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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
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    • comparatively easily, this or that questionable point, into realms teeming
    • sleeping state, there was once a realm of consciousness through which
    • man penetrated into spiritual reality. And we know that what is nowadays
    • accessible to man to-day, the link between the human soul and the realities
    • immediate realities. All this worked down to the physical plane through
    • conception we can in reality understand only the men of the last three
    • the process of historical evolution cannot really be understood.
    • it is highly interesting to perceive the connections between the really
    • is a kind of repetition of the really important happenings of the third
    • Thus we have to do with one who in the real sense must be called a god-man.
    • entrance guarded by giant scorpions; the spirit leads him into the realm
    • in a distorted, debased state of infancy. Christianity, whose real function
    • one of those events that is seemingly only a martyrdom, but is in reality
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
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    • the personalities themselves, but when we realise at the outset that
    • deeds to stream down from higher worlds into our world. We must realise
    • yes, a man such as Lessing certainly had many really intelligent ideas,
    • not an abstract onflow of ideas but an actual and real onflow of the
    • insight, and Spiritual Science will really have to guard against the
    • and 15th centuries and on until the 16th, will realise how infinitely
    • research, one cannot but realise that without the working of higher,
    • but that does not do away with the reality of these Powers. Picture
    • written by Anatole France. One would really like to know how materialistic
    • one who was the real Inspirer of the Maid of Orleans, he finds something
    • from them are to be discerned again in the development of the really
    • Helen, who was carried off to Troy by Paris. We must realise that there
    • an actual reality, to say that such a temple-sanctuary served as a dwelling-place
    • the neighbouring one. There you have the reality behind the picture
    • of the city in question. That is the real background.
    • to recapture the temple treasure for his own city. Gilgamish now realised
    • only then do we realise why it is that myths and sagas so often tell
    • of his own soul and the visions are living realities before him, as
    • real as human beings who stand around someone in the physical world,
    • leveled by Gilgamish against the Goddess we perceive that he is really
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • the realm of the ego itself. The ancient Indian, pre-Vedic culture was
    • detracting from their reality but giving them a particular form —
    • the spiritual reality itself; nor must we ascribe direct objectivity
    • are made by those who acknowledge the reality of the spiritual world
    • I do not know whether you realise that with the publication of this
    • what science ought to become: the expression of a divine-spiritual reality
    • entirely self-contained, comes to light as historical reality in the
    • you that what is said about contradiction is really sheer invention —
    • Siddhartha Buddha and Jesus in the realm of the spiritual, and Alexander
    • the Macedonian and Napoleon the Great in the realm of physical conquest
    • whose prototype we cannot find in the half fictitious and half real
    • The soul came to realise that in truth it must always be egoistic when
    • is to penetrate into the spiritual world, he must realise that everything
    • at the spectacle of Greek tragedy the realisation that here was an echo,
    • modified. You will also realise that reincarnation is a far more complicated
    • so outstanding a personality really signifies.
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • back into earlier incarnations, he was not really sure of his bearings.
    • anyone fail to realise to-day that thinking and speaking are two quite
    • is known, one realises that they are names in which the sounds Gould
    • to specific realities, so that in those ancient times a thing could
    • spiritual world down into the personal, to the realm where the personality
    • tendency is to suppress the concrete reality. Just think of the proposals
    • into abstraction, and concrete reality, which pressed on again to the
    • which really belongs more to the future than to the present —
    • asserting itself in this soul. This soul Gould never really acquire
    • life becomes a reality through the Mysteries—that such an initiate
    • Julian had fallen by the hand of a Christian. It was really something
    • silence. The world really knows nothing about him except that he was
    • super-sensible reality everywhere underlies the human being in his physical
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • For we shall realise that
    • And on the other hand we shall realise that an individuality incarnated
    • yesterday, if we realise that precisely because he had been an Initiate
    • seeing through to the reality. And they did indeed possess this knowledge.
    • expression, the image, of Zervana Akarana, of the primal reality of Being
    • that men were transported most completely into spiritual realms and
    • of what had been perceived at that time as spiritual reality behind the
    • reality of the Spiritual behind the data constituting the sciences of
    • only then can we really fathom how things come to pass on the earth.
    • for it is really true that in epochs during which a definite character
    • real as with a living person. Day by day he made notes of what was happening
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • We must therefore realise
    • for it must be realised that the full greatness of what lived in Aeschylus
    • cannot be conveyed in modern language, and that there could really be
    • to divine its real nature. And because the secrets of the life in super-sensible
    • and realise in life — all this is seen as proceeding directly
    • with the wonderful forms of Greek culture. And here we can realise how
    • question therefore inevitably arises in our minds: Who, in reality,

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