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  • Title: The Ego: Lecture 3
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    • the anthroposophical friends sitting here, on the John Gospel, the
    • side it is the John Gospel which gives us an insight into the great
    • individuality who lived in Elias was reborn in John the Baptist, and
    • when, in the soul of John the Baptist, an angel entered for that
    • John the Baptist, in order to effect what no human being would have
    • been able to bring about. In John lived an angel, an angel who had to
    • extremely important to know that John the Baptist is a Maya
    • characterises John the Baptist as a Maya, as an illusion, he who in
    • Isaiah speaks of John the Baptist, how he points out thereby that
    • Why could John the Baptist be the bearer of the angel? He could be
    • have such a high task, a high mission, as characterised here for John
    • conditions in a quite one-sided way. And so, John the Baptist, in
    • symbol for that kind of initiation which John the Baptist received, in
    • Waterman. That was the symbol that John had the Waterman-initiation.
    • initiate, of effecting in human beings what John effected as the
    • world-historic epoch. Therefore John was initiated just in the Baptism
    • of the heavens as a means of expression. So that John the Baptist
    • Waterman. That was the word which John would have been able to say to
    • Waterman to Fishes. Thus John could say: Something will come that no
    • Christ, which is an ancient symbol. For just as in John through quite
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  • Title: Excursus/Mark: I: A Retrospect
    Matching lines:
    • particularly in connection with the Gospels of John and of Luke, and
    • — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — thou canst then hope it
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: II: Some Practical Points of View
    Matching lines:
    • already tried to do in respect of the Gospels of Matthew, of John,
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • messenger who spoke from the soul of John the Baptist. Whence came
    • some idea of what Isaiah desired to say, and John the Baptist to
    • the nature and method of the initiation of John the Baptist, and how
    • Mysteries, or through John the Baptist by “Grace from
    • The training that John the Baptist had passed through had made it
    • Aquarius. Thus, through all he knew and had felt, John the Baptist
    • direction of the Spiritual Sun. John had received the
    • the initiation passed through by John, and was therefore of a higher
    • In these words John the Baptist refers to Jesus of Nazareth. Ancient
    • symbolic. John declared “a higher initiation is to come to
    • said John. Water baptism was specially the baptism within the power
    • the advance from John the Baptist to Jesus of Nazareth) progresses
    • would be possible for him to baptise not only as John did with water,
    • but to baptise in the higher sense described by John as the
    • through John the Baptist. On the other hand I have shown that in the
    • If we wish to describe what John the Baptist did when he baptised, we
    • it were sent down into John. It is thus, in the language of the
    • soul-forces of mankind would come, that in John the Baptist the
    • to know what was in the heart of John the Baptist or of Jesus of
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • — How does the Baptism by John in Jordan now strike us? The
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • Johnnie wills.” It only learns later to speak of itself
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • After being told that John the Baptist is the great prophet who
    • by John in Jordan.
    • In the Gospel of John
    • John.
    • live John the Baptist.” But others say this ‘I’
    • catastrophe, the Gospel of John will be the book of inspiration, as
    • time the real content of the Gospel of John. The science of this
    • opening words of the Gospel of John. What our attitude to it should
    • catastrophe comes fully to light in the Gospel of John if we can but
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture One: On the Investigation and Communication of Spiritual Truths
    Matching lines:
    • Gospels of St. John and St. Luke. And I indicated that at
    • Mark, Luke and John. If this is done we shall come
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Two: Higher Knowledge and Man's Life of Soul
    Matching lines:
    • St. Luke and St. John and later on shall try to do with that
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Four: The Symbolic Language of the Macrocosm in the Gospel of St. Mark
    Matching lines:
    • possession of the soul of the reincarnated Elias — John the
    • was prophesied by Isaiah and repeated by John the Baptist.
    • words of Isaiah. The Angel in the soul of John the Baptist
    • thought to the nature of John the Baptist's own
    • of John the Baptist, by grace from above, the
    • John the Baptist was trained in such a way that at night he
    • had attained the Aquarius Initiation. Thus John the Baptist
    • and Pisces. This is the direction of the spiritual Sun. John
    • was regarded as the higher. Hence John the Baptist declared
    • words John the Baptist pointed to Jesus of Nazareth; and for
    • John
    • the secrets of Man. John said: ‘I have baptised you
    • Pisces (representing the progress from John the Baptist to
    • for him to baptise, not only as John had baptised, with
    • water, but in the higher sense described by John as
    • the body of John the Baptist. Second: the passages in
    • administered by John the Baptist, we should have to refer to
    • necessary forces were sent into John. We must therefore read
    • ‘messenger’ will live in John the Baptist; he
    • passed through the Aquarius Initiation. John could thus make
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  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Five: The Two Main Streams of Post-Atlantean Civilisation
    Matching lines:
    • John in the Jordan. As in the case of all the leading figures
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Six: The Son of God and the Son of Man. The Sacrifice of Orpheus
    Matching lines:
    • and was symbolised in the Baptism by John. The people in the
    • John wants’. It is only later that he learns to
    • the moment of the Baptism by John. In the Christ there was
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Eight: Laws of Rhythm in the Domain of Soul-and-Spirit.
    Matching lines:
    • story is omitted. We are simply told that John the Baptist
    • begins at once with the description of the Baptism by John in
    • John's Gospel, again without any childhood story or any
    • spirituality of Christ — namely, the Gospel of St. John.
    • live John the Baptist; but others say that this
    • St. John which may well be a manual of guidance for the
    • real content of what is said in St. John's Gospel. For
    • understand the contents of St. John's Gospel we shall
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Eleven: Kyrios, The Lord of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • of St. John, St. Luke and St. Matthew and the great event in
    • St. John gives us insight into the great events in Palestine
    • Individuality who had lived in Elijah was reborn as John the
    • Baptist. An Angel entered into the soul of John the Baptist
    • accomplished. In John the Baptist there lived an Angel whose
    • greatest importance to realise that John the Baptist was maya
    • the future John the Baptist would be maya — in reality he
    • understand the sense in which he speaks about the future John
    • Why was John
    • lofty as that of John the Baptist must receive Initiation in
    • become the bearer of the Angel, John the Baptist received the
    • Initiation received by John the Baptist in order that he
    • the Waterman. The sign was the symbol indicating that John
    • acquired the faculty which enabled John the Baptist, for
    • was to this end that John had received the baptismal
    • reference to the heavens. In the case of John the Baptist,
    • John the
    • Aquarius to Pisces. Consequently John the Baptist was able to
    • the Christ. Just as John, through very special influences,
    • the words of John the Baptist: ‘I have baptised you
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  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Twelve: Mystery Teachings in St. Mark's Gospel
    Matching lines:
    • Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Luke and St. John, and here in
    • as Elijah and was reincarnated as John the Baptist became the
    • Thus in John
    • What John achieved was possible only because, while the man
    • John was maya, another Being lived within him, having the
    • the personality of John the Baptist, and the lesson to be
    • what John the Baptist meant by the words: Prepare ye the way
    • John the Baptist. I have described under what
    • John the
    • Nowadays it is said that John the Baptist was called the
    • John could say: He must increase but I must decrease. My
    • John speaks of himself unambiguously as an Aquarius Initiate.
    • come. This is the picture of John the Baptist: the Sun passes
    • ‘I will make you fishers of men’? John the
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Thirteen: The Voice of the Angelos and the Speech of the Exousiai
    Matching lines:
    • thee’? We know that the Bible is here referring to John
    • human body — in this case in the body of John the Baptist,
    • John the Baptist baptised with water. In
    • Angel was clothed in the person of John the Baptist. That is
    • Beings. In John the Baptist it was the Angel, the Being of
    • John the Baptist had received the highest
  • Title: Universal Human: Lecture Three: The Lord of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • have dealt with the gospels of John, Luke, and Matthew.
    • The Gospel of Saint John
    • reborn in John the Baptist. An angel entered his soul and used his
    • to accomplish. An angel lived in John who had to announce the true I
    • know that John the Baptist is only Maya and that an angelic
    • angel].” Thus, a profound cosmic mystery connected with John
    • characterized John as Maya or illusion, but in truth John encompassed
    • understand that Isaiah speaks of John the Baptist, that he points out
    • was John the Baptist able to be the bearer of the Angeloi? He could
    • who have as important a mission as John the
    • in order for John the Baptist to become the bearer of the Angeloi, he
    • initiation John the Baptist received to become the bearer of the
    • was the symbol. John had undergone the Aquarius
    • this initiation had the power to do with human beings what John did
    • the history of the world. Therefore, John underwent the baptism
    • a means of expression. Thus, John the Baptist could say, “I
    • initiation of Aquarius.” That is what John could have said to
    • the sun's path from Aquarius to Pisces. John could say,
    • Christ. Through special spiritual influences, John had an Aquarian
    • the sun from Aquarius to Pisces is obvious when John tells us,
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