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  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Nature and Significance of Karma in the Personal and Individual, and in Humanity, the Earth and the Universe
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    • they will find a way to work in the world; but if nothing is ever done
    • excellence in his work. But after some time one can also observe
    • see cause and effect working in cycles. What existed as cause in the
    • brain and works under essentially different conditions. We also know
    • which works beyond birth and death of which man in his ordinary
    • consciousness knows nothing, but which nevertheless works in the same
    • working in Columbus. That Columbus discovered America had certain
    • out of the souls of men. The human souls who worked in our time were
    • years for the one who recognised his work.’
    • a germ for the work which he, in his personal life as Kepler,
    • children were playing with lenses in an optician's workshop and by
    • karma of those who worked in Greece to resist the Persian attack? We
    • which work in our solar system in an irregular way. We have always
    • So there is something of the old Moon-existence working in our present
    • spiritual is working behind, and we can even distinguish what
    • spiritual force is working in the case of Halley's comet. Halley's
    • which works in such a way that the effect in its turn works back upon
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma and the Animal Kingdom
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    • do nevertheless work as soul in the animal organisation. It is indeed
    • misunderstood this had we gone to work conscientiously, but we have
    • of the west — if we may say so — that they have to work up
    • the working of spiritual life and can only judge by what surrounds him
    • external works; beavers build their homes and wasps their nests, but
    • to his brain, etc., and so he has nothing left over with which to work
    • into that condition in which it works on the Earth from outside as it
    • stormy forces from the Earth. The forces of the Sun worked less
    • work in a retarding way on the human etheric body which would
    • be able to work on our earthly humanity through what they acquired by
    • Had he always worked with the same forces with which he had worked
    • wisely, as is instanced in the work of the beaver, etc.; but this can
    • it, could now work into them. Here we have the difference between the
    • organism from within. They worked rather from the outside as the
    • exit of the Moon, and these beings then worked up the organisation
    • the whole developed far enough to set to work in an individuality, but
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma in Relation to Disease and Health
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    • one does not go to work in a fantastic way, one cannot well speak of
    • shall now understand how our deeds in one life can work over into our
    • they develop into concepts which he works upon, etc. But a great many
    • work down into the physical body. You need only remember how one
    • when working into the deeper human organisation; but if the impression
    • transformed during this time. They work, just as do the conscious
    • again, something from the earlier life works into the later life.
    • which then made particular impressions upon him work the more strongly
    • themselves so that they work deeply into the organisation of the
    • consciousness, which then works down more deeply. So it is brought
    • emotions and feelings which work up out of his sub-consciousness which
    • something outside, and the healing powers work without being weakened.
    • in his Ego works down into the etheric body. Why then do the
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Curability and Incurability of Diseases in Relation to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • works upon the new body which he acquires for his new life, and he
    • then so work that in the next incarnation his feeling of self will be
    • his Ego could work in the proper manner, a principle which streamed
    • of Lucifer which work from the passions and emotions of his astral
    • and death develop into causes of disease which work more from the
    • and the luciferic — are at work at the very foundation of a
    • From this we see how karma works in illness and how it works to
    • world that he can use the new forces, and can work so as to be of use
    • can freely work out what you have gained through the illness.’
    • set to work in life must not presume to place itself along with this
    • supports him in this. It does not work into the human individuality.
    • belong to our ordinary consciousness would then have to work.
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Natural and Accidental Illness in Relationship to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • means of his work upon the physical plane. In other words, if the
    • broke out, then he will be able to work with that reinforced power
    • not do so sufficiently to make us equal to our work upon the physical
    • why anyone wishing to work for Spiritual Science feels in this
    • at work when Galileo made this important discovery. Let us consider
    • Augustinian monks of reading preferably the works of the Fathers of
    • materialistic psychologist, he will set to work differently. He will
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: The Relationships Between Karma and Accidents
    Matching lines:
    • are the more serious, for if we experience pain we set to work to rid
    • himself, which in the period between death and re-birth work down to
    • body. Actions will proceed from this which lead to the working out of
    • works from the deeper strata of consciousness. Thus it is reasonable
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Forces of Nature, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes and Epidemics in Relation to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • judgement, the more do we work in opposition to Ahriman. This appears
    • the very reason that it worked earlier and has been transformed into
    • the ahrimanic influence work? How are the temptations of Ahriman
    • work of Ahriman upon earth. By means of the organ which owes its
    • which is working in accordance with those forces which oppose Lucifer.
    • descended into the twilight. But within the Earth existence works
    • Lucifer; and we shall see that he works a good deal more than merely
    • which, when they work on the Earth existence to-day, are abnormal and
    • these cases brought about which on the whole works beneficially —
    • higher reason at work than can be perceived by man. When the hail
    • forces which work in the hail were the regular ones, just as to-day
    • forces are working in it which are retarded forces brought over from
    • which render an organ useless are beneficent forces because they work
    • disease are working against humanity, for hygienic measures would
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karma of the Higher Beings
    Matching lines:
    • forces do not act from within, but from without, working upon and in
    • work independently in that incarnation, and it makes a difference
    • their work logically, so that the real inner being is altogether
    • into something external, and then Ahriman works against us through our
    • work! We see from this that people like Charlemagne, Aristotle, Luther
    • concurrently or over longer periods, or where they are working against
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Karmic Effects Of Our Experiences As Men and Women. Death and Birth In Relationship to Karma
    Matching lines:
    • We can show how logical is the working out of karma in the world, by
    • the organism itself in the next incarnation. A deep working into and
    • working through the organism will bring forth a male organism. A male
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Free Will and Karma in the Future of Human Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • of errors made by the soul in former incarnations when it worked at
    • beings are everywhere at work when our inner part which is actually
    • element, which impregnates matter and is the cause of illness working
    • the working of the karmic law. So the consequences of an act or a
    • consequences working out in pain?
    • of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way.
    • poisons!’ The word poison today works as a suggestion, and people
    • works over from the physical into the spiritual plane — impelling
    • state before birth. These souls work down into the physical world
    • according to the means which offer and they are able to work
    • hand, among the dead many who have the impulse to work into the
    • karma, from incarnation to incarnation, both work to restore the
    • disturbed condition. Karma, working its serpentine way through
    • for human evolution, not only for knowledge, but also for human work
  • Title: Manifestations/Karma: Lecture: Individual and Human Karma. Karma of the Higher Beings.
    Matching lines:
    • reason only was the devoted work of the separate peoples made
    • has been human individual karma, two powers or beings are at work whom
    • the evolution of mankind by working in upon the human astral bodies.
    • work of the luciferic spirits. We must not fail to recognise that the
    • hosts work in that which gave to human evolution the impulse of the
    • ‘And the Elohim saw the work, and they saw that it was very
    • their work as long as they were performing it, they could not have a
    • look back reflectively upon their work, marks a particular stage in
    • completed their work upon the Moon and who, when they looked at it
    • Moon-development? They must also try to look back upon their work when
    • not complete it: ‘They saw their day's work, and behold, it was
    • always trying to do their work over again, always trying to swing the
    • pendulum again to the other side, and always they find their work
    • supplemented by self-knowledge — both must work together. We must
    • many different ways the luciferic and ahrimanic forces work in our
    • well as the ahrimanic impulse were not at work, man would, it is true,
    • good use of it consciously; for formerly it worked but as a dim
    • will gradually evolve to a conscious perception of the work of Lucifer
    • they have done; we can, as it were, take over the work of Lucifer and
    • to men which will work, with ever increasing power, in our physical
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