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  • Title: Eleven kölcsönhatás élők és holtak között
    Matching lines:
    • érzésünk, hogy mi látunk. Bizonyos módon ott passzív az, ami
    • itt aktív, ott viszont aktív az, ami itt passzív. Ebből
  • Title: Life Between ... I: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • that the events of the spiritual world may pass before us. In our
    • place before entering that realm, because once we have passed the
    • will make a brief review of what has been said here, and then pass on
  • Title: Life Between ... II: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • have passed on can live with us only out of this connection. It is
    • passed on can reach us most easily if they can find thoughts and
    • unconsciousness earlier experiences it more rapidly. Time passes at a
    • passions, who lives strongly in what we might call his animal nature,
  • Title: Life Between ... III: Mans Journey Through the Planetary Spheres
    Matching lines:
    • passions, no pain or suffering — for if pain becomes so intense
    • mental pictures, emotions, passions, sufferings, and so on —
    • does the child pass out of the ego-filled ideas and mental pictures?
    • every morning. The ego and the astral body pass into the physical and
    • Having passed through the gate of death he grows stage by stage out
    • difference, and it becomes evident when the men in question pass into
    • sphere he has passed. But a soul with a moral disposition, a soul
    • of human evolution that all forces eventually pass away and must be
    • may be to a particular people, with all this we pass into the
    • astral body. There is only one sphere through which we pass without
    • for the rebuilding of this etheric body, he passes through the Sun
    • like this, but when it is a question of passing on to practical
    • and rebirth, we pass into the spheres of the planets and of the Sun.
  • Title: Life Between ... IV: Recent Results of Occult Investigation Into Life
    Matching lines:
    • then wait patiently to see how things come to pass. This calmness of
    • life in kamaloca to forego passions and longings. The sojourn in the
    • developed qualities of compassion and love — qualities that are
    • particular passage became fully clear only during recent occult
    • the passage in which Homer calls the realm after death, “the
    • are not truly great will not be singled out. Passing greatness will
    • transforms itself in the passage from Mars to Jupiter as orchestral
  • Title: Life Between ... V: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • that judgments are passed by people who may have heard a few
    • This actually happens as we pass through the gate of death. Our being
    • us consider a man who passed through the gate of death with an
    • immoral attitude and one who passed through the gate of death with a
    • after having passed through the Mercury sphere, which in the occult
    • them, or whether we are compelled to pass them by as hermits. Whether
    • are to pass through the Sun sphere in the right way.
    • pass through the different spheres down to the Venus sphere, contact
    • person passes through the gate of death he dies under a certain
    • An attempt has been made to express this feeling in a passage of
    • changed. If, bearing this in mind, one now reads the passages in
    • allegory. Picture the lower members of the human being more passive,
  • Title: Life Between ... VI: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • passed somewhat earlier through the gate of death. Both are in
    • that human beings passing through the gate of death who out of
    • observed that human beings pass through the gate of death who
    • our wishes, desires and passions are present in our upper
    • death a sphere of wishes in which a passionate longing for spiritual
    • limited space of existence encompassed only by the physical world. A
    • who has passed through the gate of death. This shows how very
    • were working towards one another. They passed on another by, and yet
    • feeling in that we are more or less compassionate or hardhearted,
    • death causes us to pass through a certain period more rapidly. We
    • pass the more quickly through the spiritual world the more asleep we
    • world will pass rapidly and he will return comparatively soon to a
    • significant. One who is capable of love and compassion lives through
    • compassion. These come before the soul as his environment. Pictures
  • Title: Life Between ... VII: The Working of Karma in Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • sphere, he will find all his earthly emotions and passions inscribed
    • urges and passions, will not easily find in the Moon sphere the
    • passionately, however, even if it were only physically, will
    • forces that we bring with us. Our emotions, urges, passions, sensual
    • particular passage, I had to say to myself that the Greeks called
  • Title: Life Between ... VIII: Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • earth, one merely passes him by. On earth, too, one would not
    • have spoken on earth. It is only later, during the passage into
    • one loses the connection. That is the moment when the dead passes
  • Title: Life Between ... IX: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • sunshine, and the seer who was acquainted with him before he passed
    • that fills the souls who have passed through the gate of death, knows
    • sensations, passions, desires within us. Then we pass through the
    • passionate fondness for conducting battles by the fact that when his
    • shows clearly that certain faculties are passed from generation to
    • he had passed through the period between death and rebirth in order
  • Title: Life Between ... X: Anthroposophy as the Quickener of Feeling and of Life
    Matching lines:
    • seer seeks to find him some time after he has passed through the gate
  • Title: Life Between ... XI: The Mission of Earthly Life as a Transitional Stage for the Beyond
    Matching lines:
    • and a new birth, passes by those beings from whom he should receive
    • radiating peace and compassion. That was his last earthly hour. And
    • kindling the compassionate, silvery moral light of Buddha on Mars at
    • earth can also receive what streams from the Buddha in his passage
    • influences they received from Buddha through their passage in the
    • life in the spiritual world as he passes through the Mars sphere. For
    • existence so that we do not pass them by and are able to receive
    • death and rebirth may pass through the Mars sphere without entering
    • the earth, are continually passing through the earth sphere. The
    • between death and a new life but yet is different, they pass through
    • are continually passing through our earth sphere. Human beings are
    • from other planets as they pass through the earth sphere? One would
    • concentration or to let such thoughts pass through his soul. One
    • could happen does not come to pass. In life we consider the external
    • possible event passes us by, this marks a special moment for us.
  • Title: Life Between ... XII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • forth only from ourselves — the light that enables us to pass
  • Title: Life Between ... XIII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • period after death the emotions, passions and feelings that affected
    • he is passing through the region of existence between death and a new
    • existence after passing through the Moon sphere, kamaloca is not yet
    • become but had not become when he passed through the gate of death —
    • human being passes through the gate of death he himself becomes an
    • When I was here last I said certain things about the passage through
    • to speak about certain aspects of the passage through the Mars
    • sphere. When a man passes from the Sun sphere into the Mars sphere,
    • battling with each other. As an individual was passing through the
    • attributed to his passage through the Mars sphere.
    • wanderers are passing through the earth sphere. They are beings who
    • through whose sphere of life we also pass between death and a new
    • birth. When we are passing through the Mars sphere, for example, we
    • are ghosts, specters, for the Mars dwellers. We pass through their
    • certain stage of their existence, are condemned to pass through our
    • time in life between death and a new birth we pass through the Mars
    • When a soul passed through the Mars sphere in times before the Buddha
    • Nevertheless, between death and rebirth the soul is able to pass
    • during the passage through the Mars sphere, every human soul has the
    • The passage through the Mars sphere can therefore be of great
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  • Title: Life Between ... XIV: Further Facts About Life Between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • Why is this? For this is not the case with all who pass through the
    • loneliness. Loneliness comes to pass if he has not developed any
  • Title: Life Between ... XV: Intercourse With the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • one who has passed on as we do so. We should not be miserly in this
    • person whom one has loved passes on.
    • gospel passage. So you see that a “child” can be a highly
  • Title: Life Between ... XVI: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • earthly life, on what was his world, on what he encompassed
  • Title: Descriptive Sketches: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • When we go to sleep at night the thoughts and ideas which have passed
    • have passed into a sort of nothingness, and they can only think of
    • difference of experience when we have passed through so-called death
    • when a spiritual being is looking at us. When we pass through the
    • In a sense what is passive here is active there, and what is active
    • here is passive there. From this you can see, my dear friends, that we
    • greater events, such as the passage of the human soul through death
  • Title: Descriptive Sketches: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Strange as it may sound, w hen we have passed the middle of our
    • instincts and passions in man's nature. In no other way is one brought
    • age in a human being when the passions (and often the lowest and
    • have to pass, if we wish to bring Spiritual Science into the world.
    • words; so that something of what I have been allowed to say may pass
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture I: Cosmic Aspect of Life Between Death and New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • during this passage through the sphere of Mercury (in occult
    • during the time we pass between death and a new birth, the
    • a significance for the next incarnation. The soul who passed
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture II: Establishment of Mutual Relations Between the Living and the So-called Dead
    Matching lines:
    • one who has already passed the portals of death.
    • after having passed through the portals of death. Then, if the
    • they have passed through the portals of death. On the contrary,
    • And truly, what we may call the passing through the portals of
    • investigated the will of the father who had passed through the
    • life they led before they passed the portals of death, one
    • who die early or are pursued by misfortune and then pass into
    • when they pass through the portal of death into the spiritual
    • souls who have passed through the portal of death, who long for
    • and more prevalent in the world. And it may well come to pass
  • Title: Lecture: Links Between the Living and the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • one who has passed through the gate of death and then looks back upon
    • When we go to sleep at night, the ideas and thoughts which have passed
    • thought to the spiritual worlds before passing into sleep but often
    • consciousness is concerned the dead have passed into a kind of void,
    • transformation of experience when we ourselves have passed through
    • seeing. In a certain sense, what is active here is passive in that
    • other world, and what is active there is passive here.
    • general conditions — such as the passage of the human soul
  • Title: Lecture: The Transformation of Earthly Forces into Clairvoyant Faculties
    Matching lines:
    • period of seven years has passed — but a beginning has been made
    • when we have passed the middle point of life between death and rebirth
    • For example, a soul may be passing into the second half of the
    • passions in man's nature. And by nothing is a man brought so near to
    • aura of many a grown-up person. The conflicts that were passed through
    • passions, moreover often in their worst form, unfold in the human
    • is associated with a certain element of dispassion, investigations in
    • see how between death and a new birth he passes through phases of life
    • like two pillars between which we must pass if a place is to be
    • passed into your hearts and feelings, not into your heads alone! Then
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Das Leben Zwischen dem Tode und Einer Neuen Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • zusammengepaßt, könnten wir sagen: die Anpassung an
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Einiges uber die Technik des Karma Im Leben Nach dem Tode
    Matching lines:
    • Frühherbst passiert ist und die recht bezeichnend ist. Ich
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Anthroposophie Als Empfindungsund Lebensgehalt
    Matching lines:
    • wieder passieren, ohne bemerkt zu werden; wenn sie aber bemerkt
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Vom Durchgang des Menschen Nach dem Tode Durch die Spharen des Kosmos
    Matching lines:
    • mit der «Pandora» passiert ist, schon einmal zu
    • Sonnensphäre passiert hat und dann in die Mars-Sphäre
    • äußeren Kultur hinzu passen; aber zwischen dem Tode
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Uber den Verkehr mit den Toten
    Matching lines:
    • das Gehirn an die Struktur anpassen. Es konnte von diesem
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Die Lebendige Wechselwirkung Zwischen Lebenden und Toten
    Matching lines:
    • zu finden. Das kann auch passieren. Es gibt ja heute schon
    • passiv, was hier aktiv ist, wie dort wiederum aktiv ist, was
    • hier passiv ist. — Daraus sehen Sie, daß man sich
  • Title: Lecture: Anthroposophy as a Substance of Life and Feeling
    Matching lines:
    • in question has passed through the portal of death. In the manner in
    • life. I then passed through the portal of death and left her behind.
    • and if thoughts connected with the spiritual world have passed through
    • passed through death the departed souls are only able to perceive one
    • passed through death to see the soul who has remained behind. We may
    • square where you would have been obliged to pass through a kind of
    • things and that escapes notice, we would pass through the world with
    • recognise who is speaking to them. Only because to-day men pass by so
    • also upon those who are passing through it. This moment will lie

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