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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • man penetrated into spiritual reality. And we know that what is nowadays
    • and science of the present day. Therefore when we look back to very
    • different epochs. In the Christmas lecture to-day
    • accessible to man to-day, the link between the human soul and the realities
    • to-day. This applies, shall we say, to Hermes, the great Teacher of the
    • already able to tell something to-day — unless behind the historical
    • and six days you refrain from sleep.” Gilgamish wishes to submit
    • would have been attained in the seven nights and six days without sleep.
    • spirituality. And on the very same day when a man, merely in order that
    • flings the burning torch on the day when Alexander the Great is born
    • to undergo much that in those days, too, imposed great hardships an
    • those days. And it was wonderful how in the lecture halls of Hypatia
    • On a day in March in the
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • the introductory lecture yesterday our attention was drawn to the fact
    • to-day regard it as quite impermissible, in face of the genuinely scientific
    • respect to-day it is regarded as the sign of an enlightened mind in
    • Those who want to be accounted very clever to-day, will say: “Well
    • when, as is the case to-day, historical documents can be passed over
    • that she remains uninterruptedly for six days — day and night
    • Written at Biteromis, the 21st day of June in the year 1429.
    • I showed you yesterday
    • has reached the point to-day of giving a little credence to the truths
    • in the materialistic science of to-day, calls for younger souls. And
    • to us in the pictures of the myth I outlined to you yesterday, a friend
    • and six days, this signifies nothing else than an exercise which was
    • of judging what he was, and it is the same to this day.
    • we are coming to the point to-day when materialism itself, if only it
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • into the human soul without that activity of the ego which we know to-day
    • different from that carried out by the human ego to-day; what is now
    • what was said yesterday about the spiritual Power working in the Maid
    • She brought the religious conceptions of her day to meet these revelations,
    • in the physical material — this art has had its day. In our time
    • of culture viewed from its occult aspect, Richard Wagner will one day
    • day?
    • also test what is being presented to-day from other quarters. And we
    • people to-day the ego is unconscious of successive incarnations, whereas
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • human progress. Our civilisation to-day is extremely complex, for many
    • is in the highest degree noteworthy. For the researcher can state to-day
    • anyone fail to realise to-day that thinking and speaking are two quite
    • when we have some definite object in mind to-day do we have a fundamentally
    • need 365¼ days to complete the circuit — and that is approximately
    • correct, assuming he walks day and night without pause. And so they
    • it is obvious that measure to-day is abstract in comparison with the
    • things of everyday life they took the number 12 as the basis, because,
    • fall an a fixed day in April, in order that the inconveniences caused
    • theories, all of which are materialistic to-day — they can be
    • A certain number of days before her death a grandchild is born, the
    • number of days being 1,428. Strange to say, 1,428 days after the grandmother's
    • death another grandchild is born, and a great-granddaughter 9,996 days
    • number divisible by seven. In short, the very facts compel people to-day
    • And already to-day the number of findings in this direction collected
    • to-day once again to recognise the spiritual, mathematical law prevailing
    • that in our own day we experience the echo of it; and that we shall
    • still a boy when he was forced to study law — all day long. But
    • which admittedly would no longer find the same credence to-day. On one
    • a few days of the date he had foretold. The news of this made the name of
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • such as those whom we were able, in the lecture yesterday, to follow
    • brief outline at least, came before us yesterday, the pictures of Julian
    • yesterday, if we realise that precisely because he had been an Initiate
    • Zodiac traversed by the sun by day; the other six towards the dark side
    • who study the materialistic physiology of to-day. But after all, we
    • with the fact that indications of them can be given to-day as part of
    • that these streams are to be regarded to-day as astral streams, whereas
    • it might be possible, even to-day, to observe these twelve streams.
    • on the geological data of the present day. When we go back before the
    • to-day. You can well conceive that at that time Spiritual Hierarchies
    • undervalued to-day.
    • develop as mere external learning. To use a prefix much in vogue nowadays,
    • real as with a living person. Day by day he made notes of what was happening
    • of those days. Such things, which can easily be underestimated and regarded
    • this is what I wanted to bring before you today — how the great
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • the lecture yesterday I drew your attention to the fact that very
    • I characterised yesterday in a certain way. This again has been petering
    • have called attention to the fast that Galileo was born on the day Michelangelo
    • mechanics, arise in a personality whose birth occurs on the same day
    • time. To-day, at this minor turning-point of time, it may be fitting

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