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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 1: Natural Science
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    • conceptually. In order that we may be able to understand
    • certain readily comprehended concepts at the centre of our
    • clear-cut concepts which we have formed ourselves or have been
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 2: Psychology
    Matching lines:
    • concept of this arm-lifting or hand-movement. How this
    • thought or concept flows down into our organism, however, how
    • — how concepts combine and separate, how attention
    • adopt the right attitude to such a conception of life, we need
    • experience the life of thoughts and concepts with an
    • thought and concept the same intensive quality as the life of
    • conceptual life of this kind is energized; is independent of
    • sphere. Only when modern man attains this kind of conceptual
    • consciousness upon certain concepts that are readily
    • comprehended — as we comprehend geometrical concepts,
    • these concepts from our consciousness. This is, in some
    • certain concepts, then unusual strength is required to banish
    • that we might dwell upon such a concept in a state of
    • meditation, so now we must dispel these concepts, and all other
    • concepts, calmly and voluntarily from consciousness. And
    • concepts that we have introduced into ourselves. We do this by
    • these energized concepts, we also manage to eliminate from our
    • descended to clothe ourselves, through conception, foetal
    • concepts, this may seem fantastic to many people today. Still
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 3: East and West in History
    Matching lines:
    • concept post hoc, ergo propter hoc. Although this
    • dwell continuously over a long period on the same concepts from
    • eccentrics, it is best for us to start from concepts and
    • concepts are quite so suitable for the meditative life I have
    • Thought and word were one. By the concept logos, they
    • concepts, then in the nature of our consciousness we separate
    • these concepts strictly from what we call artistic experience
    • a special concept of science, to prevent art from invading
    • must, we are to arrive at clear-cut concepts. By starting from
    • experience of the vital concept to that inner pain and
    • traditional concepts, we also experience a similar spiritual
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 4: Spiritual Geography
    Matching lines:
    • sharply delineated concepts, closely linked to external
    • concepts of a comprehensive philosophy — Vedanta, for
    • example. These concepts were not gained by examining external
    • there. We cannot merely take over its concepts and ideas. In
    • these images, ideas and concepts. When an Oriental idea, such
    • immerse ourselves lovingly in shifting concepts that are more
    • concepts. We may say: in immersing itself in these
    • concepts, our soul inevitably sees before it a nature similar
    • experience of the concepts themselves.
    • rather that there is in the Oriental concepts themselves an
    • can we track, with sharply delineated concepts, the
    • ideas, concepts and images and in them we perceive love. The
    • heavily equipped we are with these concepts, so remote from
    • concepts! We need them, if we are to reach understanding.
    • delineated concepts — with the balance, the
    • concepts in the atomistic manner of today, we shall have to
    • scientific concept of the structure of animal and man,
    • as maya, even if in deference to modern concepts he does
    • ideas and concepts, unconscious longings too, a word that we
    • realm of the beautiful, religious concepts, political theory,
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 5: Cosmic Memory
    Matching lines:
    • that takes the form of general concepts and ideas, a vague
    • pantheism perhaps or a conception of life reminiscent of
    • cognitive faculty, by which he connects his concepts with
    • pellucid concepts! The moment we were able to invade the other
    • individual with clear and lucid concepts, love would die. Since
    • from the error that creeps in when we mistake altered concepts
    • our humanity, that we should there come up against the concepts
    • concepts almost back to front. And so it is with the concept of
    • has come down from the spiritual world through conception,
    • of the world's history: we form concepts of a purely physical
    • impulses and religious forces, we require concepts of
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 6: Individual and Society
    Matching lines:
    • conception of life for the hermitage, for contemplative
    • existence in a quiet cell. The conception of life
    • also introduces us to the shifting concepts that play their
    • delineated concepts. Instead, we require those vital
    • concepts that the nai've, instinctive life of the soul once had
    • very soon find that our concepts, intended as they are to
    • cannot be sharply delineated. We need, instead, concepts that
    • — which subsists only in sharply delineated concepts
    • not at all what people mean by any particular concept; it is a
    • sharply delineated concepts but vital ones. The former, it is
    • transmits vital concepts that will live on with the child as
    • to approach the world with our concepts (which do not
    • instinctive conceptions of the cosmos, can we establish
    • way. It would be an entirely false conception of the principle
    • any particular philosophy of life. A conception of the
    • exists in fact for the staff. And what, in this conception, is
    • flows from a conception of the world which creates life and not
    • merely concepts.
    • in sharply outlined concepts. I shall therefore explain what I
    • the law in ideas and concepts. It seeks rather to present ideas
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 7: The Individual Spirit and the Social Structure
    Matching lines:
    • an impartial attitude, quite free of preconceptions, is capable
    • conception how it activates the vigorous body or is influenced
    • Greeks had no such concept of body and spirit as we have. For
    • religious and devotional element to that conception which
    • concepts of property, customs of ownership, and everything
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 8: The Problem (Asia-Europe)
    Matching lines:
    • discover what led Plato to this concept of community, we must
    • views, his conception of the social order; and then he
    • abstract concepts of individuality and community, but also in
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 9: Prospects of its Solution (Europe-America)
    Matching lines:
    • concepts such as “capitalism,”
    • like: the people will gradually assimilate these concepts, and
    • still made use of words and concepts and ideas imbued with
    • kind of superstition the ideas and concepts and notions that we
    • indefinite concepts that we call drives or instincts.
    • drily, in abstract concepts, they may feel: There's nothing
    • something that is not simply a concept of life, but an
    • rhythmically repeating concepts, and we know how the influence
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 10: From Monolithic to Threefold Unity
    Matching lines:
    • conceptual and intellectual limitations. All this is already
    • for concepts of natural law. At that time, certain
    • powerlessness to reach a concept or feeling of law from within
    • system that is now dominated by concepts of law, that the
    • is in control. And at the time when the modern concept of the
    • abstract concepts of man, and they arrive at these legal
    • specific concrete activities as a wholly general concept does

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