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  • Title: Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 3: The Inner Path Followed by the Mystic. Experience of the Cycle of the Year.
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    • structure of the human heart or brain, or of each single part of the
    • contemplating the marvelous structure of the heart or brain, it is
    • wonderful structure of the physical heart or brain can be observed
    • are steeped in melancholy; there is sadness in our hearts. In the
    • As the blood flows in living circulation from the heart to the organs
    • and from the organs back again to the heart, so did the Sun reveal
  • Title: Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 4: Faculties of the Human Soul and Their Development
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    • deepest ground of his heart this feeling of thankfulness to the
  • Title: Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 8: Mirror-images of the Macrocosm in Man. Rosicrucian Symbols.
    Matching lines:
    • another near the heart, and so on. These spiritual sense-organs —
  • Title: Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 9: Organs of Spiritual Perception. Contemplation of the Ego from Twelve Vantage-points. The Thinking of the Heart.
    Matching lines:
    • The Thinking of the Heart.
    • meditation pictures that are taken from life and speak to the heart,
    • only be called thinking of the heart. This is something that
    • localised in the head were now localised in the heart. This does not
    • mean the physical heart but the spiritual organ that develops in the
    • neighbourhood of the heart, the twelve-petalled lotus-flower. This
    • development and this thinking of the heart is very different from
    • of heart-thinking.
    • thinking, the thinking of the heart, is a reason for discarding
    • with the heart. Then there remains with him a certain habit of
    • of the heart.
    • through the thinking of the heart we have acquired a strong enough
    • To develop the thinking of the heart we must have the power to go out
    • heart. All true presentations of the higher worlds proceed from the
    • thinking of the heart although outwardly they often seem to be purely
    • been experienced with the heart and must be cast into forms of thought
    • That is where the thinking of the heart differs from subjective
    • these impressions by means of the thinking of the heart, just as the
    • heart's blood. However abstract they may seem to be, however
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  • Title: Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 10: Transformation of Soul-forces and Stages in the Evolution of Physical Organs. Reading in the Akasha Chronicle.
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    • logic, or thinking, of the heart in contrast to what is known in
    • In yesterday's lecture it was made clear that the logic of the heart
    • heart is not yet permeated by the logic of the head and of the
    • when the heart judged out of the sub-consciousness, out of a
    • faculty of the heart is permeated with concepts, with ideas, in brief,
    • We can look towards a future humanity when the logic of the heart will
    • a lower, namely, the logic of the heart. Whereas on the lower level it
    • logic of the heart, from the thinking of the head to the thinking of
    • the heart, do the other faculties of the soul change too? Let us
    • higher spiritual level, thinking of the heart. What is there to be
    • becomes heart-thinking and his ordinary memory changes into a
    • trouble. Harmony must prevail between the logic of the heart and the
    • the principle which the pupil must take to heart, namely, that
    • cannot say in the same sense that in our physical heart we have an
    • instrument for the logic of the heart. For that is something far more
    • spiritual than the logic of the head, and the heart is not to the same
    • degree the physical organ for the thinking of the heart as is the
    • brain for the thinking of the head. Yet the physical heart provides us
    • with an analogy. When the thinking of the heart changes Time into
    • our blood we are involved all the time in the movement from the heart
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  • Title: Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 11: Man and Planetary Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • however, such as the thinking of the heart, will evolve together with
    • logic of the heart is not by any means active yet to any great extent
    • possible through the logic of the heart to comprehend fully only in
    • be felt by numbers of human hearts before it is actually
    • he knows that the same sense of truth which lies in his own heart is
    • present in the hearts of all men, and that they, provided only they
    • appeals to the sense of truth in the hearts of men, and leaves it to
    • when the stimulus has taken root in the heart, germinates there and
    • future? According to yesterday's lecture the human heart is a very
    • transformed. On the Old Moon there was as yet no brain; but the heart
    • fruit, so the Old Moon-heart bore within it the Earth-heart.
    • Through our heart we make ourselves men; through the larynx the
    • Microcosm, we grow into an organism of which the heart is the centre;
    • connected with the heart, the Divine with the larynx.
    • instructions given so lightheartedly nowadays about this or that mode
    • into the heart, it is natural that they should flow through our
    • may well be attained by a hermit, but when the heart is involved, man
    • feels himself drawn to other hearts. Spiritual knowledge is a bond of
    • of transition from the logic of thinking to the logic of the heart
    • lead to intense egoism, but the logic of the heart overcomes egoism
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