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  • Title: Life Between ... I: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
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    • realm is complete inner rest and steadiness of soul. This quietness
    • This is no longer so in the spiritual world. There we realize that
    • place before entering that realm, because once we have passed the
    • appearance of a visionary world on entering the realm of the spirit.
    • realities. For instance, when we see events in the astral world that
    • shock, and the realm in which one dwells between death and a new
    • that immediately after death we do not live in a real world. We live
    • an absolutely real world. We live there with those with whom we were
    • connected on earth, and the connections are very real. But just as on
    • in reality, we stand before him, but we must be able to perceive him,
    • accompanied by deep feeling, by a real inner experience, and this is
    • examination of the teachings of Buddha will not reveal any real
    • knew this, experienced the spiritual world as the realm of the
    • must realize that the deepest part of man's nature can
    • one personality. This has real consequences for the life between
    • have not developed an understanding and deep realization of the
    • The significance of the words, ex Deo nascimur, is realized
    • They are simply objective occult realities. Yet the accusation has
  • Title: Life Between ... II: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • this period also, the realities of the spiritual world can only be
    • this realm and of the visionary images of beings surrounding us.
    • will find the realm that the soul experiences on its backward journey
    • impression of a recollection of life before birth. In the realm just
    • in things. We realize that the recollections we still have at this
    • new interest in Lucifer and his realm. Severed from earthly
    • these realms of the spirit world.
    • experience ourselves in our cosmic reality as inhabitants of Mars. In
    • harmony of the spheres. We now leave the realm of Mars, and the
    • realize, particularly in our present soul configuration, how little
    • enters more rapidly into the cosmic realm. However strange and
  • Title: Life Between ... III: Mans Journey Through the Planetary Spheres
    Matching lines:
    • impacts its own inner corporeality, begins to impact its own body
    • development we can work at in the real sense, and that is our ego.
    • To answer this question we must realize what it is that makes this
    • You will of course realize that true understanding is possible only
    • the realm of the spirit they are a reality. Ideas, which here in the
    • off, incarcerate us in the realm of the spirit, make us prisoners of
    • it must be realized that once there had to be given to humanity an
    • undifferentiated source, can never acquire real knowledge.
    • reality, of using each substance appropriately, the differences
    • find out the truth! Those who make no real distinction between the
    • forth. What form has this taken? Can it really be said that we have a
    • drag him down from the realm of the Gods, “Ye shall be as God”
    • that what is really important is not the mere content of the words,
    • Men have not yet reached the stage of realizing that a Buddhist or a
    • Perhaps some day the time will come when it will be realized that
    • for everyone to realize what efforts are made to bring together
    • in Christ is founded the realization that the Christ impulse is not
    • a complete fallacy. The reality is that since the Mystery of
    • earth to realize the deep meaning of Christ's words, “When
    • Occultism reveals that if we feel something of the reality of the
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  • Title: Life Between ... IV: Recent Results of Occult Investigation Into Life
    Matching lines:
    • namely, the realm of life between death and a new birth. It is not so
    • means of our eyes and ears come to us. Only in the higher realms of
    • unless we had exerted ourselves to enter a particular realm of the
    • spiritual world, he lives in a realm in which it is as if he were
    • mirror-images of reality. In fact we can say that just as we perceive
    • realm in which man, loosened from the earth, dwells during the
    • lack of morality into this realm dwells in it like a hermit. It may
    • the passage in which Homer calls the realm after death, “the
    • investigation, the spiritual realm is reached — the realm out
    • is quite unjustified. Let us understand how matters really stand with
    • If we understand the Mystery of Golgotha, and realize what happened
    • the form of a vision, but he dwells in this reality. They are
    • of the realm of occult investigation what has been given to humanity
    • enter into a realm where the Sun is now below us, as previously was
    • be understood better. We shall come to experience what really lives
    • towards a really new attitude that has to come. Artists have prepared
    • world can evoke a vague sensing in us, but the reality only dawns
    • heavens above and the moral law within. Both are really the same. We
    • only gather them into us out of heavenly realms. If we are born with
    • visions. He only learns to recognize later what he really is as a
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  • Title: Life Between ... V: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • describe the realm of the occult as is commonly thought. If one
    • know, clairvoyant vision brings one into the same realm in which a
    • communicate something about this realm.
    • instance, it may be exceedingly painful to realize in the
    • when we realize that we have done an injustice to someone in feeling
    • life after death. After death we realize all the more strongly what
    • visions, but these visions are mirror-images of reality. Just as here
    • a real relationships, in fact more real than a relationship between
    • sun. When Inspiration is added to Imaginative cognition we realize
    • into our own being. We now begin to live into the realm of higher
    • had a moral attitude of soul, he will have real intercourse in the
    • is one who knows that something real happened in the Mystery of
    • until it is realized that Christ fulfilled the Deed of Golgotha for
    • all human beings will Christianity be understood. For the real power
    • is another. Knowledge of who the Christ really is should be striven
    • he in him of real Christianity, irrespective of his particular
    • of what is real in him to know something of the Mystery of Christ is
    • occupied by the real Christ. We must bring up from the earth the
    • the earthly realm we have derived the power, through a moral and
    • the starry realms, as it were. Then we begin to draw together again,
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  • Title: Life Between ... VI: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • connected with the universal life in the cosmos. It is really only
    • still in developing anthroposophy so that real powers arise. It is
    • really most deceptive because on the physical plane he knows no more
    • be-all and end-all of what he terms reality, it constitutes the
    • realize why he did not leave his house two or three minutes later
    • that he is unaware of the true reality. If he knew, he would no
    • actually becomes reality after death. A whole world of which one is
    • Are not the things of which we have been speaking really there? Let
    • because he realizes that things are simply there whether he be aware of
    • external understanding of it but really lived in it with his heart
    • whole strange realm of a world of subtle sensing will unfold in those
    • prospect of spiritual science becoming a real force intervening
    • spiritual realities, the brighter and clearer will be our
    • intellectual qualities, who lacks interest in acquiring real
  • Title: Life Between ... VII: The Working of Karma in Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • thinking and our willing the necessities of higher realms play into
    • Man feels truly free only in the realm of his feelings. It is quite
    • occultly considered, feelings are a mirror image of a realm that does
    • everywhere today. But a real warmth of soul can only come about in
    • still vaster realms. We expand ever more. When the kamaloca phase
    • As we expand farther we enter a second realm that is called the
    • farther beyond this realm. Relationships to the people we meet after
    • subconscious also plays a part. Thus man becomes truly as he really
    • awareness of reality as compared to the fanciful theories of monism
    • views. A real understanding for one who thinks and feels differently
    • In the Sun sphere between death and rebirth it is really a matter of
    • into a realm that bestows new forces upon us. Just as here we have
    • us. He leads us out into a realm we must cross in order to be
    • realm up to a certain boundary, and as we grow outward cosmic forces
    • the realms through which we have traveled previously. We go through
    • more from the small space of the earth to the realms of Moon, Mercury,
    • the more one realizes that the ancient poets were the greatest seers
    • Lorenzo, and vice versa. But I am really concerned here with the four
    • works into sensible reality.
    • particularly impressive when we realize that both are really one and
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  • Title: Life Between ... VIII: Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • come from the realm of the physical body. They emanate essentially
    • thoroughly with human existence to realize how people become aware of
    • go to sleep, for in sleep we enter unconsciously the same realm we
    • dispel tiredness. But sleep is not really a condition of exhaustion.
    • in the realm of the Shades,” had reality. At that time to dwell
    • far-reaching realm. There, also, everything is subject to change and
  • Title: Life Between ... IX: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • actually do not come into question today. Truly, we consider realms
    • existence takes place in spiritual realms that are continually
    • This realm gradually has been lost but the loss has to be replaced
    • The man in question dwelt in the spiritual world, in the realm in
    • inner realm appear to us after death as our external world. After
    • to behold the thoughts spread out in the starry realms. One acquires
    • Let us consider what is yet another real experience to the seer. When
    • A person who is not prepared to admit the reality of karma, or
    • repeated earth lives, can never really accept the fact that a destiny
    • As soon as we enter the realm beyond the physical, Ahriman appears
    • is real. Ahriman has a number of tasks
    • to perform. The seer discovers souls who are appointed in the realm
    • add that spiritual science does not exclude the reality of outer
    • lived in a special manner in the realm of the harmony of the spheres.
    • greater wisdom than is normally realized. Then we can also picture
  • Title: Life Between ... X: Anthroposophy as the Quickener of Feeling and of Life
    Matching lines:
    • The seer realizes what anthroposophy is in a deeper sense. It is the
    • for those in super-sensible realms to perceive the events of the
    • concepts. That is the reality of anthroposophy, for it is not a
    • ourselves is a genuine soul elixir, a real substance. This substance
    • I would like you to realize that there is something of far greater
    • importance than sense reality. I do not mean the super-sensible world,
    • realize that if you have arrived on time, you would have been crushed
    • not only to the world of outer reality but also to the sphere of
    • reality. They become possible only because a vast quantity of eggs
    • becomes a reality in our sense world!” This is accompanied by
    • dead has spoken to his soul. Gradually he will realize from whom the
    • because people are so little aware of the endless, fathomless realm
    • different. This will not be mere theory, but reality. An
    • what is fruitful for the dead. One cannot really make life fruitful
    • themselves as they really are.
    • example, the seer may discover souls in that realm who are the
    • play in from super-sensible realms. Epidemic illnesses can be traced
    • quite unconsciously without realizing why one has to serve such
    • epidemics about, one also realizes the virtues that have to be
    • and the spiritual world will crumble when spiritual science really
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  • Title: Life Between ... XI: The Mission of Earthly Life as a Transitional Stage for the Beyond
    Matching lines:
    • and to receive abilities from them for a subsequent life. The realm
    • child. It worked from the super-sensible down into earthly realms.
    • individuals to meet others in spiritual realms with whom they have not
    • from higher realms at the time of Golgotha, so Buddha appeared on
    • return to the earth, but he continued his activities in other realms.
    • The Buddha wandered away from earthly affairs to the realm of Mars.
    • belligerent realm of Mars. The fact that a being who is fully
    • permeated by forces of peace and love was transferred to a realm of
    • universe after death. We all go through these cosmic realms. To begin
    • earth really constitutes a special case. We live embodied within a
    • planetary realms, but this is only possible if on earth one has
    • earthly existence into other realms extending beyond the visible
    • something that can be taught and learned in all realms of the cosmos,
    • but that is not the same. Each realm has its own particular task and
    • it does not repeat itself in other realms. The creative powers have
    • the smallest content of real life. They only represent the external
    • realities, not the inner possibilities. Yet these possibilities
    • particular day only constitute the external reality of life. Behind
    • will not only behold external reality but he will pay attention to
    • He may possess the faculties to ascend spiritually to the realm of
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  • Title: Life Between ... XII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • realm that man crosses between death and rebirth, such a way of
    • realm where he comes into contact with the beings of the higher
    • corporeal form from within outwards for many years to come, in order
    • through the realm between death and a new birth in a twofold way. It
    • is possible for the soul to wander through the realm of the higher
    • through this realm, through the experiences one should have in the
    • do not tread in darkness through the realm of the higher hierarchies
    • conscientious, yet everything they do lacks real devotion, enthusiasm
    • person, if he really has the will, or at least when he is given the
    • real devotion providing his karma does not entirely preclude it.
    • Those who have an insight into such matters should realize that they
    • hand so that we are completely involved in what we do and realize
    • forces from super-sensible realms than at present. Because of what is
    • spiritual realm after death. Such souls encounter the super-sensible
    • such souls. The real danger point will occur in the sixth
    • condition. This is true for certain realms but when one penetrates
    • into the mysteries of still higher realms much of what one beholds
    • might not at once realize that both statements have the same inherent
    • because we are not able to penetrate to the full reality of things.
  • Title: Life Between ... XIII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • rebirth and how that life is connected with the great realm of the
    • essential significance take place in a realm nearer the earth than,
    • for instance, we realize that the departed soul feels anxiety for a
    • his realm he may be unable to do anything that would ease the
    • something to better the situation we will have performed a real deed
    • It is not really incongruous to speak about the dead in words taken
    • the plan could have turned into reality. It was not because of
    • imperfections come before the eye of the seer in the realm between
    • disclosed to the eye of seership in this realm. A promise that has
    • It is important to realize that our imperfections, especially those
    • are strangers on the earth, and the more it is realized that
    • of materialism, the less will anyone who really understands the
    • from Mars. So the position of the planets really does indicate what
    • Here is the real reason why the planetary constellations have an
    • through the several planetary spheres. Here is the real reason why
    • So it is really the moral inheritance deposited by us between death
    • realms lying beyond the Sun sphere. Let us consider the Saturn sphere
    • things all imperfections are recorded. It should be realized that the
    • The imperfections of really great men are also recorded in that
    • really wanted it to be. With the exception of the figures of Judas
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  • Title: Life Between ... XIV: Further Facts About Life Between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • and have not concerned themselves with the realities of the spirit
    • through the gate of death they enter a realm where the connection
    • It is particularly in such realms that one realized the full
    • through in the spiritual world, he realizes more clearly the true
    • to the earth and only dwell in spiritual realms do not go through
    • earth before His advent but dwelt in realms where there is no death.
    • realm in which we are dependent on spiritual light. Previously,
    • realms of forces of which we cannot know anything here on earth.
    • power for this flows from the starry realms. Another who is not thus
  • Title: Life Between ... XV: Intercourse With the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • number of laws and connections within the physical realm. These laws
    • something about the structure of external sense perceptible reality.
    • in science it remains merely an ideal to grasp the reality of life.
    • streams out of the super-sensible realm into the physical world and
    • never death itself. Death does not exist in the realms beyond the
    • realizes that all the beings of the hierarchies can never know death.
    • Being, is the only being in divine realms Who learned to know death.
    • He can enter these realms but he cannot annihilate himself because he
    • stream in the Society creates connections for the realm beyond the
    • have no access to other souls within this realm.
    • inhabitants. We enter into the Sun realm. We do in fact expand into
    • Some theosophical circles are unable to realize that the Christ
  • Title: Life Between ... XVI: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • relate words to spiritual reality and conveys by means of words an
    • world we may be spatially united but we can only really be together
    • the spiritual world. In reality there are hardly any people who
  • Title: Descriptive Sketches: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • difficult to do so because spiritual truths really can be better given
    • sympathy, which we feel for the dead man really makes his journey
    • but really extremely upsetting to a man who for the first time is able
    • clairvoyant vision, are really and truly valid, as can be seen in
    • are conscious of is really but a small part of our soul-life. Much
    • becomes really difficult because of the attitude of these good friends
    • relation who raises the strongest objection in reality longs
    • know that the dead really hear us?” Well, of course it is
    • which is often present when we are thus reading. We really can acquire
    • Realise this significant saying, my dear friends, that we must furnish
    • thoughts which are really invisible in the spiritual world. As the
    • soul points out this or that. For instance, it may make one realise
    • You will realize that for many things the necessary understanding must
  • Title: Descriptive Sketches: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • following form. It is then realized that the force required for
    • more and more, the exercise of that force can really reproduce the
    • these descriptions meet with so much antagonism, for it really is not
    • this is very seldom carried out; for a man who really has an
    • I have nothing to do with it!” A man might really deceive himself
    • really seeing into the spiritual world, which necessitates quite other
    • way means are gradually created by which we can really perceive the
    • birth. In such ways Anthroposophy can really work practically upon
    • aroused, and that man can really raise himself to a realisation of
    • spiritual world, we can really become aware that we are being
    • when preparing for birth. We must realise that souls are faced with
    • walk. Practical clairvoyance shows us that these forces, when really
    • really a very complicated matter. We see, therefore, that looking back
    • delusion after delusion in the realms of the spiritual world.
    • for developing the speech and rule the realm of sense desires and
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture I: Cosmic Aspect of Life Between Death and New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • a complete knowledge of this part of human life, a real
    • sleep. Every night we really expand over the stellar spaces.
    • has to occur for man because it is what really must happen to
    • who (in occult parlance) enters the realm of Mercury after
    • illness and death, while he is going through this realm.
    • yoke of these evil spirits in the realm of Mercury for a time
    • developed which are sent from the surrounding realm to the
    • laziness. Our life is really conditioned by laziness.
    • and it is now occupied by a real being, by Lucifer. And so,
    • meet him outside of the Sun-sphere. The human being really must
    • lacking which really can bring forth the human being. No new
    • spiritual realms. Thus we see how man enters existence by
    • metaphoric presentation really still should have an effect on
    • meaning. It really gives us moral strength and support in the
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture II: Establishment of Mutual Relations Between the Living and the So-called Dead
    Matching lines:
    • without reality and imperceptible to the world beyond if
    • earthly souls remain real souls for them. Even more
    • one occasion I met a man who was otherwise not really very
    • We should really consider the fact that during the time
    • what the father really wanted. And the very moment I
    • portals of death, and considered him as a real person, like the
    • realm.
    • is a legend which is not reality, but it might occur in
    • The beings of the Higher Hierarchies really cannot alone
    • become complicated. It really was a significant word of
    • perceived this in the realm of the spirit. They were able to
    • who really understands, he who looks into the world,
    • brings to the human soul a real harmony of its forces. This is
    • toward it and its mission, if we really recognize this Science
  • Title: Lecture: Links Between the Living and the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • real intercourse between the living and the dead.
    • In earlier times the human soul was still able to maintain a real
    • In order that we may really understand one another, I want to speak
    • communities, in groups, because this is of real value.
    • it we can mean something real to the dead. And when with clairvoyant
    • child or young person realizes that his hatred ought to cease, but he
    • the realm of some particular world-conception — or indeed in any
    • he gradually becomes attentive. Thus it may be of real use to read to
    • theory only — that in reality it is only a matter of a
    • a position to form judgments about certain things, we have no real
    • spiritual world. You will therefore realize how difficult it is to
    • world that one would so gladly give. And you will realize too how
    • and in the realm of spirits (Devachan) and why is so little said about
  • Title: Lecture: The Transformation of Earthly Forces into Clairvoyant Faculties
    Matching lines:
    • A person who has gradually come to realize the far-reaching
    • It is really not difficult, even for a modern man, to acquire the
    • can one really expect it to be. If in a certain year a man resolves to
    • are really of little account — but the movements made are in
    • for the awakening of forces within the human being which will really
    • In these and other ways Anthroposophy can be a really practical factor
    • realities. When a man discovers the forces that have remained over
    • that took place some long time before birth. In this realm there is a
    • great deal that for the first time makes life really comprehensible.
    • experienced when we look into that realm of the spiritual world where
    • soul realizes: either here or there it would be possible to acquire
    • one may see a soul who is realizing:
    • But seership shows that these forces, when they have really unfolded,
    • the other side — through knowledge of spiritual reality — we
    • more and more materialistic ... then we realize how increasingly
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Untersuchungen uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • Welt lebten; wir leben in einer absolut realen Welt, leben mit
    • realen Empfindung, mit einem realen inneren Erlebnis. Wir
    • wesentlichen die reale Anknüpfung an das Mysterium von
    • dieses eine ganz ungeheuer reale Folge. War es schon
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Untersuchungen uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • vermittelt. Auch die Realitäten der geistigen Welt
    • reales Wesen sich gegenüberstehend, dasjenige kennenlernt,
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Die Neuesten Ergebnisse Okkulter Forschung uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • Realität drinnen; aber es sind Visionen, die sich aufbauen
    • Realität mit dem ganzen Kosmos. Daher wird es die
    • als Mensch sieht. Diese Stelle ist real gemeint, sie ist anders
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Durchgang des Menschen Durch die Planetensphaeren und die Bedeutung
    Matching lines:
    • wäre dies. Die Realität ist so, daß seit dem
    • daß wir etwas fühlen die Realität des
    • versteht, der darf auch hoffen, daß es bei ihm ein reales
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Das Leben Zwischen dem Tode und Einer Neuen Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • ist ein reales Verhältnis, ja ein viel realeres, als es
    • weiß, daß mit dem Mysterium von Golgatha etwas Reales
    • verstehen. Denn ein anderes ist diese reale Wirkung die sich
    • muß, was in ihm real ist, ist es selbstverständlich
    • kommt es an, nicht auf den Lehrgehalt; denn das, was als reale
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Das Leben Zwischen dem Tode und Einer Neuen Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • Geisteswissenschaft begründen kann an realen Mächten,
    • Um und Auf ist dessen, was er Realität nennt, das
    • weniger wirklich realer Art kommt immer und immer wieder im
    • Leben, das wird nach dem Tode Realität, das wird
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • Wort Realität gehabt: Lieber hier ein Bettler sein als ein
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Vom Leben Nach dem Tode
    Matching lines:
    • ist in der Tat ein reales Erlebnis; das ist aber auch ein
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Anthroposophie Als Empfindungsund Lebensgehalt
    Matching lines:
    • Realität der Anthroposophie, denn sie ist keine bloße
    • Realität, so daß Verständnis sein wird zwischen
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Die Kosmische Seite des Lebens Zwischen Tod
    Matching lines:
    • realen Wesenheit, von Luzifer. Und so fühlen wir uns
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Das Gegenseitige In-beziehung-treten Zwischen den Lebenden und den Sogenannten Toten
    Matching lines:
    • diese Seelen für sie dableiben als reale Seelen. Noch
    • ihn als eine reale Persönlichkeit betrachtete wie die
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Vom Durchgang des Menschen Nach dem Tode Durch die Spharen des Kosmos
    Matching lines:
    • durchaus nicht ohne einen realen Grund sind. Wenn man in dem
    • im Grunde genommen durchaus einer Realität. All die
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Die Lebendige Wechselwirkung Zwischen Lebenden und Toten
    Matching lines:
    • der geistigen Wesenheiten. Das ist ein reales Gefühl, das
  • Title: Lecture: Anthroposophy as a Substance of Life and Feeling
    Matching lines:
    • so that the distressing case may really arise that one soul who has
    • reality of Anthroposophy, for it is not a mere theory. Theoretical
    • knowledge is the very least; what we take up within us is a real
    • soul-elixir, real substance. This substance enables the soul who has
    • world which are far more important than what is real in a physical
    • which you cross the square three minutes later than usual you realise
    • Real are, for instance, a great number of herrings in the sea;
    • within the depths of life. What is real, is related to the example of the
    • world, yet only a small part of all this becomes real in our world of
    • something which is real in the physical meaning, conceals something
    • merely be a theory, it will become a reality, so that communication
    • pretend to be different from what we really are; but after death
    • everything becomes true and shows its real countenance. If during our
    • that we retard our real progress. For this reason, it is important to
    • if spiritual science really penetrates into the souls of men. We must
    • gradual process. We really die slowly and gradually from the moment of
    • Let me indicate an example showing you what I really mean: To-day
    • that all these souls have been working together, you will realise that
    • and with what occurs between death and a new birth, should really
    • far — if we really notice these things — from perceiving the
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