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  • Title: The Ego: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual eye the great event of Palestine, the Mystery of Golgotha,
    • the foundations for an ever-increasing valuation of this unique event.
    • as inspired occultists, wanted to represent this great event each from
    • consider the great event of Palestine from one special side. From a
    • event of Palestine.
    • Isaiah points to that great, mighty event, which should be the most
    • significant event in human evolution. What is he really pointing to?
    • astral body. And the more one approached the Christ Event, that stage
    • In ancient times, such an event was actualised for humanity, when that
    • greatest event in human evolution; thus you understand from this how
    • interpret spiritual events by bringing down the heaven, as it were, to
    • events from out of the heavens. The reverse was the case. What lives
    • a cosmic event; the working of the sun-force out of the macrocosm in
    • the land of Palestine. It is a question of this macrocosmic event. It
    • Zarathustra-events must occur in that body which, as we have seen,
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: I: A Retrospect
    Matching lines:
    • Science had to say concerning the events that took place in
    • historical records dealing with these events. What is of the deepest
    • importance in the accounts of the Event of Christ is not found in any
    • the events related in the Gospels or in other parts of the New
    • the secrets connected with the Events of Palestine; that it is
    • precisely because we had investigated these events without having
    • to satisfy our own understanding regarding the Events of Palestine,
    • concerning the Events of Palestine. All this shows that a new
    • From these we receive many ideas that in no way prevent our
    • present a system or a survey of those great events comprised within
    • “We approach this event now from one point of view,”
    • to you the importance of the Event of Christ to man we returned ever
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: II: Some Practical Points of View
    Matching lines:
    • given by us of the Event of Palestine great care has been taken that
    • accounts of this event, the accounts of the four Evangelists. Those
    • who do not know that in spiritual life an object, being, or event,
    • mighty Event of Christ, and that they must he compared one with
    • Mark, it is seen that the four accounts of the event of Palestine
    • we first understand physical events aright when we see in them the
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • from birth to the seventh year — when everything of the nature
    • facts of human and world-events in a way conformable to Aristotelean
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • ancient ritual (when the events just described had taken place in his
    • this moment — that is from the moment of an historic event when
    • spiritual Hierarchies. And now through the events that had occurred
    • a historic event into a few short years; here, on the contrary, it
    • has become an event of history, yet is at the same time a repetition
    • beginning why he is in a position to write of an historic event
    • He tells us from the beginning that this is connected with an event
    • of immeasurably great importance to human evolution; an event
    • Prophet refers in these words to the greatest event in history
    • Event of Palestine, so that you may discover through your feeling
    • also for all it has to tell us about the Christ-Event.
    • the way for the Christ-Event? He had to tell those who desired to
    • repeat. Isaiah referred to the great event that was to take place
    • in-ward events — though these may occur outwardly — the
    • according to Mark facts of human evolution, historical events, are
    • accounts given here reference is made to heavenly events; namely, to
    • events corresponding with the earthly events that occurred in
    • macrocosmic events on to the screen provided by the small district of
    • All the events that take place on earth are the reflections of cosmic
    • events, and are connected with cosmic conditions in the same way as
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  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • the events I am about to describe did not happen in any such physical
    • the Great Guardian who prevents our entrance into the spiritual world
    • so long as we are unripe. He prevents our entrance because if we have
    • only represent different sides of the same matter. Events then happen
    • ideas easily. When people are told that the events connected with
    • great events, we are concerned with something that is at the same
    • Northern Central Asia. Here these two streams eventually met. All
    • you already know in connection with the Christ Event you might ask:
    • of Jesus of Nazareth had been very specially prepared for this event.
    • what we are told in the Gospels are the events of Palestine and the
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • event is described in the Bible as a sudden illumination, yet those
    • the Event of Christ and in the Event of Golgotha the central point of
    • other event spoken of in the Bible as “the first
    • Atlantean times, and up to the time of Christ. Then came the Event of
    • vision of Damascus. He realised that in the Event of Golgotha
    • receive later through the Christ Event.
    • events came to pass which later led to the Events of Palestine.
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • precisely by everyday events that the communications of the
    • ego feels strong as regards its understanding of things and events.
    • shown by his ability to grasp the connections of such events as he
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • to understand that every event must be prepared for, that owing to
    • seventh day. With a small idea it always happens on the seventh day
    • experienced through the events of Palestine by Jesus Christ, as a
    • in prophetic images as the Events of Christ in the Gospel according
    • the Christ Event took place, the Gospel of Matthew was a good
    • And for the seventh
    • Then in the seventh
    • Gospel will be first understood in the seventh period, and people
    • to develop in the seventh period up to the time of the next
    • we have something like a repetition of the Event of Paul on the way to
    • refers to an eventual materialistic acceptance of Christ.
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • Event of Palestine. What this moment meant we know from many things
    • evolutionary event such as this that took place through the
    • and in the middle of this period the Christ-Event took place. In the
    • between the seventh and the first. We are here concerned with
    • age will reappear in the seventh age in another form — yet so
    • its influence, which had preceded the Christ-Event, was carried over
    • worldly events. Hence many of the thoughts and ideas found among the
    • arose, spread, and entered Europe six hundred years after the Event
    • events know that, however much they are opposed to Arabism, Arabian
    • event — a macrocosmic event that takes place, and finds
    • to think of the Christ-Event as the single point on which
    • capable of experiencing a renewal of the event of Damascus. If only
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: IV: The Path of Theosophy from Former Ages until Now
    Matching lines:
    • and it has often been explained that since the eleventh, twelfth and
    • since the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries it
    • of these things, showing how up to his seventh year he is concerned
    • backwards to the sixth and seventh, or to the twelfth and thirteenth
    • Rhapsodists of the seventh to the twelfth century; the men wandered
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture One: On the Investigation and Communication of Spiritual Truths
    Matching lines:
    • still have been able to describe the events in Palestine even
    • authority for what we have to say about the Christ Event is
    • events in Palestine. And in the end we recognise that in
    • intellectual difficulties about the events in Palestine but
    • what it says about the significance of the Christ Event for
    • the accounts of the events in Palestine as they have been
    • one single survey of the events which comprise what we call
    • significance of the Christ Event for humanity — emphasis was
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Two: Higher Knowledge and Man's Life of Soul
    Matching lines:
    • recognise this. The four accounts of the events in Palestine
    • know that in spiritual life an object or a being or an event
    • the great Christ Event from four different aspects and that
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Three: The Tasks of the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch
    Matching lines:
    • period in human life, from birth to the seventh year. During
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Four: The Symbolic Language of the Macrocosm in the Gospel of St. Mark
    Matching lines:
    • worlds. But the Christ Event meant that something had come to
    • entered into him. From the moment when in an event of supreme
    • event, as the story of Jesus of Nazareth, which culminated in
    • and of the Hierarchies. And now, through the events in
    • never as an historic event, concentrated into a few years. It
    • write of an historic event which in fact fulfils a rule of
    • such a way that this great event might come to pass and
    • this is connected with an event foretold by the Hebrew
    • the prophet Isaiah points to the greatest event in all
    • what the event of Palestine was to mean.
    • Christ-event. What is the fundamental significance of the
    • Christ-event had therefore to describe the way into the
    • Both of them wished to call attention to the crucial event in
    • Pisces, the Fishes. Moreover because every outer event is a
    • external, historical events and at the same time profoundly
    • events in Palestine. It is cosmic-astronomical events which
    • Events on the
    • events in Palestine are pointing, as it were in a play of
    • what is meant by saying that earthly events are shadows of
    • macrocosmic events and you will then have taken the first
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Five: The Two Main Streams of Post-Atlantean Civilisation
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world and the external events correspond to what is
    • mind to grasp such a thought. If we say that the events
    • show that the events are authentic history, we then incline
    • attain his own ideal! In dealing with great events, however,
    • who do not understand that external events have a
    • recall what you already know about the Christ-event, you will
    • Jesus of Nazareth was specially prepared for this event. In
    • the events in Palestine and of the Mystery of Golgotha.
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Six: The Son of God and the Son of Man. The Sacrifice of Orpheus
    Matching lines:
    • the event is described in the Bible as a sudden revelation,
    • will make it clear that St. Paul regards the Event of
    • humanity and that he links this Event directly with what is
    • the Event of Golgotha.
    • the Event of Golgotha something occurred that was exactly
    • the impulse to ascend again so that he might eventually
    • the opening stage, was a preparation for the Christ Event and
    • spoken in connection with the event portrayed as the descent
    • been attained). The events which then culminated in the
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Seven: The Higher Members of Man's Constitution
    Matching lines:
    • events. In laughter, our ‘I’ gathers such
    • healthy-minded at all events — the cause of genuine sorrow
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Eight: Laws of Rhythm in the Domain of Soul-and-Spirit.
    Matching lines:
    • understand that every event must be prepared for and occur at
    • be alert to what may happen on the seventh day. In the case
    • that on the seventh day we don't really know what to do
    • Christ Jesus during the events in Palestine will be lived
    • difficult in the future to see how a prototypal event in
    • Christ Event actually occurred. For our own time the same can
    • for the seventh post-Atlantean epoch. Men will then stand in
    • will eventually feel the blood, which is the expression of
    • In the seventh
    • not until the seventh epoch will the scientific nature of
    • seventh epoch up to the time of the next great catastrophe.
    • event experienced by Paul at the gate of Damascus, but to
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Nine: The Moon-Religion of Jahve and its Reflection in Arabism
    Matching lines:
    • and particularly of the crucial point reached in the events
    • during which the Christ event took place — and our own fifth
    • epochs and between the seventh and first. Here we are
    • epoch will reappear in the seventh in a different but
    • prevents our discussing adequately to-day, we may say: Taking
    • the Christ Event, in the religion of the Crescent, carrying
    • happenings in the starry heavens with earthly events. Thus
    • Event the renewed Moon-cult of the Arabians appears,
    • outer course of events, if you know how in the monasteries of
    • after the Christ Event, as a result of happenings that are
    • sixth/seventh century up to the twelfth/thirteenth century —
    • the Christ Event as the single point on which the scales of
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Ten: Rosicrucian WIsdom in Folk-Mythology
    Matching lines:
    • the course of events in that century it was bound to
    • emphasised that since the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth
    • worked as the true Rosicrucian spirit since the eleventh,
    • development of the physical body up to the seventh year, of
    • seventh or even the twelfth and thirteenth centuries of our
    • Flower-Queen caused a thick hedge to grow to prevent the
    • the minstrels of the seventh, eighth or even thirteenth
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Eleven: Kyrios, The Lord of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • of St. John, St. Luke and St. Matthew and the great event in
    • growing realisation of the greatness of this unique event. We
    • wished to describe the great event from a special angle, just
    • particular of the great event in Palestine.
    • St. John gives us insight into the great events in Palestine
    • referring to the event which was to be of supreme
    • of human evolution the important steps which are eventually
    • Such an event
    • all events in the evolution of humanity. You will now
    • fundamentally know nothing, explain events in humanity by
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Twelve: Mystery Teachings in St. Mark's Gospel
    Matching lines:
    • these mysteries, was to come to pass through the events of
    • other Initiates, regard this event to which he was pointing
    • events in Palestine, the most important in the whole process
    • Christ Jesus did was connected with macrocosmic events. Think
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Thirteen: The Voice of the Angelos and the Speech of the Exousiai
    Matching lines:
    • the Exousiai, who as I have said, speak through events of
  • Title: Universal Human: Lecture Three: The Lord of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • have tried to recreate in our minds the great event in Palestine, the
    • an ever-increasing appreciation of this unique event in our souls. I
    • great event from one perspective only, just as we take pictures or
    • consider the great event of Palestine from one particular
    • gives us an insight into these events from a perspective we may call
    • be acquired. For Isaiah pointed to the great, tremendous event that
    • was to be the most significant event in human evolution. What was he
    • the time of the Christ event, it entered an evolutionary
    • an event occurred when the individuality who lived in Elijah was
    • greatest event in human evolution. You then
    • many learned ignoramuses try to interpret spiritual events by
    • who really do not know anything, interpret human events from the
    • steps on a map, you have a diagram of a cosmic event: the influence
    • of repetition of the Zarathustra events had to occur in the body of

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