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  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 1: The Sphere of the Bodhisattvas
    Matching lines:
    • Persian the sentient body, and in the Old Indian the etheric body;
    • consciousness-soul is to us, that the etheric body was to the
    • Teachers said very little; for at the stage which the etheric body had
    • developed the etheric body, the teacher had to address himself
    • etheric bodies had to be at a more advanced stage of development than
    • had to communicate through the etheric body. That means that the
    • etheric body of such a teacher must not work like those of other men,
    • “What sort of etheric body is that?” For such an etheric
    • It was, however, no such simple matter for such an etheric body to
    • soul into the sentient body, the intellectual into the etheric body
    • side. There the intellectual- or mind-soul works into the etheric
    • etheric body in man could be directly affected, — when that Being
    • ‘shock,’ the Christ-Being sank down into that etheric body.
    • etheric body. That means that when some day man, through Spirit-Self,
    • his etheric body, he will then be working in an element in which the
    • transmutation of his etheric body in a conscious way.
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 2: The Law of Karma with Respect to the Details of Life
    Matching lines:
    • permeated by an etheric and an astral finger. The outward appearance
    • these things are determined by the etheric finger. It is the builder;
    • that the blood flows in the right way. The way in which the etheric
    • The etheric and astral bodies are organised for the purpose of
    • maintaining the finger as it now is. I can never cut the etheric
    • finger nor the astral finger. If I cut my finger in two, the etheric
    • wanted to water your garden. Thus the astral and etheric bodies are
    • watering-pot or the like. In the same way our astral and etheric
    • through some disorder in the physical or even in the etheric body of
    • or at most in the etheric body. Through his right conception of the
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 3: The Entrance of the Christ-Being into the Evolution of Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • Sun that of the etheric body, on the Moon that of the astral body, and
    • in his etheric and physical bodies. Thus in the Lemurian epoch man
    • etheric body and physical body) and he has become more entangled in
    • different qualities into his physical, etheric and astral bodies and
    • above all to what regards himself. His astral, etheric and physical
    • the physical, etheric and astral bodies. In the astral body a high
    • degree of egotism was developed; in the etheric body the possibility
    • deeply into the etheric body during incarnation after incarnation, the
    • Christ-Impulse, to overcome selfishness and to heal his etheric body
    • Let us pass on to the etheric body, which is the builder of the
    • the physical body. The trouble itself is first in the etheric body;
    • arise within gradually to clear away the auction from the etheric
    • their etheric bodies if they take up the Christ-Impulse; for they have
    • the spiritual worlds. The etheric body was added on the Sun and the
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 4: The Sermon on the Mount
    Matching lines:
    • the physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego, are active in
    • bears the law within it. They called the etheric body of this ancestor
    • ‘Ben Jage’; that would signify an etheric body as far as
    • As regards the etheric body, through which man becomes conscious of
    • forces in their nature, whereby what we know as the etheric body will
    • become visible. A certain number of people will develop etheric
    • see Him in His etheric body — it was believed that Christ would
    • etheric body. That is the important progress in the evolution of
    • Christ in His etheric body. He will not descend into flesh, but man
    • etheric vision of Christ in His etheric body, will be
    • Etheric vision of Christ, in the reality of which they can then
    • Etheric Christ, so a mighty revolution will also take place in the
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 5: Correspondences Between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm
    Matching lines:
    • physical and etheric bodies. This has nothing to do with the inner
    • undivided, and finer, more etheric, more spiritual than the later and
    • as regards his physical body, for as regards his etheric body he is
    • body is concerned and that can be said of the etheric body of a man;
    • so that the relation of the etheric body of a man to the etheric body
    • during the first half of the 20th century an etheric clairvoyance will
    • forces, they will teach him how he may himself see the etheric nature
    • Kali-Yuga, will lead to etheric clairvoyance. The cry of John the
    • etheric clairvoyance may be acquired. For the spiritual ascent there
    • years, through the addition of an etheric realm, which indeed is
    • already here now, but which he will learn to perceive. This etheric
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 6: The Birth of Conscience
    Matching lines:
    • corporality, — consisting of physical body, etheric body and
    • Christ by means of a certain etheric clairvoyance, and of

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