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  • Title: Lecture: The Sermon on the Mount
    Matching lines:
    • its forms flowed into him. Thus, he had not only a knowledge, an
    • Formerly, man had been able to raise himself up to the spiritual
    • through the many baptisms performed by John in the Jordan, and
    • body, which was thus formed in a special way. Christ Jesus therefore
    • Of the etheric body He said, “Formerly, men could be healed of
    • Of the astral body He said, “In former times those whose astral bodies
    • special form. The subject and the predicate must be alike, since it
    • world in the same way as did Saul during his transformation into Paul
    • in a new form. In spiritual science the beginning of Kali Yuga is seen
    • etheric body. This manifestation will take the form of a natural
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture I: The Event of the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric World
    Matching lines:
    • assume quite different forms and that we continually face new
    • I represented, as a member, the whole community formed by the tribe,
    • distinct and with it the possibility of forming one's own judgments.
    • does not feel oneself to be an I, it is impossible to form judgments,
    • to combine thoughts. The ability to form judgments gradually emerged,
    • be fulfilled. Everything will be transformed for the souls who are
    • significant event of our time is a deep, decisive transformation in
    • in rudimentary form, in the most elementary stages, in the natural
    • Such transformations will come about in human soul
    • Christ will return, however, in an etheric form in the period of
    • the second coming of Christ, and it takes on its true form in the way
    • anthroposophical teaching should be transformed in us into the strong
    • become recognizable in a new form to those who will have experienced
    • were not possible to absorb them in the form of teaching? What is
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture II: Spiritual Science as Preparation for a New Etheric Vision
    Matching lines:
    • significance in our lives only when they can be transformed, recast,
    • back we go, the more we find this form of clairvoyance.
    • so transformed the countenance of our earth through cataclysms of
    • its place arose what today forms Africa and Europe on one side and
    • sacrifice his former relationship with the spiritual world, his
    • former dim clairvoyance, in order to acquire the possibility of
    • less with the spiritual world. He had formerly experienced this
    • development. A leap takes place from the regular leaf formation to
    • self-consciousness. “Change the inclination, change the former
    • in the form of this or that dogma but that it is something living,
    • He is with us and hovers about the earth in spirit form. Previous to
    • materialistic way. This materialistic interpretation will transform
    • appear in the form of a dangerous temptation for humanity. It is the
    • Christ will later appear to humanity in many forms. The
    • form that He chose for the events in Palestine was chosen by Him
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture III: Buddhism and Pauline Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • form, and they then give off the substance from which its mineral
    • reciprocally; what is outside transforms itself for us, depending on
    • become able to behold Christ in His etheric form. They will behold
    • transform abstract ideals into concrete ideals in order to contribute
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture IV: Mysteries of the Universe: Comets and the Moon
    Matching lines:
    • working upon the earth from outside and forming the contrast with the
    • other sense the limbs, that correspond most closely in outer form to
    • is an image of the spiritual; the spiritual has formed it. If the
    • spiritual is forming something physical, it can form it in such a way
    • that at a certain stage of evolution this physical form is either
    • form, that it is something that has deteriorated, that it does not at
    • appears in the form of the female body has remained as if it were at
    • remained behind at a more spiritual stage; in its form it has not
    • nitrogen in today's comets. You may recall (the information was
    • must be correspondingly transformed. If the I is to think differently
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture V: The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric
    Matching lines:
    • the ages of Abraham and Moses takes on human form. In a spiritual
    • form. In pre-Christian times the spirit of Moses directed its glance
    • hierarchies, for example, in the Christian sense; it formed in detail
    • second age of Moses particularly formed what constituted German
    • beings will notice in themselves. They will perform some deed. When
    • must perform a particular deed repeatedly. He must, above all,
    • perform the deed twice — one time as though doing the opposite
    • mystics but in a Christianized form — in a form altered through
    • Abraham will be experienced in a completely altered, new form. What
    • it were, the spiritual sphere of the earth would be transformed;
    • clairvoyance would experience a transformation. Whereas previously a
    • Paul knew that, through the Christ impulse, such a transformation in
    • world between death and a new birth, though in a different form from
    • have to look for Christ on His return as etheric form in the
    • the Christ again in our century in a higher form. Those who strive
    • form. Humanity has no other leader than the Christ to take it into
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture VI: The Sermon on the Mount
    Matching lines:
    • submerged, but the spiritual world with its forms really flowed into
    • Formerly, man had been able to raise himself up to the
    • performed by John in the Jordan and through the teaching itself.
    • which was thus formed in a special way. Christ Jesus therefore said
    • Of the etheric body He said, “Formerly, men could be healed of
    • said, “In former times those whose astral bodies were beset by
    • the sentence structure will have to take on a special form. The
    • during his transformation into Paul before Damascus. This will then
    • form of a natural initiation, just as now the initiate experiences
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture VII: The Return of Christ
    Matching lines:
    • counterpart, of a deed one is about to perform. Certain persons
    • Christ will manifest Himself only in an etheric form. True
    • Who is to appear in a new form. The time is at hand when we will be
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture VIII: The Etheric Vision of the Future
    Matching lines:
    • a different form from today. In the seventeenth and eighteenth
    • with a strange content. If this person has just performed a deed or
    • correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm. In outer form a human
    • consider, however, that only in the outer form is one a man or a
    • position here. The feminine form is untrue in its backwardness, the
  • Title: True Nature: Lecture I: The Event of Christ's Appearance in the Etheric World
    Matching lines:
    • Atlantean catastrophe, we come to the civilisations and forms
    • importance. The forms of civilisation differed all over the
    • it was increasingly possible for the soul to form its own
    • form judgments or reason with the intellect. The latter faculty
    • Beings, and even for these men the former living communion with the
    • had been experienced as immediate reality, were now there in the form of
    • with certainty but which was now operative only in the form of
    • it had formerly been. This period is called the Silver Age, or
    • supreme importance in our time is a deeply incisive transformation of
    • performed on one born blind. ... Through what we call esoteric
    • form. But because human beings progress, they will appear in mankind
    • of the human soul will be transformed. And what is associated with this?
    • come again in an etheric form in the period indicated. Men will learn
    • transformed within us into an indomitable will not to allow this
    • recognisable in a new form to men who have experienced
    • sublime ether-form of Christ Jesus becomes perceptible. To a man in
    • could not be received in the form of teaching? The essence of this
  • Title: True Nature: Lecture II: The Second Coming of Christ in the Etheric World
    Matching lines:
    • repetition which does, in fact, resemble another, the form it takes
    • the World-Ego, was no longer revealed in the form of a mysterious
    • Being takes on human form.
    • form. In the pre-Christian age the spirit of Moses had been directed
    • repeated in the second Christian millennium in the form of a mighty
    • do not take the same form but what comes later manifests as a kind of
    • performed some deed, there will appear before his soul a kind of
    • has to perform a particular deed more than once, periodically
    • inwardly, in its Christianised form. For men such as Tauler
    • experienced by the Christian mystics in a Christianised form,
    • in a form changed through the Christ Impulse. And what was
    • will be experienced in a new and different form. And what will this
    • transformed and clairvoyance would undergo a change. Whereas
    • though not in the same form as on earth — into the world in
    • in His etheric form.
    • again in a higher form. Those who are striving in the sense of
    • etheric form. Into the land declared by Oriental writings to have
    • the original records than they have ever been, the new form of belief
  • Title: Lecture II: WHITSUN: the Festival of the free Individuality
    Matching lines:
    • among those who were able to perceive Him, in that bodily form which
    • disciples visibly beheld the dissolution of that bodily form which He
    • Now, once again, this same Spirit, in another form, in the form of
    • fiery tongues. It is in a single dove, a single form, that the Holy
    • of the Christ Impulse now reappeared in multiple form, the first
    • as it was granted to them to receive it in the form of tongues of fire
    • Thus the Whitsun symbol is transformed for us into the most powerful
    • To this end did the Holy Spirit pour itself in individualised form
    • its original form: “We are those who understand the Christ in
    • teaching, a formal teaching, was given, for the most part in Eastern
    • But in what form? For those who know the facts, Buddhism presents
    • revelation, heralding a renewed and transformed truth of the Christ
  • Title: Lecture: The Sermon on the Mount and the Return of Christ
    Matching lines:
    • understanding of the inner work that must be performed within
    • brain for the forming of judgments and ideas. But there was a
    • the realm of the Spirits of Personality and has been formed
    • Return of Christ in its true form. Christ will come

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