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  • Title: Lecture: Anthroposophy's Contribution to the Most Urgent Needs of Our Time
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    • is possible today, with the interpretation of life that stems with
    • in our day the question of morality is of the greatest urgency
    • same time social, and today every man experience the urgency of the
    • learns about existence in conformity with today's thinking as it is
    • Today, in so far as we wish to understand man by means of natural
    • yet give full weight to what I have described today. But the consequences
    • today to be the most urgent problem of the present and the near
    • everyday consciousness is impregnated with a content when it
    • place this knowledge before the world today, one would not expose
    • It is true that not everyone today is able as yet to attain to
    • in the social life. What arises today as the most urgent, the most
  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 1 (Summary): Effects of Modern Agnosticism
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    • of the last century had upon the whole life of humanity today. As a
    • the case in the world today. The realm of feeling also becomes unsatisfied;
    • allowed what is instinctive to become master. Thus do we find today
    • Void also today as a fruit
    • or contrast the ascending with the declining powers of the day, one
  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 2 (Summary): Perception and Thinking
    Matching lines:
    • from life. (In a certain way this is also true of today's science.)
  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 5: From Sense Perception to Spirit Imaging
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    • in everyday life and in science as we know it — to other forms of
    • I should like to begin today
    • in quite an everyday way. Consider the type of experience a person has
    • much higher degree than in everyday life. How does this enhancement
    • In everyday life, and also
    • in everyday science, there is something I would call ‘awareness
    • of everyday consciousness. There must be nothing overwhelming, and what
    • perception and that of seeking ordinary knowledge, the latter today
    • in the present day but rather something that arises with a certain necessity,
    • out of the very development of the present age. Today, it is necessary
    • in concepts. Today we are able to express ourselves in concepts; we
    • might say democratic fashion, as it is handled today. Instead, those
    • the body of knowledge taught in the old schools of wisdom, just as today
    • the body of knowledge is in books, but in those days the teaching aids
    • today, when speaking on the basis of Anthroposophy.) Dr Unger repeatedly
    • I was able to outline to you yesterday, [ Note 2
    • to you that may be of no interest whatsoever to many people today, yet
    • study today yields contents that once formed part of the most profound
    • who, as I showed you yesterday, went through the stages of his cognitive
    • of the most outstanding literary works in our day. Such things generally
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  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 6: From Imaginative Knowledge to Inspirational Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • than is normally done by psychologists today.
    • abstract; it is a pale notion to our everyday consciousness and we do
    • what yesterday I referred to as inner experiences of destiny. In ordinary
    • and yet, as I said yesterday, have nothing to do with visions, hallucinations
    • Unger and I were using yesterday — of inversion or involution, speaking
    • in man as he is today, in this period of world [ Note
    • joins moral Intuition to everyday perception of material things, for
    • from the deadness many are aware of today in a ‘wisdom’
    • for ‘imagination’ in the everyday sense. (Translator)
  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 7: The Gulf Between a Causal Explanation of Nature and the Moral World Order
    Matching lines:
    • one that really everybody is aware of today in their feelings; yet it can
    • the ethical views that may be held today, and on the other it must consider
    • life as it is seen from the scientific point of view today, a view that
    • questions today for the very reason that this is an age when ethical
    • science today, we apply to him, almost as a matter of routine, the method
    • who today in all honesty takes up the point of view from which an overview
    • state explicitly, had to evolve — that one day all other
    • What I have said today will
    • is able to come to terms with the most burning question of today, the
    • the actual process of forming ideas in everyday life, a process we apply
    • to the world today, for certain underlying reasons, I would not expose
    • of course able today to advance to Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.
    • for that life of ideas. There are however people today who on the basis
    • As far as it was possible to do so in his day, he defined his concept
    • social question that today presents itself to us can only be fully understood
  • Title: Fruits/Anthroposophy: Lecture 8: The Social Question
    Matching lines:
    • present in our ordinary consciousness, in our everyday consciousness,
    • Today, we face the burning
    • the present day arose from indefinite and subconscious human instincts.
    • in the effort to penetrate the social life that we are today finding
    • social order, an order that he must create very consciously today, which
    • as we know it today. In reality, however, the lungs, stomach, heart,
    • to a state of mind that is very pleasant to be in, a kind of Sunday
    • pleasure for man's spirit after the rough weekday work we devote ourselves
    • the Bible would have been just like someone who today wanted to fight
    • of this yesterday — but here men are unable to get beyond abstract
    • such an urgent necessity today with regard to social issues, religious
    • I have briefly defined these last few days. Anthroposophical spiritual

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