearbeitet wird. Daher kommt es, daß am
  • Title: Lecture: The Human Soul and the Human Body
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual-scientific research from a wide spectrum of different
    • fields and it might seem desirable for some people to hear
    • and researchers who have sought in recent times to penetrate
    • representatives of natural scientific research are, as a rule,
    • that soul researchers, psychologists, and natural scientists
    • application. I will make this clear by means of perhaps
    • visitor brings his wisdom to bear on the situation by saying: I
    • make clear through these grotesque examples is enormously
    • results of research in these fields, publications which clearly
    • concepts through an extension of research. In this connection
    • of research are completed hypothetically — how, according
    • It is just in this sphere that it can be clearly seen that the
    • one acquaints oneself with the research in this field in regard
    • say: In regard to feeling such a researcher has no other
    • significant researcher of the soul comes to a similar
    • this work only the first volume has appeared, with nothing
    • feeling. So also, a soul researcher fails to reach the will.
    • language the word “will” appears as an attribute of
    • research; yet, it is equally without doubt that the experience
    • cannot maintain that all the researchers who take their stand
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  • Title: Lecture: Riddles of the Soul and Riddles of the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • research to the soul and to the processes within the soul's
    • necessarily arise in the search for real, for genuine insight
    • course of further, extensive spiritual-scientific research.
    • This is something which at first appears very odd when one
    • Therefore, the spiritual-scientific researcher more and more
    • conception by bringing to bear what, in ordinary life would be
    • research in spiritual fields must, in regard to any world
    • fact that just the opposite can appear to be valid to the soul,
    • indeed the opposite must appear to be correct up to a certain
    • equally so, what appears to contradict it. When one moves
    • clarity can be brought to bear on what the actual cognitive
    • attitude of heart and mind of the spiritual researcher is, and
    • tried to make clear the results of spiritual research in this
    • clear that the matter has yet a deeper background, that is the
    • partial aspects of today's natural scientific research but
    • research, then the result will be a complete harmony between
    • according to the results of physiological research? The moment
    • through the ear there occurs what points to the fact that
    • details given by physiological research, one would find that
    • scientific research comes to assume — in addition to the
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