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  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 1: The Sphere of the Bodhisattvas
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    • call this inner voice conscience. If a man is of the opinion that the
    • conscience has always existed. That would not be correct. We can, so
    • when men began to speak of conscience. When this was, is clearly
    • born in the fifth century. You will find no mention of conscience
    • conscience, Even in the Graeco-Latin period, in which a dim astral
    • this perception was replaced by the invisible voice of conscience;
    • heard the Voice of Conscience. In this way it learnt to establish an
    • in which the quality of conscience could approach it. In a future
    • on earth. Now, however, came something quite new — conscience.
    • conscience, which will become greater and greater as time goes on. He
    • before the Buddha gave the impulse for Conscience. Conscience was to
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 2: The Law of Karma with Respect to the Details of Life
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    • Science can teach us. That is why it is a good thing that we should
    • departments of life; Science itself talks in the same way. The world
    • may be compared to physical pain. Take any ordinary book on Science
    • other things an Anthroposophist! — Here Science begins not only
    • Science is beginning not only to spread abroad false theories, but to
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 3: The Entrance of the Christ-Being into the Evolution of Humanity
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    • Spiritual Science, passes through various crises; it reaches an
    • Science is here to open the understanding of men to these new
    • Science can give mankind that it will become capable of understanding
    • materialists in the realms of Spiritual Science, and can only imagine
    • use of the instrument of Spiritual Science, through which this Event
    • uncomprehended. For if men so entirely reject Spiritual Science that
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 4: The Sermon on the Mount
    Matching lines:
    • Spiritual Science, to read the great scriptures of old aright, through
    • the teachings of Spiritual Science.
    • Spiritual Science can give for the understanding of man. The
    • future of man, and this it is for which Spiritual Science must prepare
    • not been prepared for this by Spiritual Science will miss the great
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 5: Correspondences Between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm
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    • we should take every one of the thoughts given us by Spiritual Science
    • thoughts of Spiritual Science must be taken as earnestly as possible.
    • Spiritual Science, with the human forms of early ages, we find among
    • learn, through the deepening and inwardness of Spiritual Science, to
    • that a trivial Natural Science tells us as to the position occupied by
    • man among the animals. What science says is true, but this is of much
    • new conception of the world arises such as that of Spiritual Science,
    • Spiritual Science will not find an easy acceptance amongst the men who
    • Science, but also for thinking along those lines. But we must not look
    • intimately acquainted with Spiritual Science.
    • the ground of Spiritual Science, we can build a bridge between that
    • Our Spiritual Science, therefore, some time ago announced that the
    • this case spectro-analysis asserts what Spiritual Science stated years
    • true science constantly point to the external facts. Only we must not
    • themselves. If everything in Natural Science to-day was really a fact,
    • Natural Science would greatly contradict Spiritual Science; but their
    • Science have the possibility of developing those forces in the human
    • man is a student of Spiritual Science he will of necessity grow to
    • understood Spiritual Science aright. We must pass through the test
  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 6: The Birth of Conscience
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    • Lecture 6: The Birth of Conscience
    • question of the connection between the human conscience and the
    • Lectures on ‘The Human Conscience’ will be given, and we
    • feelings, to form a concept of the human conscience. The answer to
    • known to Spiritual Science are truths indeed. That is a different task
    • The question of the human conscience is one that must stir the very
    • other. With regard to the phenomenon of conscience one might easily
    • future it will again he different. The human conscience too, —
    • being. Conscience, too, is something that has developed. And indeed it
    • conscience announced its presence, since when it has developed more
    • that which is now my conscience, and I am now enjoying the fruits of
    • incarnations and did not possess what we call conscience, so in later
    • conscience! If we had not then been able to develop a human conscience
    • From this we see that conscience forms part of the treasures of the
    • and being of the human conscience it gives us a sort of understanding
    • of our age, and of its psychic life. Man's conscience came into being;
    • were, point to the very time when conscience was first discovered in
    • what is to-day called conscience, or at any rate not designated by
    • human conscience. If he wanted to express that process in the human
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  • Title: Christ Impulse: Lecture 7: The Further Development of Conscience
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    • Lecture 7: The Further Development of Conscience
    • conscience, ‘If we are satisfied with our way, those who must
    • be supposed to represent the science and thought of the day, —
    • help of what science and the critics have proved, to reduce the result
    • philosophical side of science should assert that there is no historic
    • life to play its part in human science. In order that this might come
    • above materialism, the mode of thought prevailing in science has not
    • progressed beyond that which is in process of dying out. Science as it
    • claim, made by our Theosophical conscience.
    • conscience, and after all that is most in accordance with the wishes
    • holy conscience, it would possess the force to drive out of the field
    • doing something which is in conformity with external science!’
    • of development and that something approximate to conscience came into
    • time conscience arose; before that time it was altogether a different
    • while developed further in the light of conscience. We have already
    • conscience! Not the various external physical experiences it may have
    • perfection. By the help of conscience the soul is now preparing for
    • which he cultivates and perfects his conscience, the more he is doing
    • We have now enquired on two occasions: ‘What is conscience?’
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