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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 1: Natural Science
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    • of it. Only as thinking beings can we regard ourselves as
    • and yet this, which really makes us into human beings,
    • the civilized world today are being affected by the problems of
    • rhythm of his being, experienced the union of thought and
    • being descended from animals through an actual physical
    • pain, we make our entire psychic being into a
    • complete spiritual being we have become.
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 2: Psychology
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    • in the true sense of the world a spiritual being, he is
    • experience is being permeated by the interplay between the
    • into being. This is a necessary product of our present attitude
    • world, and to become a capable being. Out of the
    • capable being, were dormant during my existence as a child. Why
    • therefore, if he is a reasonable being, seek
    • ourselves as spiritual beings outside the body, and yet feel
    • particularly, involve being able calmly and at will to banish
    • critic of everything to which in his vision this higher being
    • here on this earth as thinking, feeling, willing beings, but in
    • finer being, an ethereal being as it were, a now for the first
    • time super-sensible being. And when we do so, our consciousness,
    • ordinary life, as beings who recognize, understand and
    • how then, welling up out of his innermost being, the man
    • soul-relationship that has come into being between men
    • feel the beauty of a picture without being a painter oneself,
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 3: East and West in History
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness, being dormant deep down in the soul
    • physical being; for if thoughts are to gain some permanence as
    • memories, they must always be combined with our physical being,
    • that has just been given: what is always being forgotten must
    • ordinary logical abstract thinking is continually being
    • really understand what was being expressed even in Plato, still
    • being one with what the spirit of the Greek language made
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 4: Spiritual Geography
    Matching lines:
    • were his own, and in this way understands its mode of being.
    • great non-being, maya. But this in turn gives a particular
    • substance is a replica of a human being whose true existence is
    • the times when we lived as spiritual beings in purely spiritual
    • non-being, maya, gradually became predominant. There thus arose
    • his freedom — the freedom that depends on his being
    • himself a spiritual being who creates in physical and sensuous
    • attitude, and say: since man is in part an economic being, a
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 5: Cosmic Memory
    Matching lines:
    • take him as a whole and consider him in his entire being.
    • being: if there were thus no limit of knowledge, what sort of
    • would be such that his entire being, his inmost experience,
    • relationship of man to the world will realize: a being whose
    • whole being, we can conclude: man definitely needs limits
    • our being out into it.
    • relationship of being. Only by developing vital thinking
    • on our being as it becomes a living thing.
    • cognition, man must pour out his own self as being into
    • spiritual plane. Our entire being, soul and spirit, must become
    • sensuous beings we confront the outside world, we enter into
    • its sensuous and physical phenomena with our entire being, and
    • processes of our organic being beat like waves upon the other
    • but rather in the fact that a genuine attempt is being made to
    • being, as we now perceive it, will present itself as a record
    • the results as a definition of his physical being. They can
    • liquid in man as part of his being — what vibrates,
    • surges and creates in man the liquid being. We shall come to
    • perceive that the air in man is also part of his being. And
    • illusion of the solid man, but upon man as a being of liquid, a
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 6: Individual and Society
    Matching lines:
    • he is not simply a separate being, but that he must move among
    • individual human being is subject to certain changes. The
    • whole being is engaged in perceiving its environment, and it
    • to puberty, the young person evolves from within his being the
    • intellectuality, however, but through its whole being. There is
    • absorbed with our whole being. It was then drawn down
    • conscious extra-physical experience of his being. It is dead
    • himself into the other human being: only thus can he really
    • already more or less recognized. And already it is being
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 7: The Individual Spirit and the Social Structure
    Matching lines:
    • beings who must reach an understanding as men if they wish to
    • particular kind of spiritual being, from whom we can receive
    • today is already being led, if dimly as yet. Objective science
    • final solution, but of a path that can lead to our being able
    • speak of being able to solve the social problem all at once,
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 8: The Problem (Asia-Europe)
    Matching lines:
    • reconstruction, to a new dawn. This being so, it is
    • of individual human beings who have been born into this
    • individual human being? And here, from the standpoint of
    • regarded as a being who stood in need of healing. Connected
    • men were religious beings; and here what mattered was not the
    • man reborn, was he credited with being capable of exerting any
    • arises when a human being is confronted with something that
    • man as a higher being — represented a strengthening of
    • them, as the central feature of their being, this sense of
    • absorbed labour into its being, since it regarded labour and
    • it does out of its inmost being; and specialization is
    • affected Europe. In Europe, division of labour, after being
    • into the article produced, being crystallized in it, so to
    • more: work is being done here which, I would say, disappears
    • great battle that is being fought over the division of labour
    • individual profession. Once this social system comes into being
    • that has its being around us will be fired once more.
    • every individual human being today into action in defence of
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 9: Prospects of its Solution (Europe-America)
    Matching lines:
    • What matters today is human beings, not just institutions. For
    • masses, as a way of being understood by them; of going
    • into the factory and business, whatever its kind, and being
    • hearts and affects their human and earthly being, they will
    • provide human beings with things of human significance, if we
    • there exists today a certain longing to regard man as a being
    • too, he feels in his own being, which has not advanced to a
    • as human beings. Man can come to know man only when, looking
    • being a spiritual element. Once we realize this, however, we
    • perceived that a modern human being must be taken hold of in
    • human beings, they will say: What a man works out
    • about as much to do with his essential being as the horse you
    • kernel of his being.
    • (even though the working man cannot help being materialistic at
    • look past the externals of society to its inner being. But then
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 10: From Monolithic to Threefold Unity
    Matching lines:
    • out of the depths of its being, to become more and more
    • masses of humanity for every human being to have a voice in
    • being can always do so again if only we find the right
    • law is being made” — so speaks the democratic
    • — but as a social being, alongside other men — so
    • of simple humanity — where any human being can express a
    • into being on the basis of ideas from spiritual life, and the
    • being caught up in abstract relationships, such as are
    • did live at least, for some attempt is being made to escape
    • between human beings, when they confront each other as equals,
    • they came into being, to take over responsibility for the
    • an organization and not a combination. It comes into being
    • Associations of this kind will come into being. They are
    • the innermost impulses of their being. And in this connection
    • understand that the unified organism can come into being only

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