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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 1: Natural Science
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    • scientific point of view): How can we, from the standpoint of
    • scientific law, understand thinking as a manifestation of
    • the human organism? And to this, if we stand impartially and
    • we can stand upright ourselves and have a healthy influence
    • from the philosophical standpoint here expounded he certainly
    • Today, of course, since it stands at the beginning of its
    • What it comes to is this: taking our stand on the ground of
    • conceptually. In order that we may be able to understand
    • introduce, simply as aids to understanding, descriptions of
    • that we shall understand each other about present-day ways of
    • order to understand what was really happening here, we must
    • seek to understand with the aid of purified thinking. And there
    • are to trust as a source of knowledge should stand in the
    • of extension of natural knowledge. If we understand ourselves
    • of life of which I speak stands in no sort of opposition to the
    • with mathematics what otherwise stands outside us. Why? Because
    • processes of the outside world. Even one of the outstanding
    • the standpoint of our modern knowledge of nature. It has no
    • someone standing before us — his gestures, his play of
    • something spiritual in him, by which alone the whole man stands
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 2: Psychology
    Matching lines:
    • standpoint of ordinary consciousness, these books are
    • recent years, however, psychology has, understandably and
    • philosophical standpoint that I do will never for one moment
    • renounce all claim to understand the fate of the human soul
    • you from the standpoint of a philosophy of life that
    • philosophical standpoint from which I speak definitely
    • understandable that ordinary consciousness cannot reach the
    • always stands beside this more highly developed man that
    • life since we entered it. Our past life does not stand before
    • ordinary life, as beings who recognize, understand and
    • “outside world,” we come to understand the law of
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 3: East and West in History
    Matching lines:
    • own particular standpoint, from which they can deploy
    • seems like science by modern standards. The scientist of today
    • quantitative understanding: only vital thought can connect up
    • really understand what was being expressed even in Plato, still
    • understanding.
    • Ages, which stands at the meeting-place of earlier times and
    • Otto Willmann's History of Idealism, a book that stands
    • Only then do we understand how deep in man lie the springs of
    • which we cannot easily understand simply from the standpoint of
    • in Western civilization. We do truly understand it, however, if
    • or others, we find that their standpoint has grown out of the
    • understand the West only indirectly, via a spiritual
    • movement; they have no direct understanding of the West,
    • stand today.
    • now be sought, and what alone can provide an understanding
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 4: Spiritual Geography
    Matching lines:
    • the Oriental established, with an inner understanding of much
    • foster understanding between men.
    • find, it is regarded as an ideal to stand back from what the
    • concepts! We need them, if we are to reach understanding.
    • really need to understand.
    • were his own, and in this way understands its mode of being.
    • world. From his standpoint, the view of man and the view of
    • constructive ones, we must understand the significance of
    • of sharply delineated concepts and thus understand what
    • to reach an understanding of these two diametrically opposed
    • standpoint also was needed at a certain stage in human
    • currents meet. We are called upon today to understand this
    • sought to represent, in order to show where understanding is
    • understanding with any view that may exist on earth,
    • Central and Western men, we come to understand that, although
    • we do understand this, it is a summons to have the courage to
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 5: Cosmic Memory
    Matching lines:
    • foundations of the soul itself. Even such outstanding mystics
    • capacity for love, from an intellectual standpoint. But what do
    • strikes us as poetic, and yet to anyone who understands,
    • Similarly, when we understand our organism aright, we find that
    • drop. A miniature solar system forms, and from the standpoint
    • into account the teacher standing there and rotating the drop
    • standing inside this process and evolving from it in a way that
    • shall we able to think our way into the cosmos and understand
    • the standpoint of the world-memory that appears in ourselves,
    • space.” This is true, so long as we are standing on the
    • shall we understand how we can win through to a cosmology of
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 6: Individual and Society
    Matching lines:
    • which we could understand social life and shape social forces.
    • the world, we can understand this mistakenness well enough. A
    • treat these various standpoints exactly as if someone were to
    • standpoint to the views put forward here are familiar to me,
    • to speak, of very recent times, is also suited, as it stands,
    • stands out above all for a spiritually scientific approach.
    • understanding this most modern development, man thus
    • another point. We must clearly understand that the function
    • understanding of social needs, to find our way out of
    • understandably is shaped by adults, is permeated by the
    • child should only take in what it already understands. In this
    • he “already understands.” The child certainly
    • understands more than many people believe: not through
    • the time, we did not understand it in an intellectual
    • have become more mature. Only now do we understand it and bring
    • indicated quite naively in his soul, his understanding and
    • often fail to understand us as teachers: it springs from their
    • the adult's capacity to reach complete understanding with
    • itself the powers by which we can reach an understanding with
    • we really understand other people and see across the gulfs of
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 7: The Individual Spirit and the Social Structure
    Matching lines:
    • beings who must reach an understanding as men if they wish to
    • establish a relationship with one another. Understanding
    • about understanding and attempts at understanding within
    • the Englishman, from his standpoint, calls “academic
    • whole from the economic standpoint. And when its exponents had
    • understanding when, by the quite different modern path into
    • that we cannot understand at all if we are not in a position to
    • understand social configurations, we must discuss the spiritual
    • Looking at human history from this standpoint, we shall find
    • patterns of humanity stand in relation to these currents.
    • together in space, and call for our understanding today, for
    • intended to indicate that, in order to understand these
    • structures, we must enter with real understanding upon the
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 8: The Problem (Asia-Europe)
    Matching lines:
    • historical forces, and to understand these we have to go back a
    • West, looked at historically, there stands a figure who still
    • individual human being? And here, from the standpoint of
    • yet little understanding of this human individuality. Attention
    • philology, but with an understanding of Oriental spiritual life
    • shall be able to understand the precise significance of the
    • when we comprehend this can we gain an understanding of the
    • been said from various standpoints about the significance of
    • understand something of what has repeatedly, and rightly, been
    • ailments. The teacher, I concluded, must certainly understand
    • understand these forces thoroughly and can follow out their
    • community. Only by achieving a true understanding between
    • however, is a new understanding of what human fellowship in
    • position — and this is understandable. It is not my aim
    • egotism. My aim is to understand something for which there is
    • to reach an understanding about the particular social
    • deficiencies of our time. From this standpoint, too, we
    • understanding with the East.
    • is from a standpoint such as this that we must consider whether
    • soul, prove capable of choosing a time when understanding shall
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 9: Prospects of its Solution (Europe-America)
    Matching lines:
    • but from the standpoint of a knowledge of man, can only talk of
    • What we need today is not so much a way of understanding the
    • resistance on the part of a worker to understanding, when
    • operative. I was even able to evoke some understanding of why
    • can't really understand what you say, because so much of it
    • understanding of it. But we achieve this understanding only
    • an article of mine in it, but couldn't quite understand what
    • will understand it. We shall, it is true, first have to
    • understanding. And then, from this social understanding, with
    • people understanding one another, we can go forward to other
    • must in fact reach an understanding with America, if a
    • cannot help understanding that, in earlier times, a prince
    • westwards will create a basis for an understanding of the
    • understanding. This is what we must seek if we are to have
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 10: From Monolithic to Threefold Unity
    Matching lines:
    • point of view, was the profound misunderstanding it met
    • standpoint, we cannot help concluding that, although it
    • however, we now attempt to reach a clear understanding of
    • matter. We can only understand the human organism by
    • situation in which the standard of life was in fact raised
    • Hence today, when we stand at a milestone in history, it is the
    • Leibniz. If from this standpoint you consider
    • by a right understanding of man, they would also be able to
    • community may reach an understanding and say to one
    • relationship in which, through mutual understanding, they
    • of life. In this realm, man stands in the position of creator
    • politic, can only derive from an understanding between men.
    • practical effect of the gold standard for example, was
    • countries were going over to the gold standard, you will be
    • considered that, under the influence of the gold standard,
    • When we look at spiritual life from this standpoint, we can
    • relations through the circumstance that they stand together on
    • in spiritual life. This element stands in the same relation to
    • On the question of labour, men must reach an understanding in a
    • some degree of independence. To understand this independence,
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