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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture I: The Doctrine of the Logos
    Matching lines:
    • means a clairvoyant sleep — and what is related here is
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture II: Esoteric Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • the clairvoyant consciousness, even today, like an aura
    • when seen with clairvoyant vision, it appears as Light,
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture III: The Mission of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • At that time everyone still possessed a dull clairvoyant
    • ancient clairvoyance. However, the same images were perceived
    • physical body, the more the nightly clairvoyant images
    • descended. Still possessing a dull clairvoyance, he felt
    • upon the ancient Moon with clairvoyant vision, you would see
    • ancient, dreamy clairvoyant consciousness, when the soul was
    • night to the dim, ancient clairvoyant consciousness before He
    • and gradually the time spent in a dim, clairvoyant state of
    • in the dull clairvoyant dream-consciousness of those ancient
    • streamed into humanity in its dim, clairvoyant state of
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture V: The Seven Degrees of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • Sagas and Fairy-tales. Anthroposophists should not be foolish
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VI: The "I AM"
    Matching lines:
    • clairvoyant sight, we find them very different from those of
    • region of water and air, he gradually descended,
    • planet; it is the first gaseous or airy body. The ancient
    • clairvoyantly, you would see the first germ of the physical
    • condensation of the water, and, in a certain sense, air and
    • together, but water and air were separated from one another.
    • because the air had separated from the water, it became airy
    • germ now consisted of air permeated by fire; the astral body
    • in water and air.
    • has reached even the density of air and has been made
    • the air? The fire which human beings possessed at that time
    • from the ancient air also lives on within your organism. When
    • you inhale and exhale, you have air within your otherwise
    • deeply, the air is then taken up into the blood and this is
    • the reason for the warm air-breath. Imagine this air
    • air. The air which streams through the human being takes on
    • consisting of air permeated with warmth. That is the kind of
    • human creature first descended out of the airy sphere into
    • of his physical body, into airy, warmth and fluid parts. This
    • must designate water-vapour, water-air spheres. As long as he
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • clairvoyantly the astral body of the earth during the course
    • star, and let us imagine a person with clairvoyant vision
    • ether and astral bodies. If this clairvoyant person were to
    • him. For the clairvoyant, this rushing together of physical
    • train his body to breathe in putrified air for a certain
    • health-giving impulses. Breathing putrid air belongs to a
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VIII: Human Evolution in its Relation to the Christ Principle
    Matching lines:
    • clairvoyantly endowed person can see them. It is only when he
    • perceptible to clairvoyant consciousness. This difference
    • clairvoyantly in a certain way. Let us suppose that a person
    • endowed with clairvoyance is observing a horse and a man.
    • to the physical. Clairvoyantly observed, the elephant makes
    • to experience the conditions of rain, fog, air and sunshine
    • the fog banks separated from the air and were precipitated
    • clairvoyance was not yet completely lost. Therefore, at
    • always have a hazy clairvoyance, could live within the
    • of earlier ages really beheld clairvoyantly. This Wotan
    • age beheld, for a long time dimly and clairvoyantly, has now
    • retained, more or less, some degree of clairvoyance and who
    • clairvoyant consciousness. It will be theirs again
    • clairvoyance. The great initiate and guide led away the
    • and were walking about in their togas? One can fairly see
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IX: The Prophetical Documents and the Origin of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • clairvoyant state in which they could gaze into the spiritual
    • were able to revert to the ancient nebulous, clairvoyant
    • kind of dream-like, clairvoyant consciousness he did not
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture X: The Effect of the Christ Impulse Within Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • presented to the clairvoyant faculty, that is, the future of
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XI: Christian Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • ancient dreamy, clairvoyant consciousness. We have seen how
    • be divided, but belonged to all; this was the airy envelope
    • surrounding the earth. And from this airy covering, the
    • rudiments of the ego in the physical body. The air cannot be
    • whole, together with its airy envelope, is the body or
    • coat. The air has not been divided; it remains a common
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • to discern clairvoyantly the deeper foundations of his being,
    • him aside out of the whole affair.
    • this because she had become clairvoyant through the force and
    • to be clairvoyant, to be able to behold the Christ? If you
    • develop clairvoyant power. One of these was Thomas. It is
    • inner clairvoyant power. Permeate thyself with inner power,
    • the minds of men and which Voltaire, one of the great
    • knowledge. Therefore let us take Voltaire's

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