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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture I: The Doctrine of the Logos
    Matching lines:
    • historical personality outwardly, in external appearance, may
    • mode of thought, it appeared to them in the light described
    • degrees did beings appear upon this dwelling place of ours
    • appears last in the human being existed in the world in the
    • appears within him later as the creative principle was there
    • it also could manifest. What finally appears in time and
    • the human soul may appear as its flower. In the beginning
    • this mute human being appears as seed of the Logos-endowed
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture II: Esoteric Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • are to appear to us in the right light. We must recall to
    • briefly call to mind how the human being appears to us
    • its present complicated appearance.
    • members, has not always been as he now appears to us. If we
    • human being as he will appear to us at the end of our earthly
    • course with the same human creature as he appeared at its
    • physical body as it appears to us is only the exterior.
    • contradiction disappears at once. We approach him when he is
    • body was an expression of the Logos; then Saturn disappeared,
    • this human creature. What is the astral body? It appears to
    • when seen with clairvoyant vision, it appears as Light,
    • animals, plants and minerals appeared later, for the human
    • kingdom and upon the Earth the mineral kingdom appeared. Upon
    • eventually would make its appearance. First there was the
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture III: The Mission of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • made its appearance within it.
    • the Earth in which men appeared in the form they, in general,
    • disappeared and the more did the present waking-consciousness
    • wisdom first appeared upon the Earth with the human being,
    • disappeared, the objects taking on clearer and clearer
    • form, lying as it does at the foundation of all that appears
    • this external physical body of the Logos appears especially
    • become a sense-being. He had to appear in a physical body.
    • appearance of Christ Jesus means that the forces of the six
    • being, God had to appear to the earthly, human
    • what was that Being Who appears at the beginning of our era
    • appearance of a few initiated Christian pupils who understood
    • foundation of all material things, behind all that appears to
    • appeared in the early Christian centuries called the
    • this “I AM” which for the first time appeared in
    • wherever they appear and realize that “I AM” was
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IV: The Raising of Lazarus
    Matching lines:
    • through the appearance of Christ-Jesus. This three and a half
    • in the ancient Mysteries, Christ-Jesus, who was to appear in
    • namely, that He who had appeared was the Christ Himself.
    • biblical events then disappear. On the other hand, those who
    • appeared as Life, Light, and Logos in Christ-Jesus, has
    • appear upon earth in a way that made it possible for Him to
    • Gospel of St. John links the historical appearance of
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture V: The Seven Degrees of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • volumes, one has appeared on the Origin of the
    • appearance of this Principle upon the earth, was not able to
    • most deeply into egotism through alcohol, there appeared a
    • today, the consequences will appear straightway in the next
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VI: The "I AM"
    Matching lines:
    • from the present forms, would appear to you quite improbable.
    • appear to you as though certain regions of our earth's
    • appear as our earth now appears, that you would find rocks
    • This appeared for the first time upon our Earth,
    • water appeared. No longer were vapour and water mixed
    • way these human beings appeared in the beginning. First they
    • cartilage had solidified, the bones then gradually appeared.
    • divine-spiritual world gradually disappeared, and he became
    • disappeared.
    • of the spirit through the force of the Christ Who appeared
    • appeared incarnate in Christ-Jesus.
    • “I AM” appears incarnate in the Christ of the
    • intellect. What is here proclaimed appears in the flesh as
    • appears in Manas itself must be called by another name. It is
    • the intellect. But when the Logos became flesh and appeared
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • consist only of physical substance as they appear to the
    • light of the sun appears to us like the outer physical body
    • the force of the Christ is a healing force when it appears in
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VIII: Human Evolution in its Relation to the Christ Principle
    Matching lines:
    • at this point of time in our evolution, the Christ appeared
    • external bodily appearance of these our Atlantean
    • although to the external senses they appeared much the same.
    • an extremely grotesque appearance with its extraordinarily
    • “I” to himself. Then appeared what we yesterday
    • coincidence of the etheric and physical heads, the appearance
    • ancient Atlantean was still very different in appearance from
    • gradually, after the Flood, did this phenomenon appear, that
    • westerly portions of Atlantis disappeared and became covered
    • Asia, there were regions of land which had already appeared,
    • appeared at that time on Atlantis. The outlines were not
    • of the night as appeared after the Atlantean period. During
    • and now lives in a world of appearance, of illusion, of
    • appear to him as something hostile, something which must be
    • soul in such a way that now it appears again in another
    • personality — as a Roman citizen — appears also
    • post-Atlantean civilization God Himself appeared as a man, as
    • appears to us as an image. When we pass from the Greek to the
    • the reason for the appearance of Christ-Jesus just at this
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IX: The Prophetical Documents and the Origin of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • waking-consciousness appeared only after the Atlantean Flood,
    • proportion as the outer spiritual world disappeared, men
    • there was present something else that appeared at the same
    • same Being who then appeared upon the earth as the Christ.
    • comprehensible that the appearance of the Christ had to take
    • understand that the Divine is able to appear in an individual
    • was much too exalted and sublime to appear in a physical
    • Christ, the idea that spirit was to appear in the flesh. For
    • shall see how something like the Gothic had to appear during
    • of Christianity appears as something positively necessary in
    • significance that the name of John appears nowhere in the
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture X: The Effect of the Christ Impulse Within Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • themselves, first appeared in the fourth cultural epoch.
    • the appearance of the ego in the Consciousness Soul. Humanity
    • who then descended deeper into matter and appeared in the
    • flesh. First He was prophesied, then later He appeared to the
    • appearance of the prophesied Messiah in the Christ. From this
    • the right moment of time for its appearance, an external
    • up to the time of the appearance of Christ Jesus and a little
    • — an extraordinary phenomenon makes its appearance.
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XI: Christian Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • When at present someone appears and says: That is all
    • even worse than it has ever been before! It appears in the
    • of the Feet” appears to him as in a mighty vision in
    • thing is not the symptoms; they appear as a result of the
    • the breast appear the so-called Stigmata; and as an inner
    • disappeared. This moment is important because of something
    • name on the seal appears not only on the seal, but on the wax
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • cultural epochs. The principal difference appears with the
    • heights upon which she stood; and because she appeared in her
    • would have observed that its whole appearance was altered
    • grave, that the body had disappeared and that she saw there
    • not think you would recognize him again if he should appear
    • not only said once, but again at the next appearance of the
    • Risen Christ, when Jesus appeared at the sea of
    • something if thou dost not rely upon the outer appearance,
    • open for the time when the Christ will appear again actively
    • world-concept obtained from Spiritual Science appears like an

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