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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • do not imbibe so many dogmas, tenets, or mere information, but through
    • of the earlier epoch. Outwardly, it is only in the form of myths that
    • transformed into the laws of the physical plane — that which had
    • this centre of culture, everything that formerly was super-personal,
    • working in Alexandria seem to be embodiments of ancient wisdom transformed
    • is transformed into personal forcefulness in the men in Alexandria.
    • And the forms which Judaism, the Mosaic culture, assumed in Alexandria
    • made its appearance in Alexandria in a very ruthless form. Christian
    • the Orphic secrets now transformed into personal experiences of the
    • transformed into personal experiences in this new incarnation. At the
    • men were collected from far and near to form bodyguards for them. Their
    • Pagan wisdom of Orpheus transformed into personality could be experienced
    • Hypatia fell victim to the fury of these who formed the
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • conformity to law shown by the flow of historical development with the
    • an altogether different form. Everything in the impulses of will, in
    • True, she clothes these Powers in forms that are familiar to her, so
    • form, a quite different way — another personality who was a philosopher
    • call these latter, in contrast to the former, “younger”
    • from the significance or value of the opinions we have formed about
    • nature are indicated by the statement that his outer form was half animal.
    • transformed into the spiritual. In the historical facts of ancient times
    • a whole series of great names in history as those of his former incarnations
    • misty, they thought that horse and rider were a single form. With all
    • beings, assume constantly different forms the nearer we come to the
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • the only means of indicating what form these influences take and how
    • that the oval form in the middle represents the human ego, the kernel
    • an arena where superhuman work was performed; higher Beings were working
    • detracting from their reality but giving them a particular form
    • the form arising from what the ego experiences here in the physical
    • form of a certain picture. We must not conceive these pictures to be
    • to the form they take. But to say that they are mere invention would
    • and not until then — man will be able to see in the form in which
    • of Orleans did not see this true form, it did come down towards her.
    • forms for himself as objective, even if it is only a veil — we
    • form of musical tones, the impetus towards the spiritual world; who
    • purely formal music which Richard Wagner wanted to surmount, was vigorously
    • from outside, begins to be expressed more and more in the form of the
    • the form of an Apollo or a Zeus only one out of many incarnations is
    • of art the whole personality has poured into the form of the single
    • we go further back into the past, the forms become symbolic;
    • see the form in which art then makes its way to the people who were
    • the soul cannot wholly permeate the outer human form. How could the
    • woman in order to bring together in a delicately concise form all that
    • epoch was to experience this an the physical plane. What was formerly
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • forms of culture imbued with clairvoyance. The Egypto-Babylonian-Chaldean
    • the 19th century as a result of the decipherment of the cuneiform writing.
    • And even the superficial information which it has been possible to acquire
    • that the length of time formerly accepted as historical has been almost
    • doubled by the information gained through the decipherment of the cuneiform
    • to the sacred wisdom were to be performed, or which were to stand as
    • form of the interior — everything was modeled on the measures
    • form similar to that which prevailed in the ancient Babylonians and
    • the fourth Stands by itself, forming the middle. For this reason., so
    • much that went to form the ancient Egyptian view of the world is being
    • which comes to expression in personal form in the later course of human
    • evolution is a shadow-image of what was present formerly in elemental,
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • of the twelve forces must reveal itself also in its microcosmic form, in
    • macrocosmic Beings who had already worked in former ages, preparing
    • to us through anatomical dissection; things that were formerly accessible
    • to clairvoyant vision appear in later epochs in materialistic form.
    • the Spirits of Form, who are one stage higher than the Spirits of Personality.
    • But the manifestation of these Spirits of Form was different from that
    • of Form manifest in a different way. They manifest from below upwards
    • kingdoms. And if man would recognise the Spirits of Form in their manifestation,
    • what has been woven into her by the Spirits of Form. Consequently in
    • of Form, man does not receive any direct influence as an inspiration.
    • The influence of the Spirits of Form works far rather in such a way
    • tries to elaborate and perfect it. Thus the Spirits of Form attract
    • him from without. And one of the chief Spirits of Form is the Being
    • Form and they work in the different kingdoms of Nature, men of the present
    • horizon where the Spirits of Form are in manifestation. They were of
    • of Form had been at work; they had been at work in the kingdoms of Nature,
    • who are of a lower rank than the Spirits of Form, asserted their influence
    • of Form? This is connected with a definite period in the evolution of
    • Man was a being capable of transformation. Before this catastrophe the
    • are undergone again, in a different form and indeed at a higher stage,
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • they are so to say passing over into external forms, the creative impulses
    • the weaving of the ego in the ego, appeared in the most striking form.
    • in majestic poetic form by Homer, by Aeschylus. And so, in face of the
    • worlds were conveyed in a certain human form to the artists of Greece,
    • appears as though in forms of logic — indeed, here one must say
    • for thousands of years, taking definite forms in a certain epoch.
    • which an the arc of ascent form a unity, fall apart into separate streams.
    • insert themselves into what was formerly the all prevailing impetus
    • the future into forms that were made possible only by the influence
    • with the wonderful forms of Greek culture. And here we can realise how
    • We see how there actually lives in Novalis, in a particular form, all
    • calls the science of mechanics. The majestic forms of this building
    • what Michelangelo had built into spatial forms in the Church of St.
    • element, the thoughts coined by Galileo in the intellectual forms of

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