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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Nature and Significance of Karma in the Personal and Individual, and in Humanity, the Earth and the Universe
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    • soul reacts on the body), is manifested that we have done wrong in our
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma and the Animal Kingdom
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    • which had the task of embodying the Ego in this organisation. But this
    • consists of a physical body, an etheric body and an astral body. These
    • work in a retarding way on the human etheric body which would
    • be withdrawn, because otherwise through the astral body the human
    • lived alternately within and without the physical body came at length
    • to the crisis that when it wanted to re-enter its physical body it
    • the Lucifer spirits, the same beings who brought into our astral body
    • body and yet a life independent of it, so that we might become more
    • and more independent of the physical body. But these other beings
    • Thus the animals have the astral body in common with us, and are
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma in Relation to Disease and Health
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    • physical body, but also in the higher principles, in the etheric and
    • illness consider, on the one hand the share the physical body may have
    • body and the astral body; for all three principles may be involved in
    • made up of a physical and etheric body. At the same time it is a being
    • etheric body are in principle healthy, and that it has to wait until
    • body itself is changed, but only that all kinds of disturbances and
    • harmful influences from outside have penetrated into the physical body
    • and especially into the etheric body. Spiritual Science entirely
    • and etheric body thus shows that these principles are fundamentally
    • forces come? If you wound a merely physical body the injury will
    • we cannot talk of a disease in the case of a merely physical body, and
    • body. Spiritual investigation shows us this very clearly, for the
    • activity of the etheric body of the plant is much intensified round
    • etheric body of a plant to exercise increased activity when we injure
    • its physical body.
    • addition to the etheric body, have also an astral body. If we carry
    • our observations further we shall see that the etheric body of a
    • be the action of the etheric body. If we cause a severe injury to the
    • physical body of a lower or even a higher mammal; if, for instance, we
    • body cannot answer with its healing power in the same measure as the
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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Curability and Incurability of Diseases in Relation to Karma
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    • works upon the new body which he acquires for his new life, and he
    • furnished with these forces, and builds them into his new body. From
    • this it may be seen that this new body will be weak or strong
    • body. Thus this new body is penetrated with the tendency so to act on
    • the whole organisation of the physical body, the etheric body and
    • astral body, that it will be prevented from performing certain actions
    • physical body and etheric body receive a complex warp and woof of such
    • against the opposition of your body, against the forces which will
    • come to you in your next incarnation from your physical body, etheric
    • body and astral body. You must make a body which will show you the
    • obstacle in his own body and by overcoming this, he will be in the
    • development. Thereby was implanted into the astral body of man, before
    • exercised on man's astral body, and he has retained it throughout his
    • his body and has identified himself more with it, for if the influence
    • body made the whole of the external world into which he entered appear
    • body; also he is subject to the enticements of Ahriman which come to
    • threefold human body. Errors resulting from devotion to Ahriman
    • body. Faults which were the object of a moral judgement between birth
    • astral body.
    • to do with making the human body warmer or colder, or that which makes
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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Natural and Accidental Illness in Relationship to Karma
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    • forces that take part in the rebuilding of the body when we return
    • characteristics of our astral body we have done wrong through evil
    • foundations of our new body. We have further seen that we are subject
    • formation of the next body when we return to earth in a new
    • instance, the trouble which was produced between the etheric body and
    • the physical body has disappeared, but the disharmony between the
    • etheric body and the astral body still exists, and we oscillate
    • unstable state of balance between the etheric and the physical body,
    • which the body still remains alive. This oscillation of forces which
    • appertain to the etheric body and the physical body bring about in the
    • transmitted to the astral body, and these states of excitability
    • within by influencing the astral body, the ahrimanic forces act rather
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Relationships Between Karma and Accidents
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    • another? We know that when we sleep, the physical and the etheric body
    • are abandoned by the astral body and the Ego, and that the awakening
    • is a return of the astral body and Ego to the physical and etheric
    • body. Every morning on waking, all that constitutes our inner being
    • — astral body and Ego — dives down again into our physical
    • and awakening, his astral body which gained its full development in
    • the whole of the human being. As soon as the astral body and Ego leave
    • the astral body and prevents it from entering consciously the
    • the Ego will be able to accompany the astral body wherever it may
    • from unfolding the consciousness of our astral body.
    • These were compressed in the astral body and Ego, and made themselves
    • present the four members of the human entity, the physical body,
    • etheric body, astral body, and the Ego, and that they are linked
    • It is not enough to say that we consist of physical body, etheric
    • body, astral body, and Ego, for we understand man only when we know to
    • body, etheric body, and astral body. The astral body was then our most
    • because it is attached to the astral body which was formerly the most
    • outshone by the Ego-consciousness. The astral body, however, is still
    • body and the etheric body was greatly loosened. The earlier and more
    • between man's astral body and the lower members of his being. The
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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Forces of Nature, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes and Epidemics in Relation to Karma
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    • words, if we fall victims to the forces active within our astral body
    • luciferic forces. Pain, which is the consciousness of the astral body
    • activities of our astral body — and others which are traced to
    • — the physical body, etheric body, astral body and the Ego
    • in the transgressions of the astral body, but in those of the etheric
    • body. It manifests itself in a consciousness lying deeper than our
    • organ has been attacked by Ahriman; in other words, the etheric body
    • defect to ahrimanic influence, and into which the etheric body has too
    • forces connected with a deeper penetration by the etheric body would
    • which penetrate into our astral body, and those benevolent powers
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma of the Higher Beings
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    • body, and that through the temptations of these powers we are led into
    • external man, we consist of physical body, etheric body and astral
    • body. In the course of time, into these sheaths we have built by means
    • of our Ego the sentient soul into the sentient body, the rational or
    • mind soul into etheric body, and a consciousness soul into the
    • physical body. These three soul members we have developed and have
    • be so metamorphosed that it will be manifested in the etheric body.
    • Thus in the new incarnation we encounter in the etheric body an effect
    • fault in his etheric body. It is now deeper rooted and is not in the
    • rational soul but in the etheric body. But such rationality and good
    • etheric body. For this reason it may happen that the forces of the
    • diseased part of the etheric body provokes error in a certain
    • the etheric body. That is why neither logic nor persuasion will have
    • by his etheric body.
    • is present in a certain part of the organism, as in our etheric body
    • own etheric body. This shows how Ahriman is drawn by Lucifer to
    • approach our etheric body. Previously the transgression was luciferic;
    • expelling the defect from one's etheric body. This can be done only by
    • penetration of the etheric body by the rational soul. For the truths
    • soul and the astral body, between the rational and the etheric body,
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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karmic Effects Of Our Experiences As Men and Women. Death and Birth In Relationship to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • different from the present human body. This continent was then
    • to build up a female body in the next incarnation, and it is therefore
    • incarnation will be an organising force for our body in the next. And
    • luciferic influence, and also permeate his astral body with the
    • luciferic influence, had the effect that his astral body was inclined
    • of the physical body, and to do so in quite a different way. Through
    • world, to await that period where the external material body will be
    • gradually destroys our human body. That which flows in destroys the
    • body more and more, until it has been completely destroyed, so that it
    • body until, at the moment of death, it has become altogether useless.
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Free Will and Karma in the Future of Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • soul; so it now permeates the body. Because the human being is then
    • therefore say: In a sick body there dwells a damaged soul which has
    • the soul, the normal relationship of soul and the body should come
    • You all know that ice is a solid body — not through its own
    • material existence. If we look at the material human body, that also,
    • interweaves into the material part of his own body a soul which is, it
    • body of the healer create with the person to be healed a sort of
    • Take the body — the outer man in his material part. If through a
    • body that the latter could not be damaged. It is only because a love
    • substance? What happens to the body by this influx of something which
    • human body has become the bearer of the Ego that lives on through the
    • incarnations. This was formerly not there. Only a human body
    • human body as a remedy. Here is the injury characterised as a form of
    • astral body. Now closely related to the astral body is the animal
    • connected with the astral body, that medical science, unconsciously
    • For such illnesses whose causes lie in the etheric body, science seeks
    • connected with the nature of the physical body, lead to the use of
    • injury we can do to injure our body, there is to be found in
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Individual and Human Karma. Karma of the Higher Beings.
    Matching lines:
    • recognised to-day. For example, the etheric body of man, besides the
    • physical body can be seen only by those who have undergone a
    • will develop as a natural gift, will perceive the etheric body as
    • permeating the physical body and extending beyond it. Just as man,

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