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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
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    • limited as it is entirely to the physical world, and the unconscious
    • which in those times gazed behind physical existence and expressed what
    • of clairvoyance and the advent of consciousness limited to the physical
    • what it had learnt from the physical world, had pictured according to the
    • pattern of the things of the physical world, but the spiritual Hierarchies
    • immediate realities. All this worked down to the physical plane through
    • in mind, so that working behind some human being an the physical plane
    • laws of the physical world, as if everything had sunk down, had become
    • a stage more material, more physical. There is a kind of reflection
    • in the physical world of great events of the preceding period.
    • higher, as it were, and the other entirely on the physical earth but
    • like a kind of shadow-image on the physical plane of a spiritual event
    • matters will recognise that here we have to do not merely with a physical
    • fact reflected on the physical plane. We shall of course only very
    • process is thus reflected on the physical plane when humanity has
    • of the spiritual on to the physical plane. And Eabani, projected on to
    • the physical plane, is Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great.
    • transformed into the laws of the physical plane — that which had
    • projection on the physical plane of earlier, more spiritual conditions. In
    • her Initiation was now projected, mirrored, on the physical plane. And
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • that these Beings cannot take direct hold of the physical facts of our
    • they cannot incarnate in a physical Body which draws its constituents
    • from the physical world. If, therefore, they desire to work within our
    • physical world, they must make use of the physical human being —
    • of forces and activities from the higher worlds into the physical world
    • into our physical world.
    • of the several epochs merely represent the convergence of physically
    • perceptible actions, outer needs, outer interests and ideas of physical
    • their new incarnations, so that behind physical happenings there is
    • the physical brains of those times, was directed towards flooding all
    • to the King, who was standing among such a crowd of people that no physical
    • facts and obviously point to the working of higher forces in our physical
    • real as human beings who stand around someone in the physical world,
    • being of soul-and-spirit, he is related to the physical organism. And
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • we have astral body, etheric body and physical body.
    • of the physical body to Post-Atlantean conditions of earthly existence
    • what he experiences in the physical world through the work of his ego
    • the form arising from what the ego experiences here in the physical
    • times; the mental pictures she had known in the physical world —
    • divine-spiritual. When we are conscious that all physical, chemical,
    • in the physical material — this art has had its day. In our time
    • the physical world as a self-based ego-being. The purely human and personal,
    • as it can be made recognisable in physical media. And if at the sight
    • what was incarnated at an earlier time appears in the physical world
    • projected as it were on the physical plane, appears as Alexander; behind
    • right out on the physical plane in the Greek epoch. This confronts us
    • purely from the physical plane and then. a carrying up of it again into
    • the Macedonian and Napoleon the Great in the realm of physical conquest
    • to the physical plane. Thus we can show how Eabani, in the incarnation
    • the stage of being able to penetrate into the superphysical world. In
    • incarnated in a physical body. The whole range, the whole import of
    • egoism an the physical plane were impressed into the soul; and such
    • I have known only egoism; indeed, in the physical body I cannot be anything
    • — compassion born from the overcoming of the physical plane. It
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • to the physical plane. And with this is connected the fact that the
    • the essentially human is unfolded on the physical plane; then the reascent
    • of the expression of personality an the physical plane, and how then
    • super-sensible reality everywhere underlies the human being in his physical
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • super-personal down into the personal, the spiritual down to the physical
    • The twelve streams are not meant in the physical-material sense, but
    • them to project the spiritual on to the physical plane. The Spirits
    • and that he turn his gaze entirely to the external world, to the physical
    • course already present behind the physical world in earlier times, but
    • period the macrocosmic conditions worked into the physical in such a
    • way as to bring about the mighty physical upheavals of the Atlantean
    • the greatest physical transformation of all, the most drastic action
    • of the macrocosm upon the physical earth. Hence the influence from the
    • of Form were working powerfully to revolutionise the physical, they
    • the physical vanished as it were from under man's feet. But an
    • only gradually found their way again into the physical world in the
    • on the physical conditions of the earth, it will not be difficult for
    • influence upon the physical and the greatest influence, precisely of
    • epoch, with their strong leanings to the physical. When the Spirits
    • an the outer physical plane and the other by a change in character of
    • by that time towards the physical, for the depth of knowledge possessed
    • produce the plan of the outer, physical cosmos. The knowledge that had
    • through the sun and other factors, takes effect on the physical plane.
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • to decline in respect also of its physical power had first been thrust
    • bring down the spiritual to the physical plane. In those ancient times
    • now a matter of indicating what man elaborates on the physical plane,
    • must be recognised as taking precedence of the physical man and the
    • physical man regarded as a shadow-image, and while during the Greek
    • the physical plane and rise to the spiritual through what is achieved
    • in the physical world. This concept developed out of a certain true
    • the spiritual life through what they carry into effect on the physical
    • produce a physical body bound to be shattered under such a power; hence
    • body to the etheric and physical bodies, about the waking state and

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