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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Mystery, Novalis, the Seer
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    • truth Christ was not only present in the Body that was once
    • body will gradually be transformed. A wonderful vista of the
    • Body of Christ; he sees the waters of the Earth permeated
    • Flesh. He sees the body of the Earth gradually becoming the
    • Body of Christ; he sees the Earth and Christ miraculously
    • Earth that will be the body of the new God, the God of the
    • his body all that is best in us and that we can offer to Him.
    • order that this Being may have a body. He recognises Christ
    • — all this constitutes the body of divine-spiritual
    • before him when he was outside his body, when his ether-body,
    • astral body and ego had been raised out of the physical body;
    • ‘chest’ is nothing else than the physical body.
    • The moment Osiris is laid in the physical body, the inimical
    • body.
    • when the physical body of Christ Jesus died on Golgotha,
    • an understanding of the Event of Golgotha, the body will be
    • be a threefold human sheath consisting of physical body, ether
    • body and astral body, a sheath cleansed and purified by all
  • Title: Regarding Higher Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • the tools of our body, and for us this perception of the Higher
    • our physical eyes. Their major mass is the astral body.
    • astral body, that they are perceptible to whoever has opened
    • bright body on the astral plane and a colour or a bright body
    • and which are integrated in the outer limited body, stream and
    • world working in us; this is our own astral body. This is the
    • and death we can definitely see the essential astral body
    • astral bodies are embedded. A kind of egg shape is this body,
    • The astral body only appears in a kind of firm, steady form as
    • long as it is contained within the physical body. As long as
    • the astral body withdraws, it begins to adapt itself to the
    • soul body. Then you can see how a human being, who lives with
    • the day. In general the form of the astral body is steady at
    • very strongly through the night, and the astral body retains
    • relinquish our physical body, as well as push away that part of
    • our etheric body which is to be given up, then the astral body
    • body completely matches its form and image to the soul life,
    • hence a person who has lost a body which had been filled with
    • body. It can go so far that people who are totally taken with
    • of the body which appear after falling asleep, the astral body
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  • Title: What is Self-knowledge?
    Matching lines:
    • physical body, which comprises the ether and astral body, and
    • astral and I-bearer and the latter two are outside the body. We
    • we, come to understand that which lives in the physical body
    • “I” is served by the organs of the ether-body, the
    • life-body — the composition of this fine organism with
    • penetrate the physical body and continuously fight against the
    • physical body's disintegration. Similarly, when it dives down
    • etheric body. Nothing is added into our examination according
    • added to the consideration. The ether body links to something
    • incorporated into a physical body. Seen from outside in a
    • superficial manner, the ether body presents something
    • ether body, to our common bond with this or that race. We need
    • our human body is surrounded by an aura, embedded in this
    • case is not large and not wide around the physical body. The
    • body. We become spiritually larger within, through spreading
    • self-contemplation, what we express in our astral body
    • astral body is lifted during dreamless sleep out of the
    • astral body being separated from the physical and ether bodies.
    • characteristics in the astral body? Something is expressed from
    • Knowledge, as expressed in the ether body, we find when we
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  • Title: The Ten Commandments
    Matching lines:
    • as is imagined under the concept of the astral body. Osiris
    • astral body, so the human astral being was thus represented as
    • removed from that which also lives in the human astral body,
    • astral body. What is this called? Just think how one of the
    • have emphasized: out of the physical body the image was taken
    • in ancient India, out of the ether body in the Persian culture,
    • out of the astral body with the Egyptians. Those all stand
    • taken and called divine. We know that the physical body was
    • formed from mineral nature, the ether body from the etheric in
    • nature, and the astral body from that realm where the animal
    • astral body is also formed. From all which exits in the members
    • corrupt your body. - Thus the necessity for the correct thought
    • body. Errors about the ruler of the highest divine in you
    • produce sickliness in the body to the fullest degree. It is
    • further saying: In a beautiful body lives a beautiful soul. -
    • I take good care of my body, then I will have a beautiful soul.
    • creator for the sheath of a healthy, vigorous body. The body
  • Title: Way of Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • easily say: If I cut the physical body of a person then I cause
    • courses through the human body. We learn to transform these
    • about the astral body and the ego (Ich) leaving the physical
    • and ether bodies — you know, when the astral body and ego
    • But we have to consider the activity of such a heavenly body on
    • body floating in space but the sun is inhabited by spiritual
    • body of the earth. The astral body of the earth changed through
    • Christ-Soul felt itself uniting with the body of the earth.
    • become a worthy body for the Christ-Spirit and while the earth
    • the body of Christ! How meaningful this becomes with reference
    • to the words: “This is my body” and that which
    • will see that this earthly body is bound to spiritual beings of
    • spirit. The earthly body, which is a living being, would become
  • Title: Poetry/Fairy Tales: Lecture 2: The Interpretation of Fairy Tales
    Matching lines:
    • find a horse; it has a silver arrow piercing its body; you must pull
    • “A witch has shot an arrow into my body!” The king pulled
    • body, my wife will be enmeshed by the spider's web. We have already
    • remained in its body. Now everything had been set right through the
    • human astral body make their own connection, in this intermediate
    • everyone on earth did at that time, of physical body, etheric body,
    • astral body and sentient soul alone. We ourselves were able then
    • in the physical world have shot the arrow into the horse's body. The
    • the giant tried to get through the door, his head inside but his body
  • Title: Novalis: On his Hymns to the Night
    Matching lines:
  • Title: Lecture: A Chapter of Occult History
    Matching lines:
    • Everybody knows what external history means; everybody knows
    • morning, that is to say, when his astral body and Ego came
    • day-consciousness. When, at night, he rose in his astral body
    • down into the physical body. Thus the Seven Planetary Regents
    • still maintaining connection with the physical body, to pass
    • body — when they passed into that world to be with human
    • were not created to dwell in a physical body — the
    • itself from the body and, without using the physical organs,
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • nebula. It began to rotate, drew together into one central body from
    • astral body as the vehicle of his life of thought and ideation. So
    • long as he speculates, this astral body of man is the slave of his
    • in us and impress themselves upon our astral body, without our
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • nebula that began to rotate and then densified into a central body from
    • Let us suppose that somebody tries the following experiment. He begins
    • The vehicle of man's thought life is his astral body
    • human being is engaged in speculative thinking, this astral body is the
    • astral body exclusively because the latter is also related in a certain
    • aware of it, on our astral body. To the extent we insert ourselves into the
    • But if somebody cannot at first accurately remember his experiences of

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