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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture I: The Doctrine of the Logos
    Matching lines:
    • which the author wrote out of a religiously poetical feeling
    • spirit into the entire feeling-life of all those who have
    • the important thing is that the feelings of our hearts and
    • see the capacity developed for expressing the inner feelings
    • standpoint of feeling and of inward sensing — how
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture II: Esoteric Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • feelings, and passions which originally had been given to
    • the inner feelings of the soul in words was only bestowed
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture III: The Mission of the Earth
    Matching lines:
    • human being did not feel himself as an independent entity,
    • divine ego, just as the hand feels itself a part of the
    • possessing a feeling, thinking and willing soul would be such
    • capable of experiencing the Logos, of feeling the force of
    • feel the “I AM” in himself. He still possessed a
    • those ancient times when he did not feel himself as a
    • of the Old Testament did not feel himself as much enclosed
    • a follower of the Old Testament. The Christian feels the
    • “I AM” and gradually will learn to feel it more
    • and more, but the follower of the Old Testament did not feel
    • feel myself safe within the spiritual substantiality of the
    • world when I feel myself resting within the whole
    • should experience; then will one feel the forward bound made
    • this way we feel the power which justifies us in acting as
    • self-conscious beings. We feel ourselves strong when we
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IV: The Raising of Lazarus
    Matching lines:
    • longer have the right feeling for such things. Authors of the
    • not feel himself limited by birth and death, but he felt
    • individuals right within their race to feel their own
    • human beings what they needed in order that they might feel
    • But it means that every one should feel that he is an
    • feeling of oneness with the Spiritual Father-Substance had to
    • make them feel themselves forever within their own separate,
    • the feeling of an ego that has become so matured that it no
    • longer feels the connection with the other individual
    • feelings of the individualized ego in a period in which it
    • nourishment.” This separate ego had to feel itself
    • say: I am an ego that has broken away, that feels itself
    • alone, and just because I have learned to feel solitary, I
    • feel like a prophet to whom the ego gives real spiritual
    • Since they did not yet feel themselves as separate entities,
    • feeling for all this, that they make the Christ utter the
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture V: The Seven Degrees of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • ego should feel itself fully independent and separate,
    • capacity to feel themselves at one with the whole in the
    • many persons today already feel that something which once had
    • only of the lower ego which feels nothing of the Eternal) he
    • feels the ego, reveals even in his stammering words the Word
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VI: The "I AM"
    Matching lines:
    • ego and astral body did not yet feel themselves as separate
    • spiritual beings. They did not yet feel themselves severed
    • they do not yet feel themselves individualized.
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VII: The Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • sanctified. What powerful feelings can be engendered in our
    • learn to feel that in the Last Supper the flowing of the
    • will feel not only united through his physical body with the
    • will feel united with the psycho-spiritual being of the earth
    • which is the Christ Himself, and then he will feel how the
    • are just such extremes. For the thought and feelings of the
    • have the feeling that the spirit and soul which once belonged
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture VIII: Human Evolution in its Relation to the Christ Principle
    Matching lines:
    • feelings of the people themselves of that time. When the
    • mood, in its feeling-content from the primeval Indian period.
    • importance to his own personality, thus causing him to feel
    • was it that prepared him for this strong feeling of self in
    • incarnation as the feeling of personality. That this feeling
    • progressed far enough in their feeling of personality to step
    • feeling of himself as a personality. He could comprehend as a
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture IX: The Prophetical Documents and the Origin of Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • feeling oneself spiritually sheltered within the
    • third cultural epoch to feel themselves as individuals, yet,
    • enough of their own personality to feel themselves for the
    • did the Greeks. There is an artistic sense which feels the
    • feeling-with-the-lines-of-space means,
    • feeling the living Spirit in the act of
    • decorative motif, was for the Greek feeling no column at all.
    • whole Christian feeling grew into these thought forms. We
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture X: The Effect of the Christ Impulse Within Mankind
    Matching lines:
    • the laws, a science of perception, a science of feeling, not
    • Wisdom. This will be the beginning of the feeling that the
    • might feel that those who stand outside are right when they
  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XI: Christian Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • is, he lifts himself above the feelings and sensations which
    • feelings and sensations which are of value here in the
    • the one hand, he has to spiritualize his feelings, he must,
    • on the other, strengthen much more those feelings which are
    • significance, that by acquiring the corresponding feelings in
    • the spiritual world, the feelings for the physical world will
    • here. If, however, he wished to employ these feelings in the
    • toward every thing in the feelings he had developed within
    • thought, Contemplation. 2. One can work more upon the feeling
    • of feeling and will. This is the Christian-Rosicrucian
    • initiation has to do exclusively with the feelings, and I
    • feeling-life; seven stages of feeling, through the
    • plant were able to translate this into feeling, it would then
    • "For weeks must thou surrender thyself to this cosmic feeling
    • thou hast thoroughly developed this feeling within thee, then
    • him by an external symptom in which he feels as though water
    • were lapping over his feet. That is a very real feeling! And
    • he has another very real feeling in which the “Washing
    • yet another feeling. Thou must picture how it would be were
    • upon thee; thou must feel how it would be wert thou exposed
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  • Title: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • and feels that this book was for him a stimulation and that now
    • feelings and experiences, his astral body had been so
    • feeling the true spirit and later of perceiving it. This
    • into a feeling, into an experience, what we can learn from
    • lectures have aroused in you the feeling that this Gospel
    • condense into feelings and inner experiences, and these
    • feelings and experiences should be a result of the facts that

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