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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Nature and Significance of Karma in the Personal and Individual, and in Humanity, the Earth and the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • few years would pass quietly, though about his twenty-fourth year it
    • after he has passed through such a trouble in his twenty-fifth year,
    • trial, because he felt that only by passing through it would he win
    • such and such a thing had not come to pass when it did.
    • earlier and what came to pass later — but this is also a
    • The next appearance of the comet will be [was] in 1986. Its periodic visitations occur at intervals of about 76 years, and have been recorded since 240 BC. During its last visit, it passed directly between the Earth and the Sun, the Earth actually passing through the tail of the cornet. It is interesting to note that this series of lectures were being given as the comet was at its closest to the Earth, May 1910. (Ed.)
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma and the Animal Kingdom
    Matching lines:
    • passes through the gate of death and lives a particular life in the
    • passed through the gate of death is not the same in the animal
    • happened if the Sun had not split away from the Earth, and passed over
    • you must endure it. Having received suffering we have passed it on to
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma in Relation to Disease and Health
    Matching lines:
    • and passion. Sides are taken by the laity quite as much as by certain
    • into a kind of passion when they feel called upon, and rightly too, to
    • less the passions already so excited at the present time.
    • Spiritual Science leads us. Then we may pass from the consideration of
    • If we now pass on from animals to man, a new element arises. Man does
    • Let us now remember what takes place when a human being passes through
    • remains. When a certain length of time has passed after death, a time
    • let us pass over to what on the whole does not come to consciousness,
    • passing over to a new birth. On the whole, the etheric body of man
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Curability and Incurability of Diseases in Relation to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • part of the human-soul individuality, and during the passage through
    • influence of his passions, he will in the kamaloca period live through
    • the emotions and passions.
    • passions and desires, than he would have done if the luciferic
    • of Lucifer which work from the passions and emotions of his astral
    • life. When, on the other hand, he passes through the portal of death,
    • passing through death.
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Natural and Accidental Illness in Relationship to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • out that this sinking down is most thorough when we have passed
    • passions, temper, and so forth, we are driven thereto by luciferic
    • the physical plane, it will be made use of when we pass through the
    • lacking, those conditions and passions, emotional crises, continual
    • If we now see the karmic thread passing from one incarnation to
    • the Church, but Luther passed to the spiritual enjoyment of the Bible
    • found in temper, desire, or passion, but in our superficial
    • almost the whole compass of our literature we find very little of
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Relationships Between Karma and Accidents
    Matching lines:
    • impressions pass by him in this life, simply for the reason that he
    • life do not pass by him in the same way, because he has organs so
    • pain, passions, imaginations, and so forth, sink down into the
    • dangerous in the highest degree. If the person were today to pass over
    • and all the passions, the desires, the greed, and the egotism of which
    • passion, desire and greed, but rather that which streams into them as
    • since passed. If you consider the facts of every-day life but a
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Forces of Nature, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes and Epidemics in Relation to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • so that they find expression in our egotistical greeds and passions,
    • passions born of Lucifer, we should never be able to free ourselves
    • we can fall a prey not only to egotistical passions, urges, greeds,
    • unless the hearer has previously passed through the sphere of absolute
    • impulses, greeds and passions, but which on the other hand will be an
    • man passes through the period between death and a new birth, and
    • the passage: ‘In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children,’ we
    • explanation of this or that passage from occult records before having
    • We know that upon the ancient Moon dwelt beings who passed that time
    • through their human stage, as we are now passing through it in the
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma of the Higher Beings
    Matching lines:
    • expressions of feelings, impulses and passions, which in a certain way
    • He who in a certain incarnation passes through such an experience as
    • that of persecution mania will, when again passing through the gate of
    • circuitous passage from one incarnation to another, namely, through
    • corresponding impulses and passions. One may be most learned, may have
    • passions that dwell within the astral body. One may indeed know a
    • instance, those worlds through which we pass in the interim between
    • provoke the opposite process. It then happens that passing through
    • had passed through an experience whereby through karmic action he had
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Individual and Human Karma. Karma of the Higher Beings.
    Matching lines:
    • civilisation. Various legends about heroes who from Greece passed over
    • been acquired had to pass over to another, and there be perfected
    • same thing happen. Then we see the passing over of the Eastern wisdom
    • because every man, when he has passed through the gates of death, in
    • passions may play a part in it. Nowhere does Lucifer play a greater
    • mere abstract knowledge, but so that they should pass over into our
    • such pass over into the world. And the world will gradually see that

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