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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Nature and Significance of Karma in the Personal and Individual, and in Humanity, the Earth and the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • different lectures which in the course of time have been given, you
    • is able to give, it pours into our souls something which makes life
    • me in dealing with questions of Spiritual Science, namely, to give a
    • in order to make ourselves comprehensible, we must give, if not
    • given, so that we may know what is understood when in future the word
    • is obliged to give up a profession which until then had seemed to be
    • his parents was compelled to give up this profession and, at the age
    • it has given to mankind, and what mankind then learnt in it, we shall
    • Egyptian bounds. If you will forgive me, I will rejoice, but if you
    • accomplished. Hundreds of similar cases might be given. But we see in
    • was at that time necessary for any given thing to be accomplished and
    • The next appearance of the comet will be [was] in 1986. Its periodic visitations occur at intervals of about 76 years, and have been recorded since 240 BC. During its last visit, it passed directly between the Earth and the Sun, the Earth actually passing through the tail of the cornet. It is interesting to note that this series of lectures were being given as the comet was at its closest to the Earth, May 1910. (Ed.)
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma and the Animal Kingdom
    Matching lines:
    • be given a slower tempo, and denser forces placed at its disposal.
    • at the same rate as the general evolution. From various lectures given
    • abyss so that he could rise higher himself. He could not give them an
    • to suffer; he could only give them pain, without being able to give
    • them the karmic compensation. But what he could not give them before,
    • he will give them when he has come to the freedom and selflessness of
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma in Relation to Disease and Health
    Matching lines:
    • little with the more remote causes not on the surface. We will give an
    • And then truly startling examples are given of the way in which in
    • gives us an inkling of the inward process of healing.
    • Following the clue given by inward spiritual observation let us go
    • the injuries we give to plants to those we give to animals which, in
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Curability and Incurability of Diseases in Relation to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • to be at hand if anything happened, so that he could give practical
    • cannot heal them!’ I give you these details of developments in
    • theory or hypothesis, and that when I give examples I give only those
    • exposed to an epidemic such as cholera, for this gives them the
    • and man yielded to them. The individuality which was given by the Ego
    • influence. But with this influence something else was given at the
    • is given the opportunity to lay aside that which was a defect in the
    • always be given towards healing. If this is done we help the human
    • effects of our previous life. Detailed examples will be given later
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Natural and Accidental Illness in Relationship to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • based entirely upon the theory that for every illness which was given
    • proofs furnished by Dietel to the effect that, given the necessary
    • result of this he will seek conditions that will give him an
    • Bearing this in mind one more indication should be given which deals
    • we must insist that only those examples are given which have been
    • views that in the course of time give place to one another.
    • give way to error. The luciferic principle induces us to deceive
    • consciousness we give quite a different explanation. Especially do we
    • give rise to illnesses.
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Relationships Between Karma and Accidents
    Matching lines:
    • have given many instances in order to characterise sickness and
    • accompanied by pain, but which still give rise to some sort of an
    • begins to give him pain. That is a popular saying, but it is not so
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Forces of Nature, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes and Epidemics in Relation to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • regard pain as something which is given us by benevolent forces,
    • without having given heed to a special moral culture, he is the more
    • the soul from within. If a Mystic has not given careful heed to his
    • concerning the higher worlds is given us by people who have not
    • worlds. And if one attempts to give to these people some explanation,
    • earth-beings to disregard that which is to be given us through life
    • give an explanation. For this reason it is of little use to ask for an
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma of the Higher Beings
    Matching lines:
    • Thus a person may be perfectly logical and yet give expression to
    • it has been so transformed that, as it were, a receipt for it is given
    • intervened at a given moment! How could the spiritual life of olden
    • in the course of three incarnations certain gifts that can be given
    • certain ritualistic ordinances and commands which appeared as given by
    • period, encounter hygienic measures such as are given to humanity for
    • to take effect in order to give human souls an opportunity of
    • but we shall not have given succour to his soul. Now that the physical
    • give expression to this uncharitableness, but he will have to retain it
    • the fact. In anthroposophy it is our bounded duty to give expression
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karmic Effects Of Our Experiences As Men and Women. Death and Birth In Relationship to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • matters, and thus gives us knowledge as to where the compensation may
    • It is thus that we can give an orientation to human karma, but to the
    • have retained a memory of our earlier life, and would also have given
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Free Will and Karma in the Future of Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • can neither answer nor even give an idea of how they ought to be
    • reason — for the reason given in the previous lectures when we
    • soul?’ — if it could be given at all — must prove to be
    • given are only those which the earth-man can make, and are of
    • books those expositions which could be given here if we had time
    • existence, Spiritual Science gives the answer: ‘Every
    • of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way.
    • might be given about the relation of the purple foxglove to certain
    • certain school of medicine, and to say, ‘There they give people
    • case no help can properly be given, where, on account of karmic
    • methods had in his earth life endeavoured to give every possible proof
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Individual and Human Karma. Karma of the Higher Beings.
    Matching lines:
    • now clothed and the train of thought which we are able to give out
    • Man could never acquire what Lucifer gives him, solely from those
    • would have possessed within himself everything which was given from
    • Lucifer. It is given as a sort of characteristic belonging to the
    • good.’ It is given for the reason that this was the degree of
    • which can develop only when man himself gives the highest purpose to
    • earth-evolution all goals were given to him, could not in a true sense
    • themselves to give us what we needed for the attainment of our
    • few words more, namely, that I have given this course of lectures on
    • of the higher beings. When I say that I have given this course really
    • Therefore that which we have to give to the world must be given out of

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