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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture I: The Doctrine of the Logos
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    • many could comprehend the words, “This is my Body, this
    • a materialistic one. In these words, “This is my Body,
    • independent of the body, will perceive the spiritual world.
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture II: Esoteric Christianity
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    • of a physical body, an ether or life body, an astral body,
    • physical and ether bodies lie in bed. The astral body and
    • the day — that is, the astral body and ego — they
    • mysteries. When we have the human physical body here before
    • human body received its very first rudiments upon the ancient
    • physical body was at that time created, but, of course, one
    • very different from the human body of the present. Besides
    • the physical body, nothing that is a part of the human being
    • incarnation of our Earth-planet, was the ether body added to
    • the physical body, penetrating and impregnating it. And what
    • was the result? The physical human body underwent a
    • our Earth, the physical body stood at a second stage of its
    • becoming an inwardly living body on the Sun, while on Saturn
    • it was still machine-like and automatic. The ether body,
    • which had slipped in, transformed the physical body. Then on
    • the Moon, the astral body slipped into this union of physical
    • and ether bodies. Thus the physical body was again
    • transformed a third time and the ether body a second time. At
    • union, the ego transformed this physical body again, so that
    • physical body is a many times transformed entity, and just
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture III: The Mission of the Earth
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    • the ancient Moon, consisting of a physical body, derived from
    • the divine, primal Word; an ether or life body having its
    • source in divine Life; and an astral body issuing from divine
    • time in a three-fold entity, consisting of physical body,
    • ether body and astral body, as we have learned to know them.
    • the ego and astral body, are within the physical and ether
    • the physical world. Thus the astral body and the ego can make
    • awaken, the ego and astral body are out of the physical world
    • time the ego and astral body were only for a very brief
    • portion of the day within the physical body, by no means as
    • outside of his physical body for a longer time and entered it
    • the physical body and in the spirit world, they perceived
    • that time he saw the first indication of a physical body
    • the human being immersed himself in his physical body for a
    • physical body, the more the nightly clairvoyant images
    • attained by submersion in a physical body. Prior to this, the
    • upper part of the human body. Our engineering art is not yet
    • threefold human body, so that the Earth might, through
    • the human being had been immersed in his physical body
    • for long periods outside the physical body, love was being
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IV: The Raising of Lazarus
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    • physical and ether bodies lie in bed and his astral body and
    • astral body has not yet developed the spiritual sense-organs
    • Only when his astral body and ego have slipped back into his
    • organs of perception in his astral body and when he was
    • sufficiently evolved for the astral body to have formed these
    • organs, then all that the astral body had received into
    • itself had to be impressed upon the ether body just as the
    • which reorganized his astral body.
    • body as he has today, but undeveloped organs instead —
    • way the astral body was transformed and organs of perception
    • body. They will become so when what has been formed in the
    • astral body will have been stamped upon the ether body.
    • However, as long as the ether body remains bound to the
    • impressed upon it. Before this can happen, the ether body
    • body was drawn out of the physical body during the three and
    • the astral body was stamped upon the ether body. The neophyte
    • back into the physical body by the Priest-Initiator, he bore
    • possible for the present astral body, even though the ether
    • body is still within the physical, to have the power to stamp
    • astral body to be able to imprint upon the ether body what
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture V: The Seven Degrees of Initiation
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    • physical body, ether body, astral body, and ego are bound
    • physical and ether body, namely, the astral body and ego,
    • You all, as astral body and ego, faithlessly desert your
    • beings. We have also pointed out that when the astral body
    • expression in the physical body, dwell in the higher
    • powers which work upon the physical body are at home in the
    • which work upon the ether body are in their own sphere in the
    • body there are constantly active, beings from the highest
    • regions of Devachan and in the ether body, beings from the
    • astral body and by gradually maturing it, prepare it for the
    • physical body also became a fit instrument for sheltering It.
    • You can easily imagine that the astral body might be ever so
    • capable of receiving an ego, but if the physical body is not
    • to receive it. The physical body must also always be a
    • the earth. Therefore when the astral body had been matured,
    • the physical body had to be prepared to become an instrument
    • physical body was prepared to become the bearer of the
    • has had the task, as it were, of preparing the human body so
    • physical body and could say: the human being was born out of
    • outside of the physical body — those who could withdraw
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VI: The "I AM"
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    • can be beheld outside of the physical body by means of higher
    • what truly lives, but the body is something dead. Therefore
    • let us destroy the body, then will the spirit become
    • the organs of his physical body for reception of what he
    • the human body, the latter falls away from the human
    • he did not possess a physical body dense and solid enough to
    • earth, we find that this human body becomes more and more
    • any special cosmic body moving about, but you would have been
    • planet; it is the first gaseous or airy body. The ancient
    • Moon-state then condenses still further; it is a fluid body
    • being, only his ego and his astral body were present. This
    • ego and astral body did not yet feel themselves as separate
    • entities, but as though embedded within the body of divine
    • from a being whose body is the water-vapour earth. Then
    • of the diagram is intended to represent the astral body and
    • germ of the physical body which together with the ether body
    • and ether bodies surrounded by the astral body and ego as
    • by the astral body and the ego. The watery vapour mass then
    • densified, and the astral body with the ego gave the impulse
    • germ now consisted of air permeated by fire; the astral body
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • body as we have described it from many aspects in the
    • astronomer and to other physical researchers. A cosmic body
    • has also an ether and an astral body. Our earth has its ether
    • ether body, it would not be able to harbour the plants; if it
    • did not possess its own individual astral body, it would not
    • earth's ether body, we must imagine its central point exactly
    • at the center of the earth where the physical earth body also
    • has its central point. This entire physical earth body is
    • embedded in its own ether body and these two are again
    • embedded in an astral body. If someone had observed
    • clairvoyantly the astral body of the earth during the course
    • astral body and ether body of the earth have not always
    • light of the sun appears to us like the outer physical body
    • when sun, moon and earth were a single body. It was as though
    • together with the earth and thus make one large cosmic body.
    • This was our Earth once upon a time when your astral body and
    • will once more unite with the sun and again form one body
    • sun and earth — in one body. Since the Event of
    • within the body of the earth? It was that force which
    • your soul and spirit dwell within your physical body, do also
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VIII: Human Evolution in its Relation to the Christ Principle
    Matching lines:
    • forefathers. We have seen that the physical body, visible now
    • animal consists of physical body, ether or life body and
    • astral body; that these three parts compose its animal being
    • of a physical, ether and astral body and an ego, although the
    • three higher members, from the ether body upwards, are only
    • night, when the Atlantean was outside of his physical body,
    • into his physical body — he saw physical things here in
    • being then? He awakened in the morning and his astral body
    • the night the astral body slipped out of the ether and
    • physical bodies, but since the ether body still remained
    • partly united with the astral body, there were always
    • astral body withdrew, a large part of the ether head was
    • imprinted upon the ether body and thus he became conscious of
    • physical head, the astral body left the ether body entirely
    • to try to draw out the ether body of his pupil by artificial
    • the ether body protruded from the physical body and was
    • loosened from it. What the astral body then experienced was
    • impressed upon the ether body. Then when the ether body was
    • re-drawn into the physical body, the pupil knew what he had
    • It became more and more difficult to loosen the ether body
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IX: The Prophetical Documents and the Origin of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • dipped down into his physical body, the experiences and
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture X: The Effect of the Christ Impulse Within Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • in the external body also the inner configurations of brain,
    • into the physical body and how at that time people developed
    • physical body was permeated by the power of the “I
    • germs of the other configurations of his physical body. Up to
    • the time of the Atlantean Flood, the physical body was being
    • years. He will not only have to make his physical body an
    • for the first time made his ether body into a bearer of the
    • ego, just as he had previously done with his physical body.
    • body. Therefore in the following table, the first epoch, the
    • body.
    • superficially, consider the soul as the astral body, but we
    • part we again divide into Soul Body, Sentient Soul,
    • the ancient Persian period is the actual Astral or Soul Body.
    • body.
    • the ego had sunk into the Soul Body. In that of the
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XI: Christian Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • His body or vesture. And let us take it literally, for we
    • rudiments of the ego in the physical body. The air cannot be
    • whole, together with its airy envelope, is the body or
    • in the physical world? The physical body has sense-organs
    • plastic substance of the physical body. Because your eye has
    • individual organs have been carved into the physical body, it
    • organism, in the ether and astral bodies. The physical body
    • understanding the human astral body in the state in which it
    • exists in its purity. During the day this astral body is
    • immersed in the physical body. There the forces of the
    • physical body act upon it; it is not then free. It carries
    • out the demands of the physical body; hence it is impossible
    • day. It can be begun when the astral body is out of the
    • physical body, in sleep; only then can the astral body be
    • moulded. The human astral body can only have its higher sense
    • while outside the physical body. But we cannot manipulate a
    • contradiction, for the astral body is not conscious of its
    • connection with the physical body during sleep. But
    • physical body is acted upon and the impressions which it then
    • receives remain within the astral body when this is withdrawn
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • in the human astral body through Meditation, Concentration
    • initiation. We have seen that the astral body is thereby
    • upon the ether body, be impressed into the etheric
    • re-fashioning of the astral body indirectly through
    • astral body all that hinders it from becoming harmoniously
    • the astral body, it must all be imprinted upon the ether
    • body. In the pre-Christian initiation, it was done in the
    • told: The time has now come when the astral body has
    • body. Then the pupil was subjected to a procedure which today
    • astral body left the physical and ether bodies — a
    • certain degree the ether body also was lifted out; but care
    • was taken that the physical body remained intact and that the
    • pupil did not die in the meantime. The ether body was then
    • liberated from the forces of the physical body which act upon
    • the sensitory organs that had been formed in the astral body
    • sank down into it, the ether body received an imprint from
    • the whole astral body. When the pupil was brought again into
    • a normal condition by the Hierophant, when the astral body
    • gradually became impossible to draw the ether body out of the
    • evolution was to cause the ether body to be attached closer
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