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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture II: Esoteric Christianity
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    • and an ego. These four members of the human being, however,
    • ego, in a certain sense, are loosened from their connections
    • the day — that is, the astral body and ego — they
    • last upon the Earth, the ego was added to the physical, ether
    • union, the ego transformed this physical body again, so that
    • body, an astral body, and an ego. The moment the ether body,
    • the astral body, and the ego are separated from it, it
    • death the ether and astral bodies and the ego separate from
    • leaves this union of astral body and ego and resolves itself
    • astral body and an ego, for they were only added on the Sun,
    • etheric and astral bodies and its ego which belong to it, so
    • ether and an astral body, and an ego, however, these higher
    • ego, but this exists in a still higher spiritual world. Thus
    • state, its ether and astral bodies and ego within it, while
    • astral bodies and egos and here only their physical member.
    • ego. A purely physical being can have no existence; to exist
    • ego.
    • ego outside. Thus arises the contradictory condition of
    • having before us a being deserted by its astral body and ego.
    • The stone does not sleep. Its ether and astral bodies and ego
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture III: The Mission of the Earth
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    • he became penetrated by the human ego, the Earth having now
    • the Earth, the light of the ego itself was now enkindled and
    • gradually the ego, that is to say, full self-consciousness,
    • incarnation of the ego, the true inner being of man, took
    • the ego and astral body, are within the physical and ether
    • the physical world. Thus the astral body and the ego can make
    • awaken, the ego and astral body are out of the physical world
    • time the ego and astral body were only for a very brief
    • divine ego, just as the hand feels itself a part of the
    • with the ego. This inner human wisdom had to be developed by
    • become an ego-being. The ego had to be implanted in the
    • independent ego which develops by degrees in the course of
    • only do this by becoming self-conscious ego-beings. Only then
    • reception of the ego — and on the other side there was
    • dependent upon the Divine and his ego and astral body are
    • it is at present. The astral body and ego were then outside
    • of the physical and ether bodies, the ego existing wholly
    • ancient Jewish people and experienced the group-ego of his
    • — are one. A common ego encompasses us all, and I only
    • Father-substance in which the ego is rooted, and which is
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IV: The Raising of Lazarus
    Matching lines:
    • foregoing lectures, it should have become somewhat clear that
    • his ego. The next thing that occurred to the neophyte was
    • ego are withdrawn. In that condition he cannot observe any of
    • Only when his astral body and ego have slipped back into his
    • into individual men (that is, the ego-men); but individual
    • men (the ego-men) received it not.
    • foregoing answer, we have yet to discover. Just at present we
    • by little gains control of his ego and that slowly and
    • gradually this ego sinks into human nature. We know that the
    • animal, as such, has no individual ego. If the individual
    • group-ego in the astral world. All lions would say
    • “I” to this group-ego. Thus whole groups of
    • perceptible group-ego in the astral world. The great
    • possessing an individual ego. The latter, however, only
    • group-ego, with an ego belonging to a whole group of
    • where they could experience the ego in their own individual
    • mystery of the group-souls, of the group-egos. For those
    • individual ego, there still always existed a greater ego that
    • ego together was the fact that the individual remembered the
    • the egos which for centuries had preserved the memory. This
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture V: The Seven Degrees of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • and therefore when he was conscious of his ego, he felt
    • physical body, ether body, astral body, and ego are bound
    • cared for by his astral and ego spiritual parts. But we have
    • physical and ether body, namely, the astral body and ego,
    • You all, as astral body and ego, faithlessly desert your
    • and ego were outside the physical and ether bodies in those
    • of the ego, an inner independence in the soul. The individual
    • ego should feel itself fully independent and separate,
    • acting as the foundation of the individual ego within the
    • Universal Ego. We have seen that the expression “I and
    • the individual ego of the human personality gradually evolved
    • What Jahve did was to implant the group-soul ego in the
    • capable of receiving an ego, but if the physical body is not
    • self-conscious, ego-endowed human being.
    • egoistic, thus bringing them to the point of claiming the ego
    • endeavouring to find its way back, when the ego has been so
    • most deeply into egotism through alcohol, there appeared a
    • signs. In the first place He had to point out that the ego
    • of the Godhead as a free gift of the independent ego. This
    • to the time when the independent ego shall have risen above
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VI: The "I AM"
    Matching lines:
    • being, only his ego and his astral body were present. This
    • ego and astral body did not yet feel themselves as separate
    • within these ego-endowed astral bodies, enclosures were
    • ego which, insensible to outer perception, were embedded in
    • and ether bodies surrounded by the astral body and ego as
    • by the astral body and the ego. The watery vapour mass then
    • densified, and the astral body with the ego gave the impulse
    • and ego enveloped it and all this moved about in what
    • fire-beings belong an astral body and an ego, but they are
    • were enveloped by the astral body invested with the ego. This
    • only in a spiritual state — were astral body and ego.
    • ego continued to remain deeply embedded in the divine,
    • able to develop his ego, for he had not yet released himself
    • time when the human astral body with the ego was immersed in
    • individual human inner being which is the bearer of the ego.
    • that part in which the ego remained day and night, that part
    • The “son of man” is the ego and astral body, born
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • foregoing lectures, but that cosmic bodies likewise do not
    • your ego were floating about in a vapour-like form. Even
    • bodies and an ego. How does this evolution occur? By the ego
    • and strengthening them. The ego is called upon gradually to
    • and strengthened by the special forces of the ego, it becomes
    • ego, it becomes Budhi, or Life-Spirit. When the physical body
    • has been fully overcome and conquered by the ego, it becomes
    • Moreover, we wish it to be quite clear that the ego acts in
    • physical, ether and astral bodies and ego — works by
    • means of the ego upon the other three members, transforming
    • and this then became permeated by the Sentient Soul. The ego
    • unconsciously worked upon by the ego, you will find described
    • transformed itself into Spirit-Self, selfishness or egotism
    • strengthened by the ego, lying and error are possible; and
    • ego, sickness and death are possible. In a once fully
    • AM, and the true and eternal might of the I AM or of the Ego
    • the true ego upon every human soul, He will awaken the God in
    • placing the other under the compulsion of his own ego.
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VIII: Human Evolution in its Relation to the Christ Principle
    Matching lines:
    • wishes to reach the real ego of the animal that he can no
    • the astral regions. There the group-soul or group-ego of the
    • being and the animal consists in the ego of the former also
    • of a physical, ether and astral body and an ego, although the
    • called egotism and utilitarianism has now reached its
    • egotistic and unidealistic as our own and it will become even
    • thus negotiate? Apparently not Anthroposophy, in other words,
    • personality. But just such an egotistic, utilitarian
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IX: The Prophetical Documents and the Origin of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • reached the point where it could experience the ego or the
    • world, which is encompassed by the ego or the “I
    • more and more conscious within the inner part of his ego
    • gradually more aware of his ego, until this consciousness of
    • own spirituality, his own ego and had placed it out in the
    • own spirit, with his ego-spirit. We behold the works of the
    • evolved and out of its womb was begotten the idea of the
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture X: The Effect of the Christ Impulse Within Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • enough to have prepared the physical instrument for the ego
    • made ready to be the bearer of the ego. We may ask: What was
    • the mission of Atlantis? It was to implant the ego in the
    • “I” or ego, even though it take thousands of
    • instrument for the ego, but the other members of his being as
    • ego, just as he had previously done with his physical body.
    • physical instrument for the ego, but also a fitting ether
    • name “Ego,” we must again divide, because in
    • the ego had sunk into the Soul Body. In that of the
    • Assyrian-Babylonian-Chaldean-Egyptian epoch, the ego mounts
    • itself a process of reflection in the ego, in which ideas are
    • united and separated within the ego, in which one forms
    • the appearance of the ego in the Consciousness Soul. Humanity
    • late as that. The ego first entered the Consciousness Soul
    • freedom, of individual ego-capacity. If you consider the
    • things, which are not consciously connected with the ego, he
    • the ego-consciousness begin to extend itself, and we can see
    • breathing of the ego-conscious soul through humanity. And if
    • through a normal evolution. A union of the human ego, as it
    • has been gradually evolved with the higher, the unifying Ego,
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XI: Christian Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • meaning. For it is not a question of an allegorical or a
    • rudiments of the ego in the physical body. The air cannot be
    • that he possesses, which he defends with his whole ego-being,
    • as I do my coat.” He connects his ego no longer with
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • and ego were again united with the physical and ether bodies
    • entire cosmos. At that time the Cosmic Ego was spread out
    • upon them. They must permit this Ego to work upon their
    • the entire cosmos, out of the Cosmic Ego.
    • Sophia. And when the Virgin Sophia encounters the Cosmic Ego,
    • the Universal Ego which causes illumination, the pupil is
    • Universal Ego. And a person thus illuminated, who, in other
    • His personal ego has been eclipsed, which means that at such
    • Universal Ego that is using his ego as its instrument through
    • “Holy Spirit,” the Cosmic Universal Ego, which is
    • astral bodies and an ego. This fourfold human being is the
    • a particular moment to draw out his ego from the three bodies
    • This ego then goes into the spiritual worlds and the three
    • ego of a person departs and enters into the spirit world
    • highly developed by the ego that lived in them, they are fit
    • which had first been prepared by a highly developed ego, for
    • Logos Himself, the Holy Spirit, entered. The Universal-Ego,
    • the Cosmic Ego entered and from then on during three years,
    • is said, that at that moment the ego of Jesus of Nazareth
    • through which the Christ was begotten in the body of Jesus
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