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  • Title: Lecture: The Christmas Mystery, Novalis, the Seer
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    • realised through Feeling by thousands upon thousands of souls
    • And ever since then, if the eye of the soul has been opened
    • that only those who with their whole soul are willing to
    • organism enshrining man, an organism whose soul is
    • able to kindle the true mood of Christmas in our souls. And
    • hour we will bring a picture before our souls of what men on
    • begin with to the times when our souls were incarnated in
    • to man's eyes of soul in old Atlantis. But in Atlantean times
    • whence man had come forth in the age of Lemuria. Our souls
    • divine-spiritual Beings above him, surged through his soul.
    • to them that all souls would at some future time see and
    • there lived in the soul of every Indian something that can be
    • called a dim remembrance of what the soul had once
    • been lost, that the soul could establish no close
    • maya, illusion, unreality. Nor could souls have endured such
    • human soul has not reached the stage where it can unfold the
    • find such bliss in the physical world, souls entered a
    • mysteries. The sight of these pictures can fill the soul with
    • been able to say to those souls? They could have told them of
    • souls could not share the Feeling which made a man of
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  • Title: Regarding Higher Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • the soul, but rather a certain development of our world of
    • complete intimate transformation as experienced within the soul
    • the astral or soul-world, surrounding us with their beings and
    • truth. We can describe this astral or soul-world as penetrating
    • expression of the inner soul experiences and soul activity of
    • Just think about yourself, how you may observe your soul in the
    • the joyful message filled your soul with delight and pleasure
    • and how this feeling lived in the soul. Then think how your
    • soul will express itself in the direct contrary situation, how
    • took place in the soul, then you have an image of what happens
    • other than expressions for souls, we may call them, which live
    • soul.
    • soul body. Then you can see how a human being, who lives with
    • body completely matches its form and image to the soul life,
    • matches that which the soul experiences. From here certain
    • With regard to some things which the soul may experience, I
    • matching in form its inner soul experiences.
    • group souls of animals. The human being, as he approaches us
    • here, has an individual soul which comes to meet us — a soul
    • soul. Just imagine that on the astral plane there is a single
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  • Title: What is Self-knowledge?
    Matching lines:
    • the slumbering soul's capabilities and powers can be awakened
    • inner soul forces. The “Know Thyself” ancient human
    • Everything undertaken with reference to soul development as an
    • you back at this point is basically a loss for the soul.
    • your inner soul everything which is caused from the
    • throw out all these images from your soul life. Try to ponder
    • these images, which from morning to night permeate the soul,
    • oddly enough directed away from the brooding soul to say: we
    • experiences of the soul, through incarnations. Our experiences
    • of soul under the influence of the anthroposophic world view.
    • soul and not allow a comfortable reasoning: it doesn't depend
    • Now the following happens, your soul life is flooded by a
    • When you present to your soul exactly what is described in the
    • strange to the soul, how it finally leads to the present
    • researchers who not only transformed their souls into
  • Title: The Ten Commandments
    Matching lines:
    • souls, can become a specific connecting thread allowing an
    • will strive to direct our souls more precisely to how
    • done everything related to your soul striving towards becoming
    • you are related, should place before your soul nothing other
    • than pictures which your own soul imagines, ‘soul’
    • further saying: In a beautiful body lives a beautiful soul. -
    • I take good care of my body, then I will have a beautiful soul.
    • - It actually means that a soul is inwardly strong because it
    • inspirationally worked through the soul and is now the correct
    • does not create the soul, exactly the opposite. So we see that
    • penetrating into the soul of the time and thoroughly seeking
    • within the human soul. Therefore this people had to preserve
    • God's substance and Being within their deepest, innermost soul.
  • Title: Way of Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • offer little for the heart and soul. We don't dare conclude
    • work into us, it becomes transformed in us as feelings, as soul
    • spiritual events to work through the soul, we become warm,
    • soul, the originators of all appearances. Consequently we want
    • sensual world, outside, and our soul. On looking at our own
    • souls, we find so to speak those things closest to us —
    • us in such a way as to have soul content, just as we have soul
    • way of recognising the soul nature of plants and stones, for
    • That which comprises the actual soul of the plant feels
    • the plant soul when the plant is pulled out of the earth,
    • instance have hair pulled out. This is something which a soul
    • These things only allow us to experience them in our own souls
    • when we transform our souls in such a way as to wake the
    • for the soul not only to feel compassion towards other people
    • It already has an account of spiritual-soul facts of great
    • wisdom of nature, the plant soul experiences pleasure when we
    • uprooting causes actual pain to the plant soul. Deliberate
    • be rebuked, but even that changes nothing about the plant soul
    • When we touch a plant we experience the soul-spiritual, we feel
    • safe within the soul-spiritual. Gradually it becomes possible
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  • Title: The Mission of Savonarola
    Matching lines:
    • of how Christianity could be expressed through the soul at this
  • Title: The Rishis
    Matching lines:
    • world. This is what the Greek souls experience in death: they
  • Title: Poetry/Fairy Tales: Lecture 2: The Interpretation of Fairy Tales
    Matching lines:
    • would now rather try to clarify what should exist in the soul of the
    • the inner soul became active. Just as the eye and the ear connect
    • outer senses are silenced the soul comes to life.
    • have, to begin with, three members of the soul: sentient soul,
    • intellectual soul, and consciousness soul. As the eye and the ear
    • each of these three members of the human soul its quite distinct
    • intermediate state, of one or another part of our soul, which is
    • directed to its surroundings. If the sentient soul especially is
    • through the sentient soul. When that soul is especially active, it is
    • intellectual soul nor the consciousness soul had yet been developed;
    • consciousness souls.
    • astral body and sentient soul alone. We ourselves were able then
    • to a time when people could not yet use an intellectual soul
    • what can the intellectual soul see in such an intermediate
    • what is in our intellectual soul when we are alive to it, we see
    • we see the images of the intellectual soul as constructive female
    • intellectual soul but not yet a consciousness soul. Because we
    • there is something else our soul experiences when in this state of
    • a condition of soul we have withdrawn from ordinary physical
    • in my soul is certainly contained in what I see during the day, in
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  • Title: Novalis: On his Hymns to the Night
    Matching lines:
    • physiognomy of his soul expresses that he was totally
    • with delights, allowing his soul to experience an elevation
    • soul and flowed in gentle, rhythmically woven poems from his
    • soul.
    • soul can be lifted up into a higher world. For Novalis it gave
    • fragment in a current human life, and how the soul who in the
    • spiritual worlds which are entered by the soul at night, lived
    • in him? His life unloosened him from the soul in whose
    • soul, back into the light of a spiritual observation, if one
    • thirteen year old girl. Soul secrets played here which one
    • could never, without abandoning the gentleness of a soul, call
    • separated from her soul. Pouring out of the deceased soul of
    • Sophie von Kühn came a force which he had in his own soul
    • symbol of Sophie von Kühn's deceased soul. Dissolved out
    • of his soul were the elements of wisdom which he poured into
    • the “Hymns to the Night”, through this first soul
    • into an earthly form. When the soul of the natural kingdoms
    • the souls of plants, animals and people were still companions
    • Everything living flowed in the spiritual-soul where there was
    • a soul was, learnt to recognise that the day with its
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  • Title: The Theory of Categories / Kategorienlehre
    Matching lines:
    • science it is obligatory that one engage in strict soul
    • behind our thinking soul there stands the super-sensible
    • of the hare. Our soul must be in a condition in which it is
    • real network of concepts in the human soul. But there must be
    • as clairvoyant experience, for the human soul ought in truth,
    • the soul, makes it requisite that we presuppose a method
    • pointed out what the soul does inasmuch as it continues
    • important and strongly effective means of training the soul,
    • slovenliness of soul. These are effectively banished by
  • Title: Lecture: A Chapter of Occult History
    Matching lines:
    • but in respect of the attitude of soul, the feelings, that
    • your souls lived in bodies of the old Indian, Persian,
    • souls entered into existence on the physical plane they saw
    • souls beheld the creations of the old Indian culture, the
    • through the Gate of Death, the soul passes into its life
    • between death and a new birth? The souls now incarnated
    • experiences different when souls passed through the
    • but this is not so. For just as when souls have passed
    • the soul of the old Atlantean had gone out of the physical
    • the night-consciousness the soul was in divine-spiritual
    • spiritual Beings ensouled the Rishis and then, when they
    • the souls living between death and rebirth. The great
    • other world too. The souls of the ancient Indians were far
    • on the physical plane. But as souls in that other world they
    • prevailed in the old Indian epoch. When the souls from
    • souls living between death and rebirth, they could say much
    • themselves as members of the Osiris-soul. This consciousness
    • little interest to the souls of the Dead. What man could do
    • of the Event of Golgotha brought before our souls by occult
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • head, or in his mind or soul. Anyone who starts with this idea
    • memory. Through certain inner paths of the soul a true memory is born
    • grounds and arguments. That which decides in the soul is far deeper
    • learn to bring all our life of soul into a wider
    • when we exercise the human soul in the way here indicated.
    • way in which Anthroposophy penetrates our soul, stimulates our
    • activity of soul, widens our vision. It is in this that Anthroposophy
  • Title: Lecture: Practical Training In Thought
    Matching lines:
    • within his head or in his soul cannot have the right feeling for thought.
    • that in a certain roundabout way of the soul it is born as the child of exact
    • decides and convinces lies much deeper in the human soul.
    • to unfold a wider perspective of soul life.
    • training the human soul in this way a practical viewpoint is developed in
    • penetrate our souls, thereby stimulating us to inner soul activity and

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