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  • Title: The Ego: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • as inspired occultists, wanted to represent this great event each from
    • look into many things for which the superficial world of the present
    • I must represent in contrast; that we in our time have become to a
    • the present should be sincere, and say of the words at the beginning
    • direct understanding of the present. We have tried this summer to do
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: I: A Retrospect
    Matching lines:
    • present day language for the sake of all humanity. In order to do
    • present century has contributed towards an understanding of the
    • problem and the figure of Christ. If this satisfied present day
    • present studies, and gives tone to the feeling that fills our souls
    • tone and the waves of feeling that are present when certain words
    • present a system or a survey of those great events comprised within
    • four Gospels do present us with these four view points, and that in
    • the present day. Advance in knowledge brings illumination to us
    • communications and presentations of spiritual facts to a human soul?
    • communications are necessary to the culture of the present time. If
    • of reverence is placed before our souls. Our present day morality is
    • present I only wish to say that it was then possible to express in a
    • Mystery not as a hook of instruction, but as an artistic presentation
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: II: Some Practical Points of View
    Matching lines:
    • we tried to present a
    • the present stage of development. Much more could be said regarding
    • allow that the truths presented to us by those who can bring them
    • presents to us with our understanding, but begin to interpret these
    • accept and understand them presents the very greatest
    • that surrounds us we acknowledge that on every side it presents to us
    • to the present conditions of the earth, so the animal forms of that
    • understood by us, it would present something that reached to
    • constructed of this in our present incarnation must be sought in some
    • attain ego perception (Ich-wahrnehmung). The ego is present, even
    • instincts are active in us, they represent a force. Though the outer
    • from the presentations of the outer world which come to him through
    • possible regarding our presentments of truths, more especially of our
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • present day we desire to find how we stand as regards our own
    • present day really belongs to all seven ages of the post-Atlantean
    • the 21st year, represents the development of the astral body. Then
    • present day. Such regular differentiations as we find in the first
    • present in the post-Atlantean age, we have already within us the
    • that time. This ancient wisdom was present in the first Indian period
    • was therefore entirely different in character from present day
    • genius; but this does not take them very far. At the present day the
    • post-Atlantean) in which knowledge was presented in such a way that
    • this had been done, each section would have been presented in
    • with the task of beginning in our present incarnation to gather more
    • born again in the age following our present one. But he will have to
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • kingdoms. But in the case of Christ Jesus something was present by
    • in our own language; not only in presenting them theoretically to our
    • For speech at that time was totally different from the present manner
    • The present epoch was preceded by one in which men still carried over
    • I have said that the ego was already present to a certain extent, but
    • words an image is presented to us by which the whole spiritual world may
    • drawn represents the vault of the heavens one kind of force streams
    • must describe what the Macrocosm, that is the forces represented by
    • divination of what it is that is here presented to us. We must
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • possible at present to bring to the understanding of its members all
    • already concluded and the fourth is that we are in at present. We
    • body remains. But this is not possible under present conditions of
    • live when the laws present at death are active in it. These laws did
    • only be made by an organism in which an ego dwells. The present day
    • present the pictures the world presents to it are no longer there;
    • intended as a mere poetic image, but is an occult truth presented
    • rising to the spiritual world. Such animal forms represent the
    • only represent different sides of the same matter. Events then happen
    • so that spiritual powers, when represented as hostile forces, make
    • takes place there. Present day methods of thought do not grasp such
    • present day liberal theologians, for instance, is to present the
    • those such as we see in their highest representative in the great
    • Nazareth. Hence the story of the temptation has here to be presented
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • that is, than the revelations of spiritual worlds presented to me by
    • here presented to us as the divine revelation of Spiritual Powers
    • they originally presented to us. So that it is in all great works of
    • that time to have a feeling, a presentiment, that something entirely
    • depths of which our present age is only beginning to have some
    • one re-incarnation, two parts of his development are presented which
    • the moment to which at the present time memory extends. If we trace
    • memory ceases. Although you were present, and have perhaps been told
    • within the great world. At present he loses this. He has no later
    • nor are we ripe enough, to experience our own Karma at the present
    • among us at the present day, what is he? He is in the first place the
    • present day, a man is the physical son of his father and of his
    • characteristics of the Goethe family, and would present Goethe as the
    • main thing, it was only his shell, his outer presentment. For them
    • form a foundation, for the evolved human ego is not yet present. But
    • present, were you to carry this thought further and picture it
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • them at the present day the most certain, most concrete idealism. And
    • of the present day do not wish to believe in this man of soul and
    • from the drama that it should represent the victory of the person who
    • is overtaken by misery. It is no aesthetic representation of life
    • sound to laugh at one when represented on the stage. Burlesques and
    • through such artistic presentations, though it is inhuman to laugh at
    • representations or in actual life. We must allow that if our ego is
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • so-called ideals for mankind are certainly not wanting at the present
    • to take place at fixed times. It is exceedingly difficult for present
    • representative, will be lived through by the whole of humanity in the
    • wisdom could say: The form in which the ego dwells at present
    • Nazareth is presented to us throughout the course of his long
    • present this as regards our day in the words of the Rosicrucian
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: III: Excursus: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • reflected from the moon; this represents exactly what is met with
    • arbitrarily, but are deeply rooted in the things they represent. When
    • any religion or world-faith is represented by a symbol, this
    • represents, for those who know how to interpret it, the essential
    • a certain extent of a symbolism which sees the moon as representing
    • spite of other factors being present, had an effect on these later
    • religion of Jehova is represented by the symbol of the moon in
    • purification through the culture of the Renaissance. At present we
    • the Buddha we presented to you in our studies on the Gospel of Luke,
    • oriental legend, as we know, represents Buddha as entering Nirvana
    • changed form in which it exists at the present time. We are obliged
    • development of Europe, you will see that we are standing at present
    • everywhere sporadically at the present day, and that old ideas become
    • present confusion. It will be realised that a great part of what is
    • the present day. The physical body is not something shut off within
    • scientists and thinkers of the present day who had, however, been
    • most primitive ideas, led everything back to heredity and presented
  • Title: Excursus/Mark: IV: The Path of Theosophy from Former Ages until Now
    Matching lines:
    • possible, although it might be a help to present day understanding,
    • affected other souls at the present time. It is only on certain
    • at the present time.
    • a kind of duty at the present time to make of these spiritual.
    • present path theosophy can attain to no scientific existence, and
    • anticipate; for the present we are thankful for the beautiful
    • already become “present” for us to-day, and will continue
    • mentioned. This spirit that is active at present as the Rosicrucian
    • by studying the education of man, we have presented clear conceptions
    • Why are there souls present to-day who understand the views and ideas
    • have described, so your forefathers (which means many souls present
    • king's son. He rode forth and came presently to a deep ditch,
    • as a fitting present to her those horses that he had taken care of.
    • the kingdoms of nature through their representatives — the
    • were presented with a wonderful picture. Every time the king's
    • Formerly, people were presented with a picture. The king's son
    • represents this in such a way that the soul, by which Ritter Wahn
    • in order to raise his own soul (represented by Morgana) ever higher,
    • they come? Where had they learnt how to present such pictures to the
    • thoughts we would impress on your souls at the present time, being
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture One: On the Investigation and Communication of Spiritual Truths
    Matching lines:
    • [When the present lecture-course was given,
    • into account not only the immediate interests of our present
    • also to translate into the language of present-day culture
    • We find that the four Gospels do, in fact, present four
    • the intellectual needs of the present day.
    • been able to present about the mysteries and realities of the
    • them by reference to the normal feeling for truth present in
    • does this communication and presentation of spiritual facts
    • the present incarnation to look into the spiritual world
    • great moral laws of the spiritual world is here presented to
    • for our Well-being and blessing, are present in our physical
    • For the present I will merely say that in the Play it was
    • instruction but as an artistic representation of the
    • standpoints. We have presented the general line of progress
    • we shall continue our task of presenting the Christ-problem,
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Two: Higher Knowledge and Man's Life of Soul
    Matching lines:
    • presentation. We can get an approximate idea of an object if
    • been repeatedly pointed out that the four accounts present
    • human physical organism as it presents itself to the methods
    • which man has passed before reaching his present level.
    • sense-world presents to us. Spiritual truths are brought down
    • the present Earth, so must the animal forms of that earlier
    • could really experience the ‘I’, it would present
    • theosophical terms what was presented in those lectures
    • way in the present incarnation we must look to earlier
    • instincts represent something that is active within us,
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Three: The Tasks of the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch
    Matching lines:
    • man of the present age. The regularity apparent in the first
    • present in the Old Indian epoch as a heritage from still
    • that is to say, knowledge presented in such a way that it
    • be presented as an entirely logical exposition in the
    • present one. There is, however, another way of doing things,
    • is represented by Kantianism and everything related to it.
    • where in its present form it must be given new life through
    • repetition is at present only just beginning. Indications of
    • from what Astronomy has at present to offer it would be easy
    • our present incarnation we are faced with the task of
    • their own efforts. Copernicanism as presented to-day is not
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Four: The Symbolic Language of the Macrocosm in the Gospel of St. Mark
    Matching lines:
    • the open in Palestine, presented there as an historical
    • Nazareth, in whom the Christ was present, something happened
    • souls of men will not be as they are at present. This time is
    • present — in a certain sense; but complete assurance that
    • the ‘I’ was in a certain sense already present,
    • Pisces (representing the progress from John the Baptist to
    • that this circle represents the vault of heaven and imagine
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Five: The Two Main Streams of Post-Atlantean Civilisation
    Matching lines:
    • to present the parts of St. Mark's Gospel which are not
    • existence and in the present stage of Earth-evolution his
    • present conditions of earthly existence make this impossible.
    • organism in which an ‘I’ is present can perceive
    • ‘I’ cannot be present there is no longer any
    • The narratives are not mere legends but presentations of
    • poetical presentation of an occult reality.
    • of this kind the historical and pictorial elements represent
    • enabled him to describe the temptation presented in his
    • understood. Hence their Gospels present different aspects of
    • differs from what is usually said at the present time.
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Six: The Son of God and the Son of Man. The Sacrifice of Orpheus
    Matching lines:
    • the scribes.’ — To a man of the present age, however
    • affairs of whole groups of peoples. When a man of the present
    • professor of philosophy whose view, presented in a very
    • mountain and contemplate the spectacle there presented, we
    • what the writer of St. Mark's Gospel wished to present
    • present him as the sum-total of those characteristics. That
    • then, that Orpheus experienced as representative of the
    • stage the developed human ‘I’ is not yet present.
    • present, in its highest form, the consciousness otherwise
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Seven: The Higher Members of Man's Constitution
    Matching lines:
    • soul-and-spirit. But present-day materialists will not
    • for example, with some artificial representation given merely
    • mere representation of misery — unless in the representation
    • only the trivial things in life shall be represented. But it
    • representation of folly; and it was a very sound
    • ‘folk-therapy’ to present to the people in comedy
    • representation of folly, and there is no healthier laughter
    • representation of these things is to have its proper
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Eight: Laws of Rhythm in the Domain of Soul-and-Spirit.
    Matching lines:
    • particularly characteristic of the present day? There is no
    • them, and indeed to the present time:
    • relevant to the present time. The destiny lived through by
    • facts of the spiritual life as presented by Spiritual Science
    • the form in which certain things are presented by St. Mark is
    • present, it cannot function; in this form it must be killed
    • past, not to the present. In the past, such a truth was
    • present age we can be inspired in a special way by the
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Nine: The Moon-Religion of Jahve and its Reflection in Arabism
    Matching lines:
    • represent the exact sense in which the two ideas should be
    • with what it represents. People to-day have in many ways lost
    • the course of evolution. Thus conditions present in
    • the Moon, contrasted with the Sun, as the symbol representing
    • Spain: this represents a re-emergence, in a different form,
    • should therefore expect him to represent a glorious union of
    • present time a renewed influx of the Buddha-stream is taking
    • of the Buddha-stream which were not hitherto present in
    • of the future. Buddha is presented to us in the legend in the
    • way into the present; old ideas are becoming useless and are
    • clarity to replace the present confusion in this field of
    • new concepts. The present phase of evolution makes it evident
    • that to have a genuine grasp of the facts presented by
    • into our present culture. This is the Mercury-stream, the
    • transform their faculties that a new conception of present
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Ten: Rosicrucian WIsdom in Folk-Mythology
    Matching lines:
    • upon others at the present time. It is only now and then that
    • desire to experience what can be achieved in the present
    • like all of you here — are growing up at the present time,
    • been present in the depths of men's souls, although it
    • spiritual life were still present, although in a different
    • beautiful presentation given by Oetinger, which will
    • present and should be recognised as such. But those who
    • centuries is present in our Theosophical Movement in a more
    • present although only at that time did it assume Rosicrucian
    • have been present among us for years, sharing our experiences
    • present here to-day — were born during past centuries into a
    • era when many of those present here were incarnated, and
    • Dragon. You cannot get near at present for this is a time
    • performed his task. The Dragon-mother then presented him with
    • which was rung to summon the representatives of the kingdoms
    • and wisdom. In earlier times this truth was presented in
    • mature to listen to the different kind of presentation given
    • Time and Space represent our threefold sheath.
    • Flower-Queen's daughter — represents the union with
    • represented by Morgana, to higher and higher stages during
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Eleven: Kyrios, The Lord of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • what corresponded to our present B — it always evoked in him
    • present in its fulness in Jesus of Nazareth. It is of the
    • be presented in pictures. Christ Jesus draws to Himself those
    • of rain and sunshine are present; as soon as the relation
    • present in a body of flesh when in reality the Christ is
    • together at the point where the physical body is present. For
    • first lines the Gospel of St. Mark presents us with a vista
    • develops his ‘I’, or that he was present on the
    • in the present age. An attempt to do this was made in the
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Twelve: Mystery Teachings in St. Mark's Gospel
    Matching lines:
    • respect. Those of you who were present at the lecture-course
    • could only result in abstractions. And so I tried to present
    • representation of the sentient soul, hence the sound I (ee)
    • spectacle presented in the firmament reveals the mystery of
    • present in the figure of Jesus of Nazareth moving about
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Twelve Answers to Questions
    Matching lines:
    • now, and at present, the opposite has been the case. Such
    • those times, were also called Dionysius, presented a faithful
  • Title: Background/Mark: Lecture Thirteen: The Voice of the Angelos and the Speech of the Exousiai
    Matching lines:
    • present incarnation back to his birth is unrolled before him
  • Title: Universal Human: Lecture Three: The Lord of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • authors were inspired occultists and each wanted to represent this
    • circumlocutions to find again what was simply present in the words in
    • spiritual word, as presented in the Zend-Avesta, was transformed

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