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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Mystery, Novalis, the Seer
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    • too, that since then the human heart has been able to
    • whole process of the evolution of humanity. Those whose eyes
    • In Christ he sees the Being to whom humanity offers itself in
    • can speak of human beings in their present form or having the
    • symbolises, are as ancient as humanity on Earth. But man will
    • humanity. Men looked out upon a different world, where there
    • waited through the ages in order to appear in humanity at the
    • human soul has not reached the stage where it can unfold the
    • whose power would penetrate into the depths of human hearts
    • and stir human hands to activity.
    • He was not proclaimed, whenever one can speak of human culture and
    • human understanding. If in later times men have forgotten the
    • an earlier humanity.
    • the old. But this could come about only because humanity was
    • be a threefold human sheath consisting of physical body, ether
    • fairest flower of humankind could spring from the purest
    • into that which represents the human being developing an into
    • of the Madonna. A human being crystallises out of angels'
    • of the evolution of humanity is contained in a most wonderful
    • to go forward into the future, that which, in a human being,
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  • Title: Regarding Higher Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • substance of their world just as we, humans, self conscious
    • soul body. Then you can see how a human being, who lives with
    • these human astral bodies cannot appear in absolute definite
    • group souls of animals. The human being, as he approaches us
    • qualities underfoot which are in the being's form. Human beings
    • Likewise the human body may be considered — how the etheric and
    • extent. This is already a higher degree of human development
    • This participation of the human being in the development of the
    • human being exists in a certain place. He hears all kinds of
    • human being gradually lives into the astral world, these
    • disappears. Just so it is with sensory perceptions: the human
    • stirs into the human body. The same is valid for the world of
    • colour, the world of light: the human being expands, he or she
    • withdraws from the human being and is replaced by appearances,
    • human being really must go through in the astral world, so to
    • world for quite a while. The human being must so to speak go
    • of images. When the human being ascends in his development, he
    • human being has no idea what it means to live in an endless
    • Here the human being demands with inner urgency the experiences
  • Title: What is Self-knowledge?
    Matching lines:
    • inner soul forces. The “Know Thyself” ancient human
    • most varied stages of human development. We will commence with
    • means something which the human being represents basically as
    • the complexity of human nature when we remember what we all
    • know: with anthroposophic insight we have human members in the
    • the Self, with all these members linked to human nature, we
    • human nature — according to the present relationships
    • sleeping human being of which we can now say: the sleeping
    • human being's physical and ether bodies are loosened from the
    • know at the same time that it is normal in the present human
    • cycle, that the human “I” can only become self
    • bodies. There we have today's normal human self consciousness
    • describe the question thus: How does the human being, how do
    • question: On what does the human being usually depend? —
    • in the present human cycle in both bodies, including the
    • the human being here also doesn't come far when he or she
    • human, regarding what I would like to say now. In
    • comparison with the universal qualities of the whole human
    • when-and-where, but links to deeper basic laws of human
    • our human body is surrounded by an aura, embedded in this
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  • Title: The Ten Commandments
    Matching lines:
    • became considered the ideal human form, possessing all possible
    • astral body, so the human astral being was thus represented as
    • removed from that which also lives in the human astral body,
    • “I,” the fourth member of the human being. Under
    • members of human nature, so you must imagine the Being who
    • humanity sunk into the physical plane, but in ancient Egypt
    • of Moses. For each human being to search for the godly
    • followed. The first dawning of this human freedom, which rose
    • legitimate expression for this is the human “I,”
    • of human nature, having originated from the rest of nature,
    • when the human being has a pure imagination of his relationship
    • in the genuine occult sense, when the human being forms the
    • of human freedom is drawn in human development: right at the
    • peak, so to speak, of the continual “I” the human
    • humanity.
    • Modern materialistic humanity now and then interprets it as: if
    • human being related to divinity, during the time of the Mission
    • first three Commandments sets out how the human being can
    • had to, in order for the human being to strengthen the
    • within the human soul. Therefore this people had to preserve
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  • Title: Way of Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • human beings, and because of this belief, they find it so
    • plants and the uprooting of human hair. We start to understand
    • entire earth. Just as hair belongs to all human beings, so
    • what nails or hair is to the human being. When we take such a
    • courses through the human body. We learn to transform these
    • with the earth. He connected himself with the earth. Humanity's
    • speak to us, when they want to tell humankind something like
    • human being gradually descended from the spiritual world into
    • consider how human beings developed on the earth, we see how at
    • When we look back at that time when the human being was still
    • forces of nature and humanity were not as separate as they are
    • was, the more spiritual were the people — human thoughts
    • and human feelings influenced forces of nature. When we go even
    • further back behind the Atlantean times, we find: As human will
    • order for the human being to go through the luciferic influence
    • what we call forces of nature, were linked to human thinking
    • it happened, through humanity's so called luciferic influence
    • human beings withdrew from the influence of nature forces. This
    • mask the spiritual world from the human being. People who could
    • nature, in comparison to humanity as a whole, and when we
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  • Title: The Mission of Savonarola
    Matching lines:
    • without any human rulers! This was the pull of Savonarola's
  • Title: The Rishis
    Matching lines:
    • had not been solved, how a human being [is] resurrect[ed] in spirit.
    • However, from then on human beings take everything they have
  • Title: Poetry/Fairy Tales: Lecture 2: The Interpretation of Fairy Tales
    Matching lines:
    • was turned into a quite human king. The thornbird was changed into a
    • then really happened to human beings in this intermediate state
    • particular relationship to what lived inwardly in the human being. It
    • human astral body make their own connection, in this intermediate
    • each of these three members of the human soul its quite distinct
    • consciousness soul originated in human beings at a time when we had
    • stage where the human being had only the sheath of the ego. We see
    • particularly in such states in which human beings can still know
    • a wife. He looks for a being in the human world who is as nearly as
    • guiding human beings to the spiritual world. He is able to give the
    • find out, through the powers opposing human purity and nobility,
    • transformed; these forces assert themselves when the human being
    • question may arise whether the human being has the same form today as
    • world, of what human beings had to change and cast forth from
    • come into play when the human being makes a connection with the
    • the spiritual world is approaching its twilight. Human beings are
  • Title: Novalis: On his Hymns to the Night
    Matching lines:
    • entire historical development of humankind. What will be
    • could say, out of this sphere of humble humanity the
    • self-elevation in the highest sense of human beings reaching
    • Thus we can see that Novalis understood how the human being's
    • fragment in a current human life, and how the soul who in the
    • happened as it did later to human beings in the exchange
    • recognised the earlier gods as linked to the human beings
    • how the human beings during this time placed death as their
    • downward, and then, when human beings needed it the most, it
    • heavenly spheres and descended when human beings needed to once
    • Humanity understands Christ in His universal unfolding when the
    • new impulse is given to humanity.
  • Title: The Theory of Categories / Kategorienlehre
    Matching lines:
    • horizon on the ocean. If the human being on the other hand
    • for this reason the human being can form an inkling of the
    • the fact, that the growing human being only slowly and
    • real network of concepts in the human soul. But there must be
    • as clairvoyant experience, for the human soul ought in truth,
    • dialectic method, where the human being lives only in
    • at bottom of the whole human network of concepts is composed
    • with the concept-dialectic, and the human being comes to that
  • Title: Lecture: A Chapter of Occult History
    Matching lines:
    • India at this starting-point of Post-Atlantean humanity.
    • today, when humanity has descended so deeply into the
    • prevailing in ancient times when humanity lived in the bosom
    • a faint echo of the wisdom that streamed to humanity out of
    • them to humanity between birth and death in this first
    • spoke to humanity somewhat as follows. I will speak ‘Give
    • believed he could mislead humanity by making men believe that
    • would come in human form as the embodiment of all the Powers
    • veils — He would come one day in human form. Zarathustra
    • necessarily to take the form it did, because humanity had
    • body — when they passed into that world to be with human
    • human forces. — We need think only of how the Egyptians
    • marriage between the human spirit and external matter
    • — we Can see what the human spirit has achieved in the
    • the most perfect and complete marriage between the human
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • human processes of thought. He constantly sees people standing, as it
    • with a watch. The comparison of the human organism to a watch
    • in a thing that is human creation: in the things of nature it is not
    • vehicles of a human being who, refraining from thought in this way,
    • also to other human beings, will become different. A real process
    • the human being. Now in order to indicate the significance of
    • placed on the earth alone. There are no other human beings around
    • human beings can originate from them. Let him now make an accurate
    • perverted by human civilisation — things of Nature.
    • when we exercise the human soul in the way here indicated.
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • extreme as the one just cited. He who is able to study human nature more
    • in the same way as a watch. The comparison between the human
    • human being is engaged in speculative thinking, this astral body is the
    • according to his theory, can evolve into human beings. He now studies
    • without ever having seen another human being let him now try to develop
    • man. What I perceive in the ape, therefore, can never become a human
    • decides and convinces lies much deeper in the human soul.
    • training the human soul in this way a practical viewpoint is developed in

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