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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • to reckon upon the will-for-understanding promoted by all the
    • beyond the standpoint we can reach through any other world-view. We
    • more than a purely intellectual understanding — for an understanding
    • spiritual Individualities, stand as guides and leaders behind all human
    • his whole being, as an instrument of spiritual Individualities standing
    • personalities; but we do not understand them if we think of them as
    • conception we can in reality understand only the men of the last three
    • ourselves. But farther back than that it is not possible to understand
    • higher Individualities, higher Hierarchies stand behind and take possession
    • shall not understand happenings then — of which ancient history is
    • humanity has ever been able to tell of events behind which stand Beings
    • king, by name Gilgamish. From the name itself, one who understands such
    • king, but with a divinity standing behind him, a spiritual Individuality
    • strange fact that he has no understanding of the essential nature of
    • show that two individualities stand there: the individuality of one —
    • gradually reach complete understanding of such a process. A more spiritual
    • there stands the half-mystical figure of Herostratus, who has eyes only
    • — the man who is all personality! Alexander the Great stands there
    • the Great stands there as the shadow image of Gilgamish, as a projection
    • circumstance: Alexander and Aristotle standing, like Gilgamish and Eabani,
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  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • of his deeds, but also of his intellect, his powers of understanding.
    • for those who stand aloof from the development of the spiritual life
    • who understands what the master is teaching so little that he has to
    • or that figure, standing, let us say, behind Hermes or Moses, is alleged
    • we shall be mainly concerned here. But in order that we may understand
    • her. In order to throw a little light on the occult understanding of
    • girl, certainly not highly educated even by the standards of her time,
    • one would almost say, by chance-happened to understand her; that after
    • to the King, who was standing among such a crowd of people that no physical
    • standpoint of occult science the two personalities hidden behind the
    • we have to see in them personalities who stand at the starting-point
    • to understand the essentials here. In this sense, in Eabani we have
    • If we are to understand
    • we find this at every turn. And it is important to understand it, for
    • real as human beings who stand around someone in the physical world,
    • makes a genuine effort to understand man, and how, as an independent
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • for understanding the historical course of the evolution of mankind.
    • streamed into men like inspiration. It will therefore be understandable
    • the people of the Greco-Latin period came to a standstill, in that we
    • says that Richard Wagner is no musician, that he simply does not understand
    • one epoch is not valid for the next. From Hanslick's standpoint
    • reconciling ourselves through the fact that music, as Hanslick understands
    • history, of occult history, before us we shall understand that a soul
    • sculpture man stands before us wholly as personality — in so far
    • must not see this self-contained being only, but standing behind him
    • And we shall understand that this individuality had to be born as a
    • misunderstandings, I want to emphasise that very many of these
    • misunderstandings are pure inventions. there are people who like to read
    • whom there stand Beings of the higher Hierarchies. Such things should not
    • misunderstanding, one might very easily set oneself in opposition to the
    • stand for that which can be said, with the best occult conscience, an
    • standpoint of people who are forever saying: “I want this, not
    • is to confront the spiritual world face to face must stand before it
    • to the Being who Stands behind him, to the Inspirer. Not until we look
    • of the several epochs shall we understand what a single utterance of
    • so outstanding a personality really signifies.
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • stand isolated in world-evolution, in the general progress of humanity.
    • principles, we can also understand this Tower of Babel in the spiritual
    • to the sacred wisdom were to be performed, or which were to stand as
    • the fourth Stands by itself, forming the middle. For this reason., so
    • souls of the Greeks and lived itself out in them. Hence it is understandable
    • one who stands fully within what can be received when the spiritual
    • he was somewhat of a crank and never quite reached the lofty standpoint
    • which the earth stands still and the sun together with the planets revolve
    • occult wisdom, and that we may learn to understand more and more how
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • in the way destined for the 16th century. We shall find entirely understandable
    • understand the historical life of mankind on our earth, we must always
    • stand two stages higher than man, what they were able to express by
    • standing in the midst of a swarm of gnats, you do not see the swarm
    • In what sense are we to understand the fact that these other Hierarchies,
    • laws which cut across the main laws. Hence we can understand that in
    • If we want to understand
    • different aspect. And so we can understand that in times when the general
  • Title: Occult History: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • no worse approach to an understanding of his works than that tendered
    • stands at the terminal point of the ancient stream — something
    • life—at this portal stands Kant. In his preface to the
    • human soul, and we understand how the group-karma is inevitably modified
    • was to be an instrument for preparing understanding of the Christ Impulse.
    • Peter. So that what stands there in the Church of St. Peter like crystallised

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