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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Mystery, Novalis, the Seer
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    • given in Berlin and one in Cologne, during the years
    • divine-spiritual Powers. Through a deeply shattering event
    • reality from which new forms ever and again spring forth.
    • hour we will bring a picture before our souls of what men on
    • bearing different names: Wotan, Thor, Baldur, in Middle
    • spring forth the new God of the future, the God who has
    • of the celestial orbs — but during his later earthly
    • placed, the world he now sees as maya, there will spring the
    • sea. Isis eventually found the chest but could not bring
    • even during physical life between birth and death the picture
    • they bring the God to destruction. The physical world is not
    • difficult for him during life between birth and death to gaze
    • truth; but from the physical world he could bring little that
    • temple towering before us. In its forms, in its perfection and
    • presented by the columns and roof coverings can literally
    • the Shades! The Initiates who could bring such treasures to
    • say: Here is the wellspring and origin of everything the
    • old dies utterly away, and the new springs into bud out of
    • until the earth was ready to bring forth her fairest blossom
    • fairest flower of humankind could spring from the purest
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  • Title: Regarding Higher Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • astral world has been passed through during Kamaloka, you enter
    • on the astral plane. Hence the bewildering scurrying and
    • definite self-contained shape. During our life between birth
    • evil feelings during the day, appear in quite another form
    • compared with someone who has lived with noble feelings during
    • looking snakelike protuberances, distinguishable in colouring
    • consciousness may experience joy in the blossoms during spring,
    • covering meadow after meadow, yet another joy can be
    • which had cared for the plants during summer. Here lies another
    • physical and astral worlds. There were such beings entering
    • speak the entire perception of tone, of hearing, the world of
    • appears as spiritual hearing. This is of course difficult to
    • crosses the way and so on. Now, what is appearing before you is
    • acquiring-clairvoyance soul lives into the astral plane
    • disturbing circumstances, inward tearing and as a result
    • really entering this bliss, having learnt to add the self
  • Title: What is Self-knowledge?
    Matching lines:
    • the slumbering soul's capabilities and powers can be awakened
    • while entering directly into the field of observation and use
    • with remorse or drives one to self satisfaction, brings you
    • discover a certain relationship the self brings along,
    • so on, and even what the self has as colouring in this
    • appearing as if squeezed, pressed together. The aura in this
    • particular colourings and talents inter-relate with the
    • the bearer of desire and pain, of suffering and so on. The
    • astral body is lifted during dreamless sleep out of the
    • effect experienced in a purely spiritual way, bring us to the
    • three weeks later, ignoring karma because he knows nothing
    • instead of bringing us forwards, only pushes us backwards?
    • It is that which we bring ever more into our karma. We must
    • bring them further by directing them away from themselves and
    • offering a world view which makes the super-sensible world view
    • remain an abstract concept, that we attempt to bring in these
    • exploring the karma-idea and its inherent truth, if you want to
    • bring it to a certain stage of development. The Karma-idea is
  • Title: The Ten Commandments
    Matching lines:
    • evolution of mankind during the post-Atlantic time. We saw how
    • epochs - are a gradual conquering of the physical plane by
    • During the Persian cultural epoch however, the students of
    • to bring such a pyramid into existence. The construction
    • you as it really needs to be translated, to bring it to such an
    • plant within the blood enduring health from gender to
    • human being related to divinity, during the time of the Mission
    • you rob him, but already through also desiring something of his,
    • Considering this document of mankind, the Ten Commandments, we
    • to venerate the Divine also brings prosperity to outer things
    • conquering of the physical plane can be carried out in the
  • Title: Way of Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • and will best fill our time by immediately entering into a
    • and know sense perceptible things and pioneering events, how
    • suffering, joy, pain and pleasure — and now the question
    • world is spirit-penetrated, then we can argue that suffering,
    • suffering, pleasure and pain; that no one doubts. With plants
    • slumbering, true powers of knowledge. Then the ability begins
    • relationship of plant suffering to plant joy then we really
    • earth, then we will understand that during our earth
    • reached. We will bring such important stages in our earth
    • considering the earth as a whole, that it is a living being.
    • between sun and earth has come about during many, many millions
    • Christ. Paul didn't become a believer through sharing the life
    • and suffering of the Christ, but he became a warrior for Christ
    • through spiritual science. Let's try to bring this into harmony
    • was preparing for the uniting of itself and the Christ-Spirit,
    • during this time the Christ-Spirit worked into it. Christ said
    • came into existence through the gathering of parts and by
    • base for man and animal. Now bring this imagination into our
    • solidifying. Pain and suffering was involved — through
    • one of us, during our waking hours glances around, we perceive
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  • Title: The Mission of Savonarola
    Matching lines:
    • the empowering and the presentation of Christianity became
    • During this dawn of a new age it indicated how
    • through during this time. One could, if one was such a person
    • considering allowing such a quarrelsome Dominican to preach as
    • Savonarola went against the grain from the start in considering
    • which makes it possible for the deep springs of esoteric
  • Title: The Rishis
    Matching lines:
    • life in Devachan at all times during physical development
    • misty outlines, in their clairvoyant condition during the day
    • — like a lantern in fog — and during the night were
    • learn during certain times when they found themselves in a
    • During the second post Atlantic culture, the Persian, the first
    • experiences something extraordinary during his observation in
    • with this physical observation during this very moment of the
    • Christ appeared during the fourth Cultural Epoch, hence the
  • Title: Poetry/Fairy Tales: Lecture 2: The Interpretation of Fairy Tales
    Matching lines:
    • that he was always hearing them wish that he would take a wife as
    • a wife from a neighboring fairy castle, the witch swore to be
    • suitable wife. The latter showed him the way to the neighboring fairy
    • been bewitched, for the queen of the neighboring castle was her
    • beings around us who bring wisdom into everything, who regulate
    • beings who bring wisdom into the activity of the world. These are the
    • in my soul is certainly contained in what I see during the day, in
    • to be the reverse of what we remember during the day of the
    • perceptions we had during the intermediate state, of the various
    • during the day appear to us as though they were bewitched, with their
    • soul so that I cannot really reach it during the day.” When we
    • entering an intermediate state observes that event. It is neither
    • to the physical world today can bring him to this, only the power
    • of synthesis, bringing together the most varied, interweaving forces:
    • little gold ring on her finger. This he took off and put on his own
    • princess lay on a silver bed; she, too, had a little gold ring on her
    • also put on her golden ring. Then he looked about him and discovered
    • king's son found a spring from which he drank and felt greatly
    • imprisons me here as his wife will at once bring me back on his magic
    • and whistled. There was a kind of spring at that spot, and three
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  • Title: Novalis: On his Hymns to the Night
    Matching lines:
    • presented here in this lecture will bring to our awareness how
    • Novalis during the last three decades of the eighteenth
    • surreptitiously sending away the light of day during the night,
    • during the night he shifts himself spiritually into this state.
    • During the night the actual spiritual worlds appeared to
    • During his stay in Grüningen he became acquainted with a
    • separated from her soul. Pouring out of the deceased soul of
    • how the human beings during this time placed death as their
    • death appears as a pondering muse, as an enigma which cannot be
  • Title: The Theory of Categories / Kategorienlehre
    Matching lines:
    • that will be useful to us in bringing the philosophical
    • during the General Meeting (22 Oct. 1908, on the
    • obliteration (obscuring??) of the light the shadow-picture
    • diffused (geringsten) content, and the greatest ambit; that
    • ‘obscuring’ is placed above
  • Title: Lecture: A Chapter of Occult History
    Matching lines:
    • considering matters for those who are more advanced — I
    • entering into the bodies of our present civilisation, all
    • physical plane during life between birth and death. The
    • side of existence, particularly during Post-Atlantean
    • was not enveloped in darkness as is the case today. During
    • themselves were present during this first epoch of
    • first glimmering of the danger, that connection with the
    • men (in the physical world) this would have had no inspiring
    • could not bring Osiris back again into this world. From the
    • That is why it is so inspiring to contemplate the
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • which rings and spheres split off, and by this mechanical process the
    • that it may find its true bearings at every point in life.” He
    • doing this we must bring before our minds the two pictures which are
    • we shall gradually perceive how we are entering into the very life of
    • preparing in the preceding ones.
    • ordinary course of things brings with it. When a man has half an hour
    • which I myself will choose — something which I bring into my
    • on a walk two years ago. I will bring it into my thought and think
    • an accurate mental image of what he was wearing — his coat, his
    • next thing to do? Begin by remembering the thing as accurately as
    • with remembering the names and the main outlines of things, but try
    • result when he is considering some line of action. He turns it over
    • there will always be reasons for preferring the one course of action to
    • then once more bring the two possibilities before your mind.
    • study of them. Entering into the minutest detail, he forms a
    • acquiring a wider mental outlook, a deeper and more far-reaching way
    • learn to bring all our life of soul into a wider
    • understand that the colouring of our thoughts has its origin far deeper
    • To bring
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • had during my student days. A young colleague once came to me
    • which rings and globes detached themselves, thus mechanically bringing
    • Considering the real practice of thought, it must be realized that thoughts
    • and which in the outer world are connected with one another, will bring about
    • refrain from speculation they will bring something about in me.” It may
    • reason for things occurring as they did. If we are right, however, we must
    • objects, thus enabled him to sense the coming event preparing itself in
    • about something I myself have chosen and I will bring it into my
    • of something that occurred two years ago during a walk. I will
    • five minutes. During these five minutes I will banish everything else from
    • think of something quite apart from what enmeshes him during the
    • it was forgotten whether or not someone was wearing a brown or a black
    • what he wishes to remember, but also to retain vivid images covering all
    • preferring one method over another but we should refrain from forming
    • We must understand that our thoughts derive their coloring from far
    • To bring ourselves to a point at which logical reasons themselves possess

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