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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
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    • for example about the reincarnations of the great leader of the ancient
    • be able to picture that in ancient times — and in Post-Atlantean
    • back to ancient clairvoyance, to clairvoyant states of the human soul
    • ancient times, we-find men who were clairvoyant; we know too that this
    • remains of this ancient clairvoyance still survived. The extinguishing
    • through the ancient Indian, ancient Persian, Egypto-Chaldean, Greco-Latin
    • to the spiritual world. In ancient Persian and also in ancient Egyptian
    • of the spiritual worlds is sought consciously. Thus in ancient
    • we come to the first Post-Atlantean culture-epoch, the ancient Indian;
    • this was followed by the second, the ancient Persian; this by the third,
    • shall not understand happenings then — of which ancient history is
    • ancient clairvoyance, clairvoyant knowledge, clairvoyant perception.
    • else than the search for the secrets of ancient Atlantis, for happenings
    • for that reason has carried over ancient clairvoyance into later times
    • nature; but because of this very wildness he is still endowed with ancient
    • many of the ancient, holy secrets which proclaimed the connection of
    • of the clash between the personality and what had survived from ancient
    • the ancient Pagan-Grecian stream, the Christian stream and the
    • working in Alexandria seem to be embodiments of ancient wisdom transformed
    • them. The singular fact is that everything in ancient Paganism that
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
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    • that certain events in the more ancient history of mankind can be rightly
    • occult facts — namely, that souls who lived in ancient epochs
    • Post-Atlantean period, for the whole of historical development in ancient
    • Chaldea, in ancient Babylonia. But we must now also observe from the
    • spiritual culture of ancient Babylonia and Chaldea. — Now Gilgamish
    • to do with a young soul and in Gilgamish with an old soul in ancient
    • bodily Organisation conditioned by it, still possessed ancient clairvoyance.
    • of ancient times there was a kind of collective consciousness. A man
    • a whole, uniting fingers, toes, hands, legs, so did man in very ancient
    • still persisted in the early city-communities, even in ancient Greece.
    • in ancient times arose because the temple-priests of one city were carried
    • transformed into the spiritual. In the historical facts of ancient times
    • its ancient Atlantean surroundings, when, still clairvoyant, it had
    • great inaugurator of ancient Egyptian culture, it must be said that
    • has not been fully achieved. Hence historical development in ancient
    • of ancient Egypt there was greater interplay between these two aspects,
    • in the ancient culture of Babylonia they fell apart. And within what
    • of this Gilgamish in a picture that suggests the symbol of the ancient
    • centaur. Such ancient symbols correspond more closely to reality than
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • development proceeds during the ancient Indian period paramountly in
    • the etheric body, during the ancient Persian period in the astral body,
    • ancient Indian epoch, man's development proceeded at a level below
    • the realm of the ego itself. The ancient Indian, pre-Vedic culture was
    • himself to participate actively in this further development. The ancient
    • that this ancient Indian culture must be attributed to a kind of activity
    • the activity of the ego had, so to speak, to be substituted in the ancient
    • soul of the ancient Indian. To describe what took place in the etheric
    • bodies of ancient Indian souls, we can say: it was a dim, half-slumbering
    • body. It may rightly be said that the soul of the ancient Indian was
    • in the etheric body of the ancient Indian. And what was then woven into
    • In ancient Persian culture,
    • to the ancient Persian culture received the influence of a super-sensible
    • could not behold them with the direct vision of the people of ancient
    • characterise as that of ancient Greece which contemplated the human
    • In him the remains of ancient culture and the dawn of a new culture
    • incarnated in the ancient Indian and then in the Persian epoch could
    • mode of life of the ancient Greek and in his creations. See how the
    • — not as taught by the Spiritualist, but as by the post Ancient
    • the influence of the ancient Mystery-teachings, into which forces streamed
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • the ego working in the ego. The culture of the ancient Indian, Persian
    • speaking. It was not so among the Sumerians, this ancient people whose
    • to specific realities, so that in those ancient times a thing could
    • was still alive. So that language in ancient times — and in the
    • the erection of sacred buildings in ancient times was guided by certain
    • In ancient Babylon there
    • and one that can point us deeply into the souls of the ancient Babylonians.
    • century something that stems from the mission of the ancient Babylonians,
    • in man, the macrocosm, In point of fact the ancient Babylonian way of
    • heavens, reaches over to us from ancient times. Everything has to nun
    • form similar to that which prevailed in the ancient Babylonians and
    • much that went to form the ancient Egyptian view of the world is being
    • emergence of ancient Babylonian culture in the age when mankind is an
    • One of these pupils says: “If these things had been known in ancient
    • as an ancient heritage of thousands of years.
    • the ancient Gods and the ancient Mysteries, was fairly vehement on all
    • vestiges not only of ancient Paganism but of ancient spirituality still
    • he was so deeply drawn. And then he came to know such treasures of ancient
    • strange spectacle that one who is inspired by the ancient Mysteries,
    • what he beheld as the active, weaving life of the ancient spirituality.
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • ancient Indian soul which may be said to have been simply an arena for
    • the inflowing of higher spiritual Beings. In the soul of the ancient
    • ancient Indians, the ancient Persians, the Babylonians, Chaldeans and
    • periods. Into the ancient Indian soul, which created the civilisation
    • it is true to say that when a man of ancient India spoke, when he gave
    • in the ancient Indian mode of speech that an element foreign to the
    • through the souls of the ancient Persian people, for they were Beings
    • nature than what the Angels could express through the ancient Indians.
    • In the ancient Persians,
    • the immediate pupils of the inspirer of the ancient Persian culture,
    • of the ancient Persians the primal Divinity, Zervana Akarana, reveals
    • himself through the two opposing powers, Ormuzd and Ahriman. The ancient
    • of the twelve macrocosmic powers. The ancient Persians pictured the
    • the first time in the ancient Persian epoch, but finally they worked
    • to indicate to you the configuration of soul in the man of ancient Persian
    • The Angels worked as inspirers of the ancient Indians; the Archangels
    • similarly in the ancient Persians, but here the influence of the human
    • and minerals. They had also worked in times more ancient still. But
    • that of the Archangels in the ancient Persian and of the Angels in the
    • ancient Indian epoch, we come to the period when the Atlantean cataclysm
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • This, as we have shown, was the case in the culture of the ancient Greeks.
    • achievements were in truth ancient Mystery-wisdom translated into terms
    • ancient wisdom received by the forefathers from the spiritual worlds
    • that the ancient wisdom has become abstraction, living worlds have been
    • stands at the terminal point of the ancient stream — something
    • treasures of the temple-wisdom, when the teachers of the ancient Greek
    • bring down the spiritual to the physical plane. In those ancient times

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