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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • states of clairvoyance. Between our matter-of-fact waking consciousness,
    • back to ancient clairvoyance, to clairvoyant states of the human soul
    • it saw in the pictures contained in myths, fairy-tales and legends. So
    • that in old, genuinely old myths, fairy-tales and legends, more knowledge,
    • ancient times, we-find men who were clairvoyant; we know too that this
    • clairvoyance faded away more and more among the various peoples in the
    • remains of this ancient clairvoyance still survived. The extinguishing
    • of clairvoyance and the advent of consciousness limited to the physical
    • he was clothed in the skins of animals, was covered with hair, was like
    • ancient clairvoyance, clairvoyant knowledge, clairvoyant perception.
    • for that reason has carried over ancient clairvoyance into later times
    • clairvoyance an the one hand, and an the other hand he is a young soul
    • of what proceeds from Gilgamish and Eabani. Clairvoyance from the divine
    • man, Gilgamish, and clairvoyance from the young soul, Eabani, penetrate
    • actually within the animals, plants and minerals, in air and water,
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • effect that a fair motif would be that a master, taking the subject
    • which emanated from the old clairvoyant knowledge and are expressed
    • in the characters of legends and fairy-tales, have interpreters of the
    • of our civilisation, nevertheless the truth must be faced fairly and
    • epoch twilight had already fallen over the natural human clairvoyance,
    • means that he was still covered with hair like the men of primeval times,
    • bodily Organisation conditioned by it, still possessed ancient clairvoyance.
    • where the priests directed the common spiritual affairs of a city or
    • could be for him as it were the clairvoyant sense which enabled him
    • this: he was as it were “infected” by Eabani with a clairvoyant
    • shown to us in the picture of the regaining of a certain clairvoyance, of
    • its ancient Atlantean surroundings, when, still clairvoyant, it had
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • if we go hark from Aristotle, we see the powers of the old clairvoyance
    • souls and young souls, with the old clairvoyance behind them, are placed
    • sake of continuity in the Theosophical Society and in fairness; but
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • and Egyptian epochs represents a descent from clairvoyant vision to
    • forms of culture imbued with clairvoyance. The Egypto-Babylonian-Chaldean
    • epoch, man descends from the old clairvoyant conditions which enabled
    • implicit in clairvoyant culture was, to begin with, uncertain and indistinct
    • the Tower of Babel was bound to be an unhappy affair. Infinite depths
    • fact this measure persisted until fairly recently—when everything
    • the desire being that neither element should be impaired by the other.
    • the ancient Gods and the ancient Mysteries, was fairly vehement on all
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • to clairvoyant vision appear in later epochs in materialistic form.
    • they are that which, seen by clairvoyance, flows as a kind of reflection
    • the earth as a whole. To the clairvoyant vision which with the help
    • will give you an example of this, because it lies fairly near our own
    • strange effect upon people. He was clairvoyant — I can allude
    • literary and historical work dealing with Oberlin and these affairs:
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • would fair lay in your hearts: Regard what has been said as the starting-point

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