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  • Title: Lecture: Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman
    Matching lines:
    • powers in the East (Russia) and the West (France, England and, since
    • and ahrimanic forces in the West, and it was Central Europe's destiny
    • The fundamental polarization of East and West that Rudolf Steiner saw
    • Western powers involved in the controversy, and at Germany, reveals
    • Curtain, while the other aligned with the West.
    • have influenced the development of the entire Western world.
    • Christianity externally into the mainstream of Western civilization.
    • that he could establish Christianity in his western empire as the
    • evolution of the Western spirit how the Christ impulse seeks out in
    • the Christ impulse can assert itself within the Western spiritual
    • cleanse Western culture of the luciferic remnants and in part we must
    • Looking to the West and especially to American culture, a different
    • how the culture of the West is seized by the ahrimanic principle, and
    • East we are confronted by the luciferic and in the West by the
    • West. Therefore, the plastic group in our building in Dornach must
    • forces even in the eastern regions nearest to us, while in the West we
    • idea of nationality. Thus, if we look to the West we see the field of
    • period of time. That is the difference between the West and the East.
    • When the ether bodies of Western Europeans are separated after death,
    • looks little at himself after his death.) Through all this, Western
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  • Title: Lecture: Preparing for the Sixth Epoch
    Matching lines:
    • significance of West European culture lies in the fact that the quest
    • of West European culture, and particularly of Central European
    • Western and Central Europe is to introduce into men qualities that can
    • West: the British, the French, the Italian, the German — Eastern
    • Western and Central Europe. They say, “You pay no heed at all to
    • across from the East to Western and Central Europe in many reproaches
    • are, accuse Western and Central Europe of having lost all feeling for
    • that the Christianity of Western Europe has not succeeded in
    • conclusion by saying, “In Western Europe there can never be
    • never come to Western European civilization. There humanity will never
    • exceedingly difficult to understand from the Western European point of
    • following conception that is extremely difficult for the men of West
    • Western Europe, as a preparation for the sixth epoch, we try among
    • that he is God. How different it is in the West and in Central Europe!
    • understand the weaving power of the spiritual, we in the West cannot
  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Science, a Necessity for the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • This lecture has been authorized for the Western hemisphere,
    • when the sun's forces reach the lowest point of their physical
    • developed in the civilisation of the West and to elaborate it
    • what has been produced in the West. This will one day be the task of
    • call out to the West: We have a beautiful country, but no order,
    • by the spiritual life of the peoples living on its western boundary.
    • In the further course of civilisation the West must produce a living
    • West to East, in the opposite direction of the sun's ordinary course.
    • hands on the civilisation of the West, of the peoples of western
    • the West, the so-called, “Barefooted”
    • civilisation of western Europe, to use the words of these
  • Title: Lecture: The (Four) Great Virtues
    Matching lines:
    • The lecture has been authorized for the Western hemisphere by, and
    • used only as the instrument for the lowest form of wisdom, earthly
    • intemperate in excessive eating and drinking; this is its lowest
  • Title: The Subconscious Forces
    Matching lines:
    • takes place in Western or in Central Europe. To begin with,
    • be taken over superficially from the civilisation of western
    • Eastern Europe were beginning to overspread the unworthy west
    • special points of his programme staging; “You western
    • above all in the fact that people said: In the West, everything
    • spread over Central and Western Europe.
    • origin, whereas they are a purely western importation. They
    • came1from the West and were then sent back again to
    • the western people. The western people become acquainted
    • conscious. Do not think that the people in the West and in the
    • exist. When we look to the East and to the West, spiritual
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture I: The Four Platonic Virtues and Their Relation with the Human Members
    Matching lines:
    • for the lowest form of wisdom, for the earthly cleverness.
    • lowest kind of impulsiveness. There the astral completely sinks
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture III: Spiritual Science and the Mystery of Death
    Matching lines:
    • and west go to the south and meet forming a ring. From a
    • Normans were overpowered by the Romance people. The western
    • west of Europe many people speak that the French are appointed
    • that in the west the Celtic element predominates. However, it
    • west are completely overpowered by the Romance element. In the
    • members of the soul like in the West, should be immediately
    • In the West that had to be dogmatised and materialised. People
    • Western people of intellect did not understand her, and
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture IV: The Intimate Element of the Central European Culture and the Central European Striving
    Matching lines:
    • strength, which should work in Europe, drove in the west of
    • Europe into the Romance current which had flooded the west of
    • European culture in the West, is due to the Romance current.
    • culture driving down from the European north to the west,
    • west, becoming Romance, on the other side, to the east,
    • becoming Slavic, and they meet from the east and from the west
    • in the West or the culture in the East, but which had to run
    • Central Europe with that of the West, so we must say, in the
    • West a culture developed — and this can be seen from the
    • member. In the west of Europe everything got muddled, and it
    • fundamental attitude of rationalising civilisation in the West.
    • In the West, one wants to arrange, to systematise, and to
    • find that in the West as one part of the current which
    • to southwest, and both meet in Constantinople. In the centre
    • Midgard Snake in the East and the West. So far we have to go to
    • West. Then we understand why the Central European population is
    • movement. In this writing nobody will find anything of western
    • theory but what came from the West. — Then one sees that
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture V: The Intervention of the Christ Impulse in the Historical Events
    Matching lines:
    • to take up what the western civilisation has created, and to
    • process it in itself to get fertilised with that which the West
    • happens that from the East over here to the West the call goes
    • the spiritual life of the directly bordering West. In the
    • further course of its culture this West has to produce a lively
    • from the West to the East, opposite to the movement of the sun.
    • west-European culture.
    • West: the so-called world view of the discalced friars,
    • west-European culture — as the discalced friar says
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture VI: Moral Impulses and Their Results
    Matching lines:
    • the western peoples.
    • the West-European peoples are, this would be an untruth with
    • in a different way than with the West-European and Central
    • European peoples. The archangels of the West-European peoples
    • before something quite different as it is the case in Western
    • the three characterised West-European peoples. You can derive
    • that the life of the West-European peoples and in certain way
    • West-European peoples have to take this national character
    • knowledge down to the lowest. And even more than on some other
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture VII: Cosmic Effects on the Human Members During Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • victorious in the western world in an external way. Constantine
    • fewest people have this today, — that spiritual forces
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture VIII: The War, an Illness Process
    Matching lines:
    • development in the West or in the middle of Europe.
    • over externally by the west-European civilisation. You cannot
    • to extend over the little valuable Western Europe, to overflow
    • as there was said: you West-Europeans altogether, you have a
    • above all in the fact that one said: in the West everything has
    • out over Central Europe and Western Europe.
    • contrast to the “Westernisers.”]
    • something comes from the East, whereas it is a purely western
    • import. It came over from the West and was then sent back to
    • the western people again. The western people were confronted
    • believe that the human beings fight in the West and the East
    • science, — looking to the East and to the West
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture IX: The Relation of the Human Being to the Realms of Nature and the Hierarchies
    Matching lines:
    • names are introduced in the West.
    • West-European peoples expressing exactly what I expressed in
    • letters, a West-European minded person rants at the Central
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture X: Central Europe between East and West
    Matching lines:
    • Central Europe between East and West
    • Central Europe between East and West
    • Until our days, the western religious world view lacks the
    • element. Everywhere in the West, we find the souls imbued with
    • also seize the west of Europe gradually. There the mission is
    • and the ahrimanic principle of the West in Central Europe, but
    • Lucifer and Ahriman to put the world from East and to West back
    • luciferic of the East, the ahrimanic of the West be
    • on one side, and the West, on the other side, penetrated the
    • charred cross, tends to the West. We, however, in Central
    • the East, by Ahriman in the West, is above ground. There we
    • invigorate our souls that in another epoch the western world
    • ascended; it passes triumphantly through the West. It already
    • a way as it happened in the first epoch of the western
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture XI: Christ's Relationship to Lucifer and Ahriman
    Matching lines:
    • western development.
    • externally in the western development. Constantine had to go
    • western empire. The whole map of Europe would have become
    • more aware. We see then in the western spiritual development
    • in the western spiritual development can make itself
    • But we have partly to purify that all in the western culture
    • us look at the West, particularly at the American civilisation,
    • civilisation of the West is seized by Ahriman. This is the
    • have the luciferic element, if we look at the West, we have the
    • Central Europe between West and East is to find the balance.
    • luciferic powers even in the near East. In the West, we look at
    • etheric bodies if we look westwards.
    • difference between the West and the East. The etheric bodies,
    • which the West-European human beings take off after death, have
    • West-European human being is exposed to the ahrimanic
    • field, neither in the West nor in the East. Hence, something
    • bodies which spread out from Western Europe. They would behold
    • contribute something that these West-European clearly defined
    • the West. This causes that since 1879 a violent struggle
    • West-European etheric bodies, and this struggle is raging in
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  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture XIII: Common Ground above Us; Christ in Us
    Matching lines:
    • This is the deep meaning of the West-European culture: that the
    • post-Atlantean culture. It is the task of the West-European and
    • Western Europe and Central Europe have the vocation to develop
    • does not say like in the West: the Briton, the French, the
    • the Russian intellectuals, as they are called, accuse the West
    • barbarity et cetera to Central Europe and Western Europe from
    • say: Western Europe and Central Europe have already lost any
    • why it says, the West-European Christianity did not manage to
    • century, said as the last consequence: in Western Europe,
    • in the West-European culture and civilisation, happiness will
    • from the West-European point of view. But anthroposophists
    • idea which is hard to understand to the West- European from its
    • We in Western Europe look just for that which we care for as
    • different it is in the West, how different in Central Europe.
    • We cannot say in the West, while we want to experience and
  • Title: Mystery of Death: Lecture XV: Overcoming Death through Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • that which matters that the Western mental development is

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