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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • history and will present historical facts and personalities in the light
    • states of clairvoyance. Between our matter-of-fact waking consciousness,
    • with the fact that wherever we have to do with historical personalities,
    • significant happenings — those which were determinative factors
    • strange fact that he has no understanding of the essential nature of
    • fact reflected on the physical plane. We shall of course only very
    • comes to wonderful expression in the fact that, as a result of the deeds
    • beginnings of Christianity. Indeed it was in Alexandria that the factors
    • them. The singular fact is that everything in ancient Paganism that
    • the individuality of the reborn Orphic pupil. The fact that she was
    • but in spite of her youth, in spite of the fact that she was obliged
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • the introductory lecture yesterday our attention was drawn to the fact
    • that these Beings cannot take direct hold of the physical facts of our
    • fact such as this will certainly, from he outset, be to some extent
    • But even this belief in ideas as factors in history is gradually being
    • occult facts — namely, that souls who lived in ancient epochs
    • communications which are based on the spiritual facts as so much lunacy.
    • fact that all those mighty pictures, those grand symbolical conceptions
    • Add to this the facts which cannot be refuted and are confirmed by actual
    • of what can be told about these facts from the Akasha Chronicle, but
    • facts and obviously point to the working of higher forces in our physical
    • Orleans. And when we also take into consideration the fact that through
    • for example, there lived a young soul. Yes, the facts show that it is
    • race. That again is what the facts tell us! It must be kept strictly
    • to grasp not only the essential element, the essential factor, in the
    • and spiritual factors of the age — in everything that threw light
    • human soul is felt to be the centralising factor for our organism as
    • transformed into the spiritual. In the historical facts of ancient times
    • ... in fact numbers of people are convinced that they were never below
    • the fact that Hermes was a personality who gazed into the very depths
    • Everything that has been said points to the fact that Gilgamish, as
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • easy-going way of thinking likes to assume. It is, of course, a fact
    • in fact somewhat beyond the actual middle. lt is only necessary here
    • But we must now take account of the fact that during the first, the
    • due to the fact that the ego is working in the ego.
    • and the objectivity of the facts which come from the spiritual world.
    • reconciling ourselves through the fact that music, as Hanslick understands
    • to reiterating the old, ever-present fact of Reincarnation and Karma
    • whole libraries to be written about it. As a matter of fact it would
    • ever-present fact of Reincarnation and Karma, occultists must teach
    • nexus of facts than is generally supposed, and can be fully understood
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • very fact that through our many different languages we express a great
    • to the physical plane. And with this is connected the fact that the
    • according to such factors as climate, geographical position, race, and
    • from the human personality — this is indicated by the fact that
    • fact this measure persisted until fairly recently—when everything
    • in man, the macrocosm, In point of fact the ancient Babylonian way of
    • to commerce and industry may be avoided! No heed is given to the fact
    • through the weight of the facts themselves—not through the scientific
    • doctor who has made remarkable observations based entirely an facts,
    • number divisible by seven. In short, the very facts compel people to-day
    • materialistic, but the facts themselves compel belief in the factor
    • way; but the weight of the facts themselves is already compelling people
    • a reascent begins. So that in very fact the Greek epoch lies in the
    • around it. That is what the world in general knows to-day. The fact
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • course of reincarnation as a modifying factor.
    • A true fact of historical
    • with the fact that indications of them can be given to-day as part of
    • phrases, to the fact that man is a microcosmic replica of the macrocosm.
    • Distance is an essential factor, for if, to take an example, you are
    • In what sense are we to understand the fact that these other Hierarchies,
    • fact, such periods in the earth's evolution are determined and
    • to the fact that in the seventh millennium before Christ there was a
    • quite other than those outwardly in evidence. In point of fact, behind
    • of happenings between East and West is attributable solely to the fact
    • the historical facts with which man's development is interwoven. Such
    • minor axis of the ecliptic. When we take account of the fact that what
    • through the sun and other factors, takes effect on the physical plane.
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • the lecture yesterday I drew your attention to the fact that very
    • glimpse how behind maya itself there is a factor which impels humanity
    • by the fact that men are at the same time instruments of the process
    • attention to the striking fact that the human spirit has woven into

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