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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 1: Natural Science
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    • human thinking in the civilized world.
    • of educating the civilized world. And it is precisely in
    • our own thought to our observation of the world. We see this,
    • into with the world. It has become a purely formal aid for
    • contemplating the outside world, and which represents a
    • accompanies us through the world as something whose reality we
    • outside world make extraordinary demands on man's soul if, as
    • the civilized world today are being affected by the problems of
    • Nowadays, when we look out at the world, we attach the greatest
    • humanity and his relationship with a higher world, with a
    • spiritual and super-sensible world. In ever new and marvellous
    • super-sensible worlds. And anyone who carried out such exercises
    • him over-sensitive towards the robust external world. He must
    • inhabit a spiritual world. What makes our physical and sensuous
    • to show, it hides from us the spiritual world. It was, quite
    • spiritual worlds. That again is no way for the present. Anyone
    • knowledge of the sensible world is preserved in ancient and, I
    • Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment,
    • penetrate with it into the external rhythm of the world, and
    • become conscious of an external world rhythm. If I may express
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 2: Psychology
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    • phenomena, or is it connected with a spiritual world within
    • the outside world. And just because man sees in this life his
    • in the true sense of the world a spiritual being, he is
    • fantastically chaotic dream world not attuned to reality, our
    • outside world and our senses, which are of course physical and
    • fate in the world is of such paramount concern to man. Thus we
    • world, and to become a capable being. Out of the
    • Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment,
    • spiritual world, just as with the ordinary sense-organs it can
    • perceive the physical and sensuous world. In each of these
    • world in such a way that he learns to orientate himself in it
    • passive surrender to the phenomena of the outside world, and to
    • with the outside world. We transcend this kind of
    • inwardly vital thinking in tune with the rhythm of the world. A
    • balanced view of the world and of life thus strives, not to
    • give us any information about any kind of outside world, not
    • even about what we are in the outside world; only if we
    • into the spiritual world. And so we may say: to the spiritual
    • spiritual world. It will now be able to look at the nature of
    • its own soul before this descended from spiritual worlds to an
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 3: East and West in History
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    • view of the world and of life such as I have put before you is
    • remember what we have experienced in the world from a given
    • were admitted all the insights into the spiritual world gained
    • communion with the spiritual world, as he made his way into it.
    • Once inside the divine and spiritual world, he knew himself to
    • way that the thoughts we experience daily in the outside world
    • although they do gain glimpses of this spiritual world, these
    • world, which we no longer perceive when we go away from it. In
    • world. If we later wish to regain this contact, we cannot
    • ordinary experience in the physical world: how by
    • spiritual world. We can then retrace our steps and repeat
    • world, and wishes to communicate what he has experienced, is
    • someone who speaks out of the spiritual world gives a lecture
    • the spiritual world, seeking them out repeatedly, it will even
    • spiritual world, he must be spiritually quick-witted, if I may
    • spiritual world appear, only to vanish again at the next
    • seeker after the spiritual world encounters. In the course of
    • certainty into the spiritual world, without becoming
    • world and on experiment and observation, as anything more than
    • a preparation. We must then wait until the spiritual world
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 4: Spiritual Geography
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    • workings of nature and the world, affects us, it is often
    • outside world. Europeans may feel that such things cannot be
    • applied to the outside world, because of their vagueness, their
    • the development of the world. But once it has appeared on
    • test what nature offers, and what should lead us to the world's
    • through the world! How we regard it by means of abstract
    • world of plants as it grows and flowers. If we have formed a
    • moved by something of the way of experiencing the world kindled
    • and indeed the entire external world right up to the
    • world is reality, and the outside world, that of the senses, is
    • from the outside world. He accepts) it, even if in a higher
    • close link with the spiritual world and sees, in all that
    • exists in the external world of the senses, a replica of the
    • original shape of the world as it exists in the spirit. And in
    • in the spiritual world. And here I would say: the Oriental,
    • quite consistently, regards the world as made up of replicas of
    • a spiritual world, just as he regards himself as a replica of
    • world. From his standpoint, the view of man and the view of
    • attain a view of the spiritual world that yet suits modern man;
    • we can look once more into a spiritual world; and find this
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 5: Cosmic Memory
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    • in conjunction with the sensuous and physical world, you will
    • out that the only knowledge of a spiritual world allowed is one
    • development of the world in specific terms, discussion
    • a spiritual origin of the world, about forces operating
    • spiritually in the world's development, and about the
    • world's development. The reproach that is usually
    • contrary, this philosophy seeks its data about the world and
    • the view of the world I am advocating aims at in its
    • man to the world, in order to establish whether there is a path
    • that leads from man to knowledge of the world, we must
    • man's position in the world? Assuming that man's theoretical
    • constitution would a man need? Well, his relation to the world
    • relationship of man to the world will realize: a being whose
    • to his knowledge of the outside world, and must not
    • the first thing that the view of the world I am advocating has
    • and the world that is to be taken seriously today. The other,
    • can be described by saying: any view of life and the world that
    • cannot provide us with a springboard into the spiritual world,
    • terms. When we observe the outside world and inwardly transform
    • sensuous world; and a limit in relation to mystical endeavours.
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 6: Individual and Society
    Matching lines:
    • not only into spiritual worlds as such, but also into the world
    • the world, we can understand this mistakenness well enough. A
    • man's nature, especially within the civilized world. These
    • rational view of the world. This view has been splendidly
    • find our place in the world can never be determined by abstract
    • of living nature and into the heart of spiritual worlds. By
    • intellectualism into the world of vital thought. This in turn
    • to approach the world with our concepts (which do not
    • spiritual world with what spiritual entities reveal — can
    • world or other, which had placed him within social life. Today
    • world.
    • world and of life that is held to be in accord with the spirit
    • flows from a conception of the world which creates life and not
    • spiritual world. We are thus forced to rise to spiritual
    • outside world we do not attain anything spiritually productive.
    • away from it. We can only gain our moral world, therefore, by
    • wholehearted enthusiasm, fruitful to the world, for
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 7: The Individual Spirit and the Social Structure
    Matching lines:
    • months ago, the British Colonial Secretary remarked that the world's
    • whole world. Only now, in fact, is the world gradually
    • the whole of human relationships throughout the world are
    • organization (directly determined by the conversion of world
    • trade into a world economy from the last third of the
    • spiritual transformation throughout the world, of which perhaps
    • change throughout the world, there live within them human
    • its immediate colonial dependencies. A world-wide view has yet
    • throughout the world are very much greater still, and that only
    • civilization must be seen today against a world
    • including the social ones, are affected by world conditions as
    • throughout the world.
    • they had to ascertain from the spiritual worlds by means of the
    • world which was based on things that have no charms at all for
    • world.
    • super-sensible worlds, we come to know what I expounded in my
    • nature man experiences within himself a kind of world-memory.
    • demonstrated in the last few days, the world-memory men gain in
    • contact with the spiritual world through stimulating their
    • established contact with the spiritual world. They believed
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  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 8: The Problem (Asia-Europe)
    Matching lines:
    • civilized world behave to one another, how they attack one
    • throughout the world is to be illuminated.
    • began to play a civilized part in the world's
    • world, as death sets men apart from this life. Then, when he
    • death, experience the spiritual world in a complete rebirth.
    • man can so experience in the world as to arouse in him passions
    • world — all these he was to experience within the
    • really means that, in looking at tragedy, man enters a world of
    • half-conscious perception of the world, nearer and nearer to a
    • expression in the world of animals. In their world, the food
    • that is separate in the social world outside — each
    • spiritual sphere. What we perform in the outside world needs to
    • the centre of the world's development, also reach an
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 9: Prospects of its Solution (Europe-America)
    Matching lines:
    • that the knowledge of the world and philosophy of life
    • into the outside world and evolved into our inner logical order
    • on to the outside world. These assumed the most varied forms,
    • world of modern times; to look into his heart and his quality
    • element which I have been able to represent as a world-memory
    • how a man's brain is shaped by his situation in the world. They
    • therefore see the development of the will within the world as
    • world-wide social rapprochement is to come about.
    • in the Oriental world and its legacy, and on the basis of this
    • world economy and a world commerce, such as exists only
    • world to look more closely at Central Europe, which has gone
    • substance of the world, albeit in thoughts that were still
  • Title: Tension Between East and West: Lecture 10: From Monolithic to Threefold Unity
    Matching lines:
    • the civilized world we have entered a phase where any judgment
    • When we consider the world around us from a social
    • ideas to the spiritual world, acquires a true sense of reality,
    • natural science too, our view of the phenomenal world does not
    • drew up one of these programmes for the entire civilized world,
    • the boundless nature of the world. In real life, it should
    • fact is that, in the real world, a single phenomenon may have

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