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  • Title: Life Between ... I: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world and for understanding the experiences gained in that
    • We should be as if standing at one point, determined not to move, so
    • this you will understand the importance of a sound and careful
    • to understand by thinking all that reaches him by way of the
    • visionary world as thoroughly as he understands the physical world.
    • in reality, we stand before him, but we must be able to perceive him,
    • notwithstanding that we are in his presence and wish to love him
    • of Golgotha. The matter stands as follows. What could be experienced
    • rebirth. Understanding the Mystery of Golgotha is the impulse for
    • for the third, the understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha was of
    • prime importance. He who had not acquired this understanding suffered
    • stage of Christian evolution it was the understanding of the Mystery
    • If we seek to understand the essence of the soul in our time, then we
    • will find that a secure standpoint is only reached when the human ego
    • the more he will lose the understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha.
    • recollection. If we have experienced on earth an understanding of
    • understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha that we have gained on
    • have not developed an understanding and deep realization of the
    • understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha, and that we can develop our
    • developed an understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha experiences it.
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  • Title: Life Between ... II: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • occultism such stress is laid upon understanding how Christ came to
    • may cause a shock. It is imperative not only to understand our
    • now comes that we confront, and need to understand, the being known
    • most readily understandable, namely, that after awhile we become
  • Title: Life Between ... III: Mans Journey Through the Planetary Spheres
    Matching lines:
    • that sleep is prevented, it stands to reason that consciousness is
    • also understand what consciousness is. Consciousness is what enters a
    • Anyone who genuinely studies the life of childhood can understand how
    • We can now understand the question, “Where is the destruction
    • You will of course realize that true understanding is possible only
    • religions towards a great goal, we must seek to understand this
    • religious denominations simply do not understand what the true
    • things that can lead to the true understanding of the Christ impulse
    • Humanity must learn to understand that Christ did not come for one
    • this way the light of understanding can be brought to bear upon the
    • understanding. Only this will ensure that our etheric body will be
    • understanding the Christ-being we shall prevent this deterioration of
    • dependent upon theoretical understanding, but upon our being
    • to understand our fellow men a little better, it has fulfilled its
    • understanding the prayer that might be worded somewhat as follows,
  • Title: Life Between ... IV: Recent Results of Occult Investigation Into Life
    Matching lines:
    • comes from within so that people learn to understand it from within.
    • That is why it is essential, if one wishes inwardly to understand
    • investigator but also to understand what has been discovered. These
    • understand with his everyday consciousness what comes to him in
    • the Old Testament, was there to bring an understanding of the Sun
    • In our time spiritual science must bring an understanding of the Sun
    • Europe. Through the understanding given by means of spiritual science
    • is quite unjustified. Let us understand how matters really stand with
    • is the knowledge that the Mystery of Golgotha stands in the center of
    • If we understand the Mystery of Golgotha, and realize what happened
    • A person who has acquired spiritual understanding on earth will have
    • in the Tristan story, in the Tristan mood. We shall understand that
    • it, but a true understanding must be created first through a
    • Kant made the remarkable utterance of a man who understands morality
    • aesthetes do, and fail to understand its inner content. This is again
    • Chapel she would stand up and walk about. As she represents the
  • Title: Life Between ... V: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • universal standpoint much of what has been presented in my books
    • clairvoyant perception that also will help in our understanding of
    • done, less then he deserved to be loved by us. This fact stands
    • yesterday, no misunderstanding will arise. Man perceives the physical
    • shine towards us, to penetrate us. But in order to understand this
    • In order to understand these facts we can compare two or more people
    • their understanding of a particular creed. As a result of experience
    • understanding for those with whom he was connected on earth. If he
    • rightly into the Sun sphere. We now have the outstanding experience,
    • understanding for the souls entering this sphere, as is the case with
    • the several religions, finding and giving understanding in them.
    • the Sun sphere and be together with them, to understand them, to be a
    • has failed to understand the Mystery of Golgotha, but rather is it a
    • that flowed from Golgotha is one thing, and the understanding of it
    • A true understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha leads to the attitude
    • goes on, and to it will belong the need to understand the Mystery of
    • in the Sun sphere if we understand the universality of the Mystery of
    • the earth an understanding of the Christ, but in order to develop a
    • stands beside the Throne of Christ in the Sun. This is possible
    • understanding of the human-universal beyond the Sun sphere, we must
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  • Title: Life Between ... VI: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • relationship will be painful. Now in order to understand this
    • If we do not stand within the spiritual life, however, the result is
    • understanding that is unfolding by the living who were closely
    • anthroposophy becomes, by way of an understanding of the ideas, more
    • understanding for the spiritual world, things that cannot exist for
    • in the man who gradually unfolds an understanding in his heart for
    • external understanding of it but really lived in it with his heart
    • understanding? Moments in which something might have happened to us
  • Title: Life Between ... VII: The Working of Karma in Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • life, will become a true life elixir. To understand in which way the
    • faith as ourselves. Other confessions are hard to understand in the
    • views. A real understanding for one who thinks and feels differently
    • is particularly difficult. In theory such an understanding is often
    • it they learned to understand the various sounds. Certain peoples
    • an understanding that enables us not only to come together with those
    • it is important that we should develop an understanding for the
    • Sun sphere where a thorough understanding of the Christ impulse is
    • essential. We must bring this understanding along with us from the
    • beings through the Christ impulse and learn to understand Him in the
    • understanding of Christ that we bring with us from the earth leads us
    • earth an understanding of the difference between Christ and Lucifer,
    • understanding of the Christ impulse, of what we have heard about
    • and death. If we truly understand them, these matters touch us
    • A wonderfully apt description! One only learns to understand this
    • considerable amount of understanding.
    • them. Then one understands the position of the figure. It is
    • sprang from his intuitive creative power. One also understands the
    • understand the world of the senses only if one grasps how the spirit
    • to gain an understanding of our own development. Then spiritual
  • Title: Life Between ... VIII: Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • intellect. A mother standing by the coffin of her child, or the
    • book in a particular language, can the dead understand this language?
    • During the period of catharsis the dead understand the language they
    • devachan, that they can no longer understand words but only thoughts.
    • only understand language as long as they are in kamaloca. When a
    • what he has grasped consciously on earth. Thus we can understand that
    • understanding of the future than those people who seek to revive the
  • Title: Life Between ... IX: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • beings! One nevertheless can gain an understanding of the content of
    • totality of life on earth. So also we understand the importance of
    • calls, his understanding must go from island to island. Human beings
    • will be able to understand one another, that is, those who live in
    • and reach an understanding. The utterances that come to us out of
    • proclamation that man needs in order to reach an understanding from
    • understand this Name only when one masters the language of the
  • Title: Life Between ... X: Anthroposophy as the Quickener of Feeling and of Life
    Matching lines:
    • understanding under considerable difficulty, or not at all, because a
    • The prospect that stands before humanity is that souls will become
    • however, yet another aspect to the understanding between the living
    • gradually develop an understanding for the dead, let us consider the
    • understanding will be achieved between the so-called living and the
    • he can think spiritual thoughts and the dead will understand. Even if
    • one who died can also understand spiritual thoughts in a language
    • to carry out tasks that they themselves do not understand. For
    • able to understand why one has them or whether one experiences them
    • render it possible to tear down the partition that stands between the
    • an understanding, until the moment that memory begins, that the body
    • reciprocal understanding in the sixteenth century in order that the
    • differently if one understands it than if one does not.
  • Title: Life Between ... XI: The Mission of Earthly Life as a Transitional Stage for the Beyond
    Matching lines:
    • outstandingly gifted master-builder. If nobody engages his services,
  • Title: Life Between ... XII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • he need or should have been. He will not be able to understand as
    • develop an understanding of the super-sensible worlds in accordance
  • Title: Life Between ... XIII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • understand that a man who for a whole lifetime has cultivated only
    • wish to gain an understanding of the life between death and rebirth.
    • point he came to a standstill. I once explained what happened to
    • forces. To avoid any misunderstanding it must be emphasized that as
    • of materialism, the less will anyone who really understands the
    • has inscribed in the Mars sphere but at the same time it stands
    • spheres.) Because Mars stands in a certain relationship to the Moon,
    • consequence is that when the one planet stands behind the other they
    • spheres. When the Moon stands in a certain relationship to Mars, and
    • understanding of art. He asked impatiently why the painter could not
    • This brings us to the point where we can begin to understand the
  • Title: Life Between ... XIV: Further Facts About Life Between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • can receive by means of a spiritual scientific understanding of the
    • in whom thoughts live with understanding for the spirit. As the dead
    • the living and the dead may understand one another, and can be
    • loud voice, but softly. The dead can understand this. Naturally,
    • lifetime understand it all the more readily. We should not fail to
    • can understand the language he has spoken on earth. This gradually
    • wanes, but he preserves an understanding of spiritual thoughts. Then
    • we can also read to the dead in a language that he did not understand
    • sensitivity and understanding for the spiritual world. Spiritual
    • We prepare for it here on earth by an understanding for all that is
    • however, because times have changed men stand opposite one another
    • preparation. We do not find the place empty if we understand the
    • understanding every human experience. Christianity is a general
    • understand the Christ correctly if we do not clearly see that the
    • it on earth in order to understand it in the spiritual world. If one
    • That is why so few people understand the Mystery of Golgotha. The
    • Golgotha, if one understands it as the unique death of a god, is what
    • understand His death, and because this is essential the Mystery of
  • Title: Life Between ... XV: Intercourse With the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • created by an immoral person, but you will understand what I mean
    • we are able to bring understanding to every human soul in its
    • gaining an understanding of all religious confessions.
    • become essential, and the correct understanding of Christianity is a
    • contact with the general stream of evolution. We understand
    • about the new understanding of Christianity that is needed. In this
    • understanding for all human beings unless we have gained a connection
    • understanding for His impulse, there He is in the midst of them.
    • united Himself with the earth, we have to gain an understanding on
    • earth for the Christ. We have to bring a Christ understanding with us
    • approach the Sun sphere we understand the entry in the Akasha
    • Chronicle if we have gained an understanding for the Christ on earth.
    • factor — that the understanding of the Christ must be
    • impulse stands as a fulcrum at the center of earth evolution, the
    • understanding of the Christ impulse only if one is able to grasp that
    • For one who has gained an understanding of the Christ down here, the
    • Let us consider an outstanding example. Luther's appearance at
    • On a previous occasion I have spoken of how we are to understand
  • Title: Life Between ... XVI: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • understanding of the super-sensible world.
    • Chronicle of the other soul stands before us in admonition. Then we
    • everything on the earth as men do, but cannot understand what they
    • cannot understand it. Concepts and ideas of the spiritual world can
    • spiritual world. This enables one to understand rightly the meaning
  • Title: Descriptive Sketches: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • That we may clearly understand one another, I should like to draw your
    • encounter on earth which stand in the way of the attainment of our
    • carrying out their best intentions. So we can understand why, in a
    • easier, picture them standing or sitting in front of you. You can read
    • mind, thinking: “He is standing before me, I am reading to
    • standpoint; yet after his death he could only be satisfied by having
    • these, but can only do so to an investigator who has understanding of
    • there was the necessary understanding on the part of the living
    • itself only learns to understand what till now it could only perceive,
    • because we cannot stand the glance that is turned on such an action.
    • must acquire absolutely different concepts if we are to understand
    • You will realize that for many things the necessary understanding must
  • Title: Descriptive Sketches: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • the standpoint of clairvoyant investigation, however, it takes the
    • standpoint to the clairvoyant standpoint.
    • therein are not too difficult for the man of today to understand; one
    • power of standing upright in early childhood, instead of going about
    • childhood when learning to stand upright there remain those which
    • great deal which enables one to understand life as never before.
    • circumstances unfolded before our eyes we can well understand why so
    • understand the whole connection. A search into the Akashic Records
    • Thus you understand the whole connection, my dear friends. The
    • develops, while man does not yet stand outwardly in social life.
    • other hand, through having learnt to understand the spiritual, we see
    • Misunderstanding — they face us like two pillars between which we
    • I wished to address you from this standpoint the first time I spoke in
    • this town, and from this same standpoint I wish to say my parting
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture I: Cosmic Aspect of Life Between Death and New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • in the best sense of the word, an understanding of every
    • understanding of other systems of religion which far transcends
    • essence. If we acquire this understanding here on earth, then
    • Sun. This understanding of the different religions and of the
    • understanding of the Christ impulse, and must keep this impulse
    • this understanding here on earth will not recognize who at one
    • through the agency of certain forces; all heavenly bodies stand
    • part of its nature, an understanding for the inner
    • human beings who think clearly will be able to understand
    • understandable by themselves. What one does not know is
    • call understanding, knowledge, in the usual every-day
  • Title: Esoteric Studies: Lecture II: Establishment of Mutual Relations Between the Living and the So-called Dead
    Matching lines:
    • underlying it, so does he also stand between death and a new
    • spiritual image stands before them, the dead will become aware
    • understand because these sciences are of value only for life on
    • retain an understanding for things communicated in the
    • to them in any language and they will understand the thought
    • because we shall understand what the dead are doing. Many
    • who really understands, he who looks into the world,
    • stand firm on the ground of spiritual knowledge. For in our
    • of the way we shall have to take a firm and secure stand on the
  • Title: Lecture: Links Between the Living and the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • In order that we may really understand one another, I want to speak
    • standing in the way of some external goal on earth. In the spiritual
    • endeavours. And now we understand why hatred — even if there was
    • easier, you can picture him as you knew him in life, standing or
    • attention, always keeping in mind the thought: The dead are standing
    • understanding of what this soul is trying to convey. Something very
    • understanding in the soul of the living investigator. This is a
    • discarnate soul itself learn to understand what is otherwise merely
    • in order to understand correctly descriptions of conditions in the
    • understanding shall first have been created.
  • Title: Lecture: The Transformation of Earthly Forces into Clairvoyant Faculties
    Matching lines:
    • From the standpoint of clairvoyant investigation the question takes
    • soul. He transcends the level of the ordinary human standpoint and
    • life but at an early age acquires the faculty of standing
    • the human being in early childhood in order to stand upright, remain
    • outstanding personage on earth becomes this soul's ideal. One sees
    • to one who wishes to understand the whole setting of world-existence
    • Chronicle concerning certain outstanding figures in world-history
    • — necessity and misunderstanding confront us today
    • It was from this standpoint that I wanted to speak to you during this,
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Untersuchungen uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • einer neuen Geburt durchleben. Es entstand nun in der letzten
    • jetzt? Dieser Zustand ändert sich dadurch, daß wir
    • wirken zu fühlen. Also dieser Zustand, den ich eben
    • Ich-Vernunft, durch den Ich-Verstand zugegeben werden kann. Nun
    • was man hier gelernt und verstanden hat über das Mysterium
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Untersuchungen uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • imstande, die Visionen von vorher in uns zu erhalten. Wir
    • Wert darauf gelegt, daß verstanden werde, wie Christus als
    • verstanden werden. Jetzt beginnt die Zeit, wo man, als ein
    • so merken wir gerade in diesem unserem jetzigen Seelenzustande
    • Standpunkte aus.
    • Richtung und für jeden Zustand ein anderes Spiegelbild in
    • verbringen: derjenige, der früher in den Zustand der
    • Bewußtlosigkeit eintritt, ein Schlafzustand, und er dann
    • früheren Schlafzustandes zwischen Tod und neuer Geburt
    • Es tritt da tatsächlich nach dem Tode eine Art von Zustand
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Die Neuesten Ergebnisse Okkulter Forschung uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • mit dem Verstande drinnenstehen, und in bezug auf die geistige
    • unseres wachenden Zustandes vom Morgen bis zum Abend. Da sehen
    • Verstand wirken soll, von morgens bis abends an uns heran. Wo
    • kann nur minderwertige Produkte zustande bringen. Wer auf
    • zustande bringen, als wenn er in liebevoller Hingabe und ruhig
    • —, wir treffen ihn aber so, wie wir zu ihm gestanden
    • auslegen nach dem Verstande, aber was der Künstler sagen
    • Das erste Mal, als das so richtig verstanden worden ist, war
    • wenig verstanden wird, im eigentlichen Sinne durch die
    • zustande gebracht; er lebt dort unter ihnen. Und für ihn
    • Erde, der vorher noch ein bißchen bestanden hat, schon
    • anderen Zustand als der ist, in dem er vorher war. Und wenn man
    • diesen späteren Zustand charakterisieren will,
    • durchgemacht hat, trägt er als Kraft im Keimzustande in
    • verstanden werden — sagen wir die Tristan-Frage —
    • verstandesmäßig analysiert werden, sondern es
    • Kosmos heraus entstanden. Das, was in menschlicher Brust lebt,
    • hat sich mir vom okkulten Standpunkte gezeigt, daß das
    • entstanden ist. Es hieß, Michelangelo habe Macht über
    • immer mehr und mehr lernen, alles vom Standpunkte des
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Durchgang des Menschen Durch die Planetensphaeren und die Bedeutung
    Matching lines:
    • können sagen: Während wir in dem Zustande des
    • Ich-losen Bewußtseinszustande zu Ich-erfüllten
    • Außenwelt, an dem Widerstand der Außenwelt wahrnehmen
    • würde. Würde das Kind keinen Widerstand erleben, so
    • durchmessen, so haben Sie überall einen Widerstand, wo Sie
    • nahegestanden haben, die weggestorben sind, ehe er selbst die
    • man allmählich hinein in jenen Zustand, wo wir wirklich
    • in den Stand setzen, seine Arbeit während des Lebens
    • entstanden ist. Solange das alte Hellsehen dauerte, waren in
    • haben. Wodurch kam das zustande? Das kam dadurch zustande,
    • Verstand ein paar Begriffe mehr bekommt, wenn wir
    • Aber was könnte uns mehr erheben, als wenn wir imstande
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Das Leben Zwischen dem Tode und Einer Neuen Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • heute von einem universelleren Standpunkt aus darzustellen
    • Standpunkt aus einmal charakterisiert erhalten hat. Gerade die
    • Menschenverstand das Verständnis ein, von dem wir gestern
    • Hingestorbenen zusammen und empfinden: Genau so standest du im
    • getan haben in unseren Gefühlen oder Taten, imstande sind,
    • sind in diese gleichsam eingehüllt und sind nur imstande,
    • Universelle des wirklich verstandenen Christus-Mysteriums. Wir
    • schlecht bisher verstanden hat, sondern um die
    • Gemeinschaft, wenn er richtig verstanden wird. Aber nehmen Sie
    • was unseren Bewußtseinszustand etwas ändert. Wir
    • Mensch erscheinen, daß wir imstande sind, innerlich Karma
    • gestanden hat im Leben, weiß: du hast ihn zu wenig
    • gesunden Menschenverstand bewirkte Verständnis der
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Das Leben Zwischen dem Tode und Einer Neuen Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • einen okkulten Tatbestand auszudrücken, der Mensch zeige
    • jemand, dem er nahegestanden hat, schon durch die Pforte des
    • findet, denen er auf der Erde nahegestanden. Dagegen ist
    • denen man nicht nahegestanden hat, man mag ihnen so nahe als
    • nahegestanden hat. Also diejenigen, denen man im Leben
    • nahegestanden hat — es kommen da zunächst kaum
    • im Erdenleben gestanden haben, aber das nicht können, was
    • außerordentlich schmerzvoller Zustand ist. Das ist er auch
    • einen solchen Zustand richtig zu verstehen und
    • Gedanken haben, das sei ein schmerzlicher Zustand
    • hat nicht nur das Bewußtsein, ein schmerzlicher Zustand
    • Bewußtsein, daß dieser Zustand notwendig ist,
    • gestanden hatte auf der Erde, daß er durch das bloße
    • entwickeln, die ihm nahegestanden hatten und
    • weiß er durch, sagen wir, Verstandeskombination; aber
    • Auffassung und den Verstand nicht da sein kann, aber doch in
    • medialen Zustand kommen, indem wir in die Lage kommen,
    • solchen Gelegenheiten, die auf medialem Wege Zustandekommen
    • Und das bitte ich Sie, machen Sie geradezu zum Gegenstand einer
    • bewirkt einen Dämmerzustand, und dann verläuft das
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Einiges uber die Technik des Karma Im Leben Nach dem Tode
    Matching lines:
    • sie wirklich von den verschiedensten Standpunkten aus
    • Erden nahegestanden haben als Seelenwesen.
    • die ihm auf der Erde nahegestanden haben. Der Mensch aber, der
    • wird andere Wesen finden, die ihm nahegestanden haben. Aber im
    • uns schon auf der Erde nahegestanden haben. Die ändern
    • wir schon auf Erden nahegestanden haben. Die Beziehungen zu
    • hier auf der Erde leben normal, im Wachzustande, so leben wir
    • verstanden wird, in das ganze menschliche Leben fruchtbringend
    • physischen Plane in bloßem Wachzustande die Dinge
    • seinem Verstande machen kann. Alles übrige weiß er
    • Standpunkt kam, daß unveränderlich bleiben die
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • im richtigen Sinne verstanden wird, geeignet ist, in das
    • Verstand. Rätselhaft in gewissem Sinne ist der Augenblick,
    • Schlaf wäre ein Ermüdungszustand, Schlaf sei da, um
    • Ermüdungszustand, denn ein kleines Kind schläft am
    • nichts zu bescheinen haben. In der Tat ist jedoch der Zustand
    • Vulkanzustand angekommen ist. Scheint die Sonne von oben auf
    • Zustand herbei, der auf dem Jupiter durchlebt wird.
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Vom Leben Nach dem Tode
    Matching lines:
    • Sinne und des Verstandes bedient, verschlossen ist. Der Seher
    • zu können; aber die Weisheit, die wir zustande bringen,
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Anthroposophie Als Empfindungsund Lebensgehalt
    Matching lines:
    • Widerstand, als Hindernis unseres Tuns. Ahriman hat ja auch
    • Verstande. Und so sehen wir Anthroposophie immer mehr und mehr
    • Dienstleistungen gegenüber den Geistern des Widerstandes
    • sollte nicht bloß verstandesgemäß begriffen,
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Die Kosmische Seite des Lebens Zwischen Tod
    Matching lines:
    • menschlichen Seelen, welchen wir religiös nahegestanden
    • schlecht verstanden worden ist.
    • schlafähnlichen, unbewußten Zustand. In den
    • da, welche den Menschen wirklich zustande bringen können.
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Das Gegenseitige In-beziehung-treten Zwischen den Lebenden und den Sogenannten Toten
    Matching lines:
    • Beziehung gestanden haben, müssen ja in begreiflicher
    • welche die Seelen hier hegen. Und dadurch kann das zustande
    • einverstanden mit dem, was die Verwandten mit den Kindern
    • verstanden wird und sie muß immer richtig verstanden
    • gewisse Zeit nach dem Tode den Geistern des Widerstandes, sich
    • glauben, daß alles durch die Tagesweisheit des Verstandes
    • bewußt wird, nach einer Sprache, die nicht nur verstanden
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Die Mission des Erdenlebens als Durchgangspunkt fuer das Jenseits
    Matching lines:
    • Sinne, wenn wir nur lebten in dem Verstande, soweit er auf die
    • sein Verstand wird kalt sein und berechnend, vor allen Dingen
    • sind imstande, Lehrer zu haben, die nur aus der geistigen Welt
    • Verstand entfaltet wird, ist ja eine solche Begegnung nicht
    • Beim Beginn des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts, da stand ein anderer
    • Entwickelungskrisis, wie die Erde in einer solchen stand, als
    • daß er in Beziehung gestanden hat zu Erdenmenschen, die
    • Anthroposophen trifft, der in einer gewissen Weise imstande
    • bestand, und das bietet eine Schwierigkeit — während
    • irdischen Be-Ziehungen bestanden hatten, wieder zusammen sind.
    • viel Keime dagewesen, als dann Heringe entstanden sind. Viele,
    • unvollkommener Zustand der Menschheit, den die Menschen jetzt
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Uber das Leben Zwischen Tod und Neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • Leben, das nur dient dem selbstsüchtigen Verstande, der
    • die eine gewisse Engherzigkeit haben, die nicht imstande sind
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Vom Durchgang des Menschen Nach dem Tode Durch die Spharen des Kosmos
    Matching lines:
    • darin bestand, daß diese wunderbare Individualität,
    • weil es einem Tatbestand entspricht: Zwischen dem Tode und
    • zu dem Punkt, wo in einer gewissen Weise der Satz verstanden
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Erganzende Tatsachen uber das Leben zwischen Tod und neuer Geburt
    Matching lines:
    • denen sie auf Erden in Verbindung gestanden haben, allabendlich
    • oder mit uns in irgendwelchen Beziehungen gestanden haben und
    • die schon im Leben dem Spirituellen nahegestanden haben. Wir
    • nicht verstanden hat, wenn man sie nur selber versteht. Auf
    • verstandene Christentum den Wahrheitskern aller Religionen
    • verstanden werden. Gelangt man hier auf der Erde nicht zu einer
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Uber den Verkehr mit den Toten
    Matching lines:
    • mißverstanden. Man findet oft in theosophischen Schriften
    • wir, wenn wir auch für den vorhergehenden Zustand uns eine
    • gewisse Geselligkeit angeeignet haben, im nächsten Zustand
    • stehen vielleicht engherziger da. Aber das richtig verstandene
    • recht verstandene Christentum setzt voraus, daß jeder
    • Christ — so hat man das Christentum nicht verstanden.
    • hat man das Christentum verstanden. Das beste wäre, die
    • Ursprünglich stand da eine Evangelienstelle! — Sie
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag: Das Leben Nach dem Tode
    Matching lines:
    • Organe des physisch-sinnlichen Daseins. Auch der Verstand, der
    • imstande, eine geistige Welt wahrzunehmen, aber sie können
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag I: Die Lebendige Wechselwirkung Zwischen Lebenden und Toten
    Matching lines:
    • um so etwas zustande zu bringen, wie es der menschliche Geist
    • heute zustande bringt, unmittelbar neben den anderen liegen,
    • Dies ist der Tatbestand in der geistigen Welt, daß der
    • Ideen, die Gedanken, die während unseres Wachzustandes
    • zwischen Ideen und Ideen in bezug auf unsern Schlafzustand.
    • wenn diese Menschen im schlafenden Zustand sind.
    • Standpunkt immer und immer vor den Menschen vertreten hat, nach
    • zustande, daß sie zum Beispiel ihre Buchstaben
  • Title: Okkulte Untersuchungen: Vortrag II: Die Umwandlung menschlich-irdischer Krafte zu Kraften hellseherischer Forschung
    Matching lines:
    • gewöhnlichen Standpunkt des Menschen zu dem hellsichtigen
    • Standpunkt: daher müssen ja die Kräfte, mit denen man
    • Gehirnsubstanz zustande zu bringen, welche hauptsächlich
    • Gefühle, nicht nur in Ihren Verstand, übergegangen
  • Title: Lecture: Anthroposophy as a Substance of Life and Feeling
    Matching lines:
    • answer a similar question from many different stand-points. One of the
    • standpoints (although it is not the only one, it is nevertheless the
    • shall gradually progress. In order to understand how the living will
    • for the departed soul will understand these thoughts, even if he has
    • form of speech, and the deceased can understand anthroposophical
    • not, however, understand. This, for instance, is a fact: The seer who
    • adjustment annulling the evil influences. If we cannot understand
    • our understanding, but also to our feelings. Thus we gradually learn
    • an understanding and his memory begins, the sleep in the child's body
    • such an understanding is most important. Souls who are born in the
    • 18th or 19th century must come to an understanding with other souls
    • to understand this moment, we experience it in an entirely different
    • way than if we do not understand it.

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