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  • Title: Lecture: Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology: Spiritual Cosmology
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    • Theosophists in 1913 and formed the Anthroposophical Society. This
    • theosophical teaching, and I can inform you that several of our
    • solar system form? How did the planets and the star groups come into
    • information about the soul-spiritual aspects goes so far back that no
    • to decipher the Babylonian cuneiform characters and the Egyptian
    • performed. I will only point to the books that have appeared
    • but it was in a completely different form than that of today's
    • the modern form of thinking the wisdom that has been imparted to us in
    • the form of intuition. Thought is a force like electricity, like steam
    • of the world in the form of European thinking and science. These
    • formation of our earth. We will be led back to the most ancient times
    • where, in the grayest light of dawn, those beings formed who later
  • Title: Lecture: Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology: Esoteric Cosmology - 2
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    • Theosophists in 1913 and formed the Anthroposophical Society. At that
    • above all, the formation of our planet Earth, we must make our own
    • itself in a brain, created it, formed this brain to correspond to its
    • own being. Such an organ cannot be formed just like that, however. It
    • level is not the same. The task our spiritual Self is to perform
    • Before the human being could form this body in order to create the
    • is the form-giving element. Our physical and etheric bodies must have
    • a very certain form when they are born, and this form must grow. You
    • The forming energy is not an astral function. The astral can live
    • within this energy, but it must be formed first itself. The human
    • had not preceded it — the period in which the human form was
    • prepared. Allow me to call this period the “Formation
    • is the period in which the form of man was prepared, so that his
    • present form could develop.
    • “rupa” or formation round, he acquired the ability to give
    • himself the form he needed to perceive, think and act as a human
    • was a formless seed. We call this point in time the
    • “Arupa-Round”, the formless round. Thus we have three time
    • fourth round the humans of the mineral realm because they were formed
    • astral round, in which he formed his astral body, a human of the third
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  • Title: Lecture: Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology: Esoteric Cosmology - 3
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    • Theosophists in 1913 and formed the Anthroposophical Society. At that
    • at least a picture in descriptive form of the origin of the world
    • development of animal or plant life from a previous form, but we also
    • mean the great transformations within the universe, and we include the
    • so to speak, before it takes on form in the outer world. Such a
    • hollow form, swimming in a great, mighty sea of the highest spiritual
    • than water, only in another form. Raise the temperature and the ice
    • times. In this way the Earth is transformed from the lowest to the
    • there were no mineral forms yet, no physical nature energy and no
    • temperatures that none of our present substances could have the form
    • and disappearance of irregular forms, also of forms that remind us of
    • The emerging and disappearing seems to follow a pattern. Forms arise
    • something that takes on human form, and then disperses. The humans who
    • elements formed. You can find this second stage wonderfully described
    • the most wonderful forms coming into existence which remind us of
    • later forms, only they are not yet solid: star-like forms, angular
    • forms, tetrahedrons, polyhedrons, round forms and so on. The forms
    • crystal forms were prearranged, the plant forms were constituted in
    • water, but forms a kind of mist, or steam. It is no longer an ether
    • form, but rather somewhat as cloud formations are today. And within
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