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  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture I
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    • esoterically or exoterically, brings about certain changes in
    • ‘stay-at-home,’ when his calling does not allow of
    • the whole human organism. Everything is sympathetically
    • sympathetically, but the blood-system separates, and the
    • organisation. Now man is so organised physically that he is in
    • call upon if he were to eat plant food, and condemns them to
    • not of much use, with respect to what may be called his higher
    • occultly, not chemically — a process very similar to that
    • is called, the more advanced student may suddenly find himself
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture II
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    • external, exoteric, so-called normal life of man. We shall have
    • specifically earthly; and if you wished to speak about milk you
    • our earth is radically different from any corresponding kingdom
    • the kingdom that is specifically earthly, and which is obtained
    • plant nourishment in his own organism is to call forth forces
    • theosophically or esoterically is really able gradually to
    • from the Cosmos. Thus the substance we call albumen is
    • What we call fatty substance, whether a person eats it or
    • those beings whom we call the Spirits of Motion are concerned
    • callous to my inner limitations, this uplifts me in some sense,
    • though automatically, as though by higher instinct, a certain
    • may say the consumption of sugar intensifies physically the
    • various substances we can do so by considering the so-called
    • is assisted physically. By drinking coffee logical accuracy,
    • of nourishment throws its rays upon the ordinary so-called
    • earth which is now no longer physically perceptible in any way
    • to this process is radically wrong. External theory calls the
    • imaged microcosmically in our heart. Sun dwells in the human
    • what one might call the starry-brain. This opposition is
    • Later you will become aware of what I might call other streams
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  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • shadow within him, when he is developing etherically. And he
    • the faculty of calling up the sensation of taste as a memory,
    • that becomes the means of recognising the so-called chemical
    • the more. Therefore, the student must try systematically to
    • systematically acquire a memory as an esotericist or
    • rightly, my dear friends, when we look at what is called
    • is practically adapted to a certain calm self-observation. What
    • speaks enthusiastically of this or that interesting quality,
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • called a feeling for time. By this feeling for time is to be
    • human being diagrammatically (in rough outline) we may think
    • by Spiritual beings called the Amshaspands. These Amshaspands
    • past, but can be called forth again from the life of the
    • sympathetically experienced in its independent parts and
    • usually called melancholy; the etheric life of the head is
    • time calls forth in his etheric body. Hence the melancholic
    • self-attained cleverness, and so-called ability, but when one
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • attribute of being something formed egotistically; all that is
    • extremely important — it loses the part we usually call
    • instruction. But when a soul has developed esoterically, he
    • who is developing theosophically not to pass by inattentively
    • way, especially through such physical training as may be called
    • called the Archai or Primal forces; for we experience in the
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • experience sympathetically the processes in the external ether.
    • as a memory of what in occultism is called the Bull, an ancient
    • in the etheric body, looking at what anatomy calls the
    • observation, the student arrives at what is called Paradise. In
    • is only seen symbolically in the skull. Here the human being
    • finest, this we have described. All this symbolically
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • wishes to give, will in the course of it specially call forth
    • developed peoples, and observe what we might call the lion-like
    • certain circumstances, what is called love may, however, be
    • is called love is self-seeking. But an egotism extended beyond
    • in Paris a man who had carried over, though exoterically,
    • personality who was called Faustus Andrelinus affected Erasmus
    • very sympathetically.
    • traditional theology. This personality no longer wished to call
    • himself a theologian, calling himself a man of the world and a
    • called George Faust, an actual historical personality. And the
    • evidence of a development which will call forth from us the
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • rigidly and diagrammatically depicted; but what I shall
    • diagrammatically expressed. I draw the Self something like the
    • man calls his self is not the true Ego, but a reflection of the
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • observed by means of clairvoyance — what might be called
    • the so-called mythological symbols, contain much more truth
    • the other the Spirit of Egotism. And what we may call his error
    • enjoyment and fear. Around us are the so-called material world
    • and the so-called Spiritual world; both these in our ordinary
    • and beings Ahriman peeps out and calls forth the enjoyment in
  • Title: Effects of Occult Development: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • occult life is called ‘Imagination.’ The physical
    • body may truly be called a narrator; it recounts the story of
    • sleep. And that which psychically drives man to sleep is
    • on the left I will represent what we may call the constitution
    • development of the ego, is gradually filled with what we call
    • might call human instincts? Such a person still lives entirely
    • dread, we must always call to mind the thought which dispels

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