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  • Title: Lecture: The Sermon on the Mount
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    • ecstasy. His sense of ego was submerged, but the spiritual world with
    • him, before he could recognize them with his ego consciousness. This
    • this by means of his own ego. But when the promised time came it had
    • outside his ego, he was blissful and had direct experience with the
    • and Christ impulse, and can unite himself as an ego with this impulse.
    • could find it through their own egos.
    • consciousness souls, the ego, and even the higher soul members —
    • poor in spirit, for if they develop their ego-ruled bodies in the
    • egos, through the in-dwelling Christ, to purify the astral body on
    • The fourth beatitude refers to the sentient soul. The ego of him who
    • righteousness; he will become pervaded with godliness and his ego will
    • The next member is the rational soul. In the sentient soul the ego is
    • in dull slumber; it only awakens in the rational soul. Because the ego
    • sleeps in the sentient soul, we cannot find in another man the ego
    • the ego within himself, he must allow his sentient soul to grow into
    • concerns what the ego develops within itself. The fifth beatitude
    • Through it the ego comes into being as pure ego and becomes capable of
    • ego; through his purified consciousness soul he can see God. The sixth
    • physical expression for the ego and the consciousness soul is the
    • heart, as expression of the purified ego. Christ said, therefore,
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  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture II: Spiritual Science as Preparation for a New Etheric Vision
    Matching lines:
    • be sure, but solely in an egotistical direction. Man would have
  • Title: True Nature: Lecture I: The Event of Christ's Appearance in the Etheric World
    Matching lines:
    • ego-consciousness as clear and distinct as that of today. The
    • fact that he was an ego hardly entered a man's consciousness. True,
    • the ego, the “I”, was already within man as a power, a
    • force, but knowledge of the ego is not the same thing as the power or
    • did not really feel itself as an ego; an individual man felt himself
    • or ego stood for the whole community of the racial stock and the
    • he does to-day; he experienced the ego as the folk-ego, the
    • tribal ego. During the day he did not really know that he was a man
    • ego-consciousness was diminished even more than by day, but on the
    • men had, it is true, no ego-consciousness, but were clairvoyant. In
    • acquired the individual ego-consciousness that is ours today;
    • spiritual world for ego-consciousness,
    • functions in the fullest sense while ego-consciousness is maintained
    • man, an ego.
    • on the consciousness of becoming an ego grew clearer and clearer and
    • spiritual world and does not feel himself to be an ego, he cannot
    • to be an ego.
    • ego-consciousness, consciousness of manhood, became more and more
    • and consolidate our ego-consciousness. This was not previously
    • possible, for we had first to be endowed with the ego.
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  • Title: True Nature: Lecture II: The Second Coming of Christ in the Etheric World
    Matching lines:
    • more deeply into his ego, with the result that he came to conceive of
    • the Deity as related to human ego-consciousness. In the first
    • World-Ego.
    • the World-Ego, was no longer revealed in the form of a mysterious
    • Moses, the World-Ego as the Deity was experienced in such a way that
    • emanations, deeds of the World-Ego, ultimately of the one World-Ego.
    • World-Ego, grasped for the first time by man himself with the
    • conceived the World-Ego as manifesting in the different kingdoms of
    • Divine World-Ego as Jahve, the World-Ego manifesting in lightning and
    • Whereas the World-Ego streams into Moses from outside, is revealed
    • a revelation of the World-Ego from within — working from within
    • to fathom the nature of the World-Ego, the Undivided Godhead.
    • men have acquired ego-consciousness, after they have come to know the ego
    • The Christ Impulse and the Development of the Ego-Consciousness.
    • further step in respect of the development of the Ego when the Comet
    • out the Ego to concepts connected with the physical plane. ... When
    • working alone, might make men superficial and lead out the Ego more
    • The Christ Impulse and the Development of the Ego-Consciousness.
  • Title: Lecture II: WHITSUN: the Festival of the free Individuality
    Matching lines:
    • with his ego-forces to his earth-body, as that which reveals itself
  • Title: Lecture: The Sermon on the Mount and the Return of Christ
    Matching lines:
    • Impulse that man could become fully conscious of the Ego and
    • development of Ego-consciousness.
    • for him to unfold Ego-Consciousness and prepare for the
    • there is in his Ego, the better is he able to keep the
    • through the Ego. A man can only know Christ by
    • when this strength comes to expression in the Ego of man.
    • now was to be through the Ego. This impulse was given in the
    • human souls, rising above the Ego, came into a world of
    • own Ego for the link with the spiritual world, they will be healed.
    • those who quell their passions through the power of the Ego.
    • suffer will cease to suffer if, in the Ego, they receive
    • Christ. Those who receive Christ in the Ego, can be calmed,
    • the verse: Blessed are the merciful. The Ego, the
    • Ego and every other human being as well. What lives in
    • the soul passes from Ego to Ego; subject and predicate are
    • henceforth, out of the Ego itself, to ascend again into the
    • that the human Ego should not waste away through inertia and
    • clairvoyance that will be an added faculty of the Ego. Those

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