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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
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    • working in world history and in the karma of human beings.
    • our knowledge we become different human beings. In a certain respect,
    • process, through the millennia up to our own times, spiritual Beings,
    • events in history, this or that human being appears with his whole soul,
    • his whole being, as an instrument of spiritual Individualities standing
    • with these individual Beings of the higher Hierarchies. When we look back,
    • human beings if we attempt to do so merely by analogy with those living
    • in mind, so that working behind some human being an the physical plane
    • we can discern discern a Being of the higher Hierarchies who, as it
    • humanity has ever been able to tell of events behind which stand Beings
    • out of the earth. Eabani is a kind of human being who, in comparison
    • the Goddess carries her complaints to that deity, that Being of the
    • man of earth who has remained immortal, whereas all other human beings
    • he has knowledge of his eternal being; how comes it that he is conscious
    • was there undergone, you can experience only in your innermost being;
    • seven mystic loaves which by being eaten are to be a substitute for what
    • Gilgamish — into whom a divine-spiritual being has penetrated;
    • and an individuality who is more of a human being, but of such a nature
    • being clothed in skins of animals. This is an indication of his wild
    • a being who was ready for initiation but was not able to attain it,
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
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    • working in world history and in the karma of human beings.
    • in question, as through instruments, Beings are working who allow their
    • that these Beings cannot take direct hold of the physical facts of our
    • physical world, they must make use of the physical human being
    • We find the influence and penetration of such Beings of the higher world
    • through human beings has ever ceased; it continues even into our own
    • which link our knowledge, our thinking, our willing, with the Beings
    • But even this belief in ideas as factors in history is gradually being
    • human beings. The time is now past when spirits such as Herder, as if
    • worked through human beings right up to our own century — and
    • time in the course of history? — None other than Beings of higher
    • Hierarchies! The Maid of Orleans was an outer Instrument of these Beings,
    • is now being given in the domain of Spiritual Science he would have
    • different epochs in a different way through human beings who are their
    • few human beings had outlasted, on the earth itself, the happenings
    • in connection with human souls being younger or older in this sense,
    • epoch, we should find that the majority of human beings then on the
    • been lost. In the case of Gilgamish, the Being who was to reveal himself
    • the human being still in a savage state. Thus the more advanced Gilgamish
    • himself. So it would be with any human being if he began to look back
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
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    • working in world history and in the karma of human beings.
    • and development of human beings, is modified through the intervention
    • being appears over and over again in new incarnations; it is also true
    • or between the earlier and the later incarnations of the human being
    • extent, and use the human being as an instrument. This applies particularly
    • time being to the Post-Atlantean period, we can speak of a law according
    • of human nature. We now indicate the other members of man's being,
    • members of man's being we can say: in the Post-Atlantean epoch
    • — that is to say, in the fifth member of man's being if we count
    • Indian soul by higher Beings who came down into human beings and inspired
    • it was that was infused into the soul by Beings of the higher Hierarchies,
    • of the soul itself, the efforts of the central core of man's being.
    • And just as man himself will then be working in his own being,
    • so did Beings of the higher Hierarchies once work into and upon the
    • an arena where superhuman work was performed; higher Beings were working
    • makes itself felt as an independent, inner member of man's being,
    • higher Beings came down in a certain way into the core of man's
    • effect in the very kernel of his being, and the man beheld and experienced
    • what this spiritual Being inspired into him. When the man of our time
    • being in a simpler, more direct way, always presenting the purely human,
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • working in world history and in the karma of human beings.
    • means of expression for what is being thought This is evident from the
    • not be other than they are if they are to designate the beings in question,
    • in those times designate some object or being otherwise than by a specific
    • mature to the stage of being able again to ascend to the spiritual worlds.
    • and not as a child, who moves about as a healthy, not as a sick being,
    • said: “That is the time in which a healthy human being could complete
    • as a healthy human being, neither too quickly nor too slowly around
    • much that went to form the ancient Egyptian view of the world is being
    • number of days being 1,428. Strange to say, 1,428 days after the grandmother's
    • the desire being that neither element should be impaired by the other.
    • of a man of the 4th century, of an entirely personal human being whose
    • super-sensible reality everywhere underlies the human being in his physical
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • working in world history and in the karma of human beings.
    • over from one incarnation into another; but that what spiritual Beings
    • abundance the impulses of the time and the influences of beings working
    • have worked, through human beings, into all the civilisation-epochs
    • the inflowing of higher spiritual Beings. In the soul of the ancient
    • certain sense at any rate, to say which particular Beings of the higher
    • immediately following the Atlantean catastrophe, the Beings we call
    • higher than man, the Angel is the hierarchical Being most closely related
    • human comes most strongly into evidence, because the Angel, as the Being
    • was less possible for the Beings of the higher Hierarchies who spoke
    • through the souls of the ancient Persian people, for they were Beings
    • of the next higher rank — the Archangels. And because these Beings
    • the human being derives from the macrocosm, and that the phenomena of
    • expression, the image, of Zervana Akarana, of the primal reality of Being
    • macrocosmic Beings who had already worked in former ages, preparing
    • twelve Archangel-Beings working from the twelve directions of the Zodiac,
    • previously, in the Indian epoch. The Persians called the Beings of the
    • 28 to 31. The Izads, therefore, are Beings who give rise to a less lofty
    • it has been known that what comes to manifestation in the human being
    • from the macrocosm into the human microcosm, the human being who moves
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • working in world history and in the karma of human beings.
    • them to birth, are being slowly and gradually prepared. So that in a
    • way by forces outside man. Hence what lies in the human being himself,
    • decline Greek culture was being prepared. During the decline of the
    • worlds by the Beings who lead and guide human evolution.
    • of higher spiritual Beings. It was through these higher spiritual Beings
    • laid by higher Beings into these souls in the temple-sanctuaries.
    • are a stream of decline, the invariable consequence being that men begin
    • own inner life, his own subjective being. In the further course of Greek
    • of Beings of the higher Hierarchies They must have said to themselves
    • personalities who appeared in history; and they regarded the beings
    • men beheld sons of the gods — divine men, that is to say, beings
    • age have saints — human beings who lift themselves into
    • John the Baptist is the instrument of a higher Being.
    • then to give effect to the other side of his being in an age when the
    • that is now being given us through Spiritual Science. For outside Spiritual

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