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  • Title: Lecture: Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology: Spiritual Cosmology
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    • of the human being within this world in a theosophical sense.
    • begin? How did it evolve to the point where human beings can inhabit
    • evolve? — and in the second volume: How did the human race evolve
    • stores of wisdom that humanity possesses; but what meaning can what
    • quite different things to say; and the force of the one in the human
    • developed into human beings. We will be led to the stage where this
    • human being was imbued with earthly forces, where he was surrounded by
  • Title: Lecture: Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology: Esoteric Cosmology - 2
    Matching lines:
    • cosmic evolution was only a preparation for human existence. Science
    • has drummed into us how small the human being is compared to the
    • and stars if it didn't direct itself to the human being, so he could
    • Let us now consider the human being in relation to the history of
    • contemporary humanity's standpoint concerning cosmology. Everything
    • merely the exterior, physical human being. Those of you who have heard
    • theosophical lectures more often know that this exterior human being
    • perceive what it is that thinks in a human being. In a theosophical
    • In order for the human being to live and think in the present stage of
    • contemporary human being is a spiritual Self embodied in a physical
    • can only develop in a physical body, such as the human one. Therefore
    • the human being with his spiritual Self received such an organ with
    • we have a distinct task; the human being must became something through
    • human brain scientifically from all sides with the senses only, you
    • order for the human being to reach his present stage of evolution, he
    • long time and the process is not yet complete. In the future the human
    • that are now only present in outline. So you see, the human being
    • Let us go back to the time when the human spiritual Self began the
    • kind of brain a human needs. Go back to when all that was in a
    • germinal stage, and then go forward to a time when the human being
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  • Title: Lecture: Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology: Esoteric Cosmology - 3
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    • comparable to normal human sleep. In normal sleep only the activities
    • something that takes on human form, and then disperses. The humans who
    • The human being could now incarnate. He found a body which allowed him
    • man and animal, in which the human being did not feel completely
    • established. And now, during the fourth Round, the human being
    • human being was possible in that flowing, gushing state. We call these
    • usual understanding of Darwinism. We have the human being present in
    • sounds. The human being was also mute. He could not yet think, not
    • following, second race, matter separated into two poles. The human
    • The human being developed further and at the third stage discarded the
    • allowed man to become a human being. The human beings who came over
    • During every Round there are humans who develop to a normal stage and
    • spiritually highly developed humanity arose. The sagas and myths
    • Fire-Rishis, who were the leaders of humanity, including Manus, who
    • gave later humanity laws. Only these solar Pitris could incarnate as
    • the possibility of the effects of karma. The human being could burden
    • himself with guilt. Everything we know as “human” arose at
    • special achievement. This enabled the human race to bring art and
    • possible. During the fifth sub-race of the fourth Round humanity
    • matter, so that humanity could ascend to higher and higher stages of
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