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  • Title: Perception of the Nature of Thought
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    • Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the Rejuvenation of the
    • Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the Rejuvenation of the
    • evolution become entirely spiritual, but leaving its signs behind in
    • become spiritual to the same degree as the Old Saturn laws. The
    • Saturn laws have become so spiritual that we can only investigate
    • already appealing to something entirely spiritual when, from the
    • Moon laws we find something not so spiritual. But this too has
    • in the physical body, we have something that is not so spiritual, so
    • becomes increasingly spiritual. For that which is attached to the
    • the spiritualising of those parts of the embryonic sheaths which fall
    • might say, the Saturn part of man, lies in lofty spiritual regions,
    • for a public still quite unacquainted with Spiritual Science.
    • let the spiritual structure of these periods work upon one.
    • spirituality, how a thought-organism, leaving aside the world
    • men face them eye to eye spiritually Ahriman and Lucifer are harmful
    • Spiritual Science.
    • recognised by Spiritual Science. Just reflect that in reality a Being
    • the spiritual life are coming forward in our time. For here we see
    • who stands spiritually as much higher than man as a 100 years is
    • Spiritual Science gives vitality to what is otherwise abstract, and
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  • Title: Lecture: Brunetto Latini
    Matching lines:
    • Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the Rejuvenation of the Artistic
    • spiritual life into the physical. Initiation opens out to man
    • spiritual worlds. That which can then be experienced, more or
    • less consciously in spiritual worlds, true Art carries down
    • to perceive the spiritual note that pervades what Dante has
    • the only document he has brought over from the spiritual
    • on the path of spiritual science is waiting for the portal of
    • the spiritual world to be opened to him sooner or later, as
    • — that the entry to the spiritual world takes place by
    • degrees. Then we grow slowly into the spiritual world.
    • starting-point for an entry into the spiritual world.
    • all the spiritual beings who are living there — the
    • floating through the universal ocean of spiritual being.
    • perceived abundant spiritual life; having perceived the seven
    • things. But it is precisely the characteristic of spiritual
    • the spiritual world and then return to what the physical
    • it after having penetrated through the spiritual world. Then
    • without spiritual cognition. But these things appear in a new
    • never have reached his peculiar relation to the spiritual
    • teacher, to educate him into the spiritual world.
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  • Title: Meditation and Concentration
    Matching lines:
    • Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the Rejuvenation of the Artistic Lifestyle,
    • Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the Rejuvenation
    • The Path of Spiritual Knowledge
    • outlook of spiritual science. I should like to start from
    • time: that all spiritual-scientific observation is won by
    • enter into direct union with the spiritual worlds.
    • with the spiritual worlds is broken in ordinary life and
    • spiritual worlds, in which we indeed are.
    • essential that anyone occupying himself with spiritual
    • science should recognise exactly the value of spiritual
    • lead man into the spiritual world. We must be clear about
    • exist in the same way in the spiritual world. I have already
    • structure of the psycho-spiritual human being. How most
    • mention that a really earnest spiritual movement can have no
    • spiritual world, we are really led into a threefold
    • the threshold of the spiritual world, nothing is left which
    • feel, as soon as the threshold of the spiritual world is
    • results from spiritual science if the soul and spirit-nature
    • the spiritual-scientific point of view has to be so regarded,
    • the cosmos, as if by a spiritual electric attraction.
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • the lecture series entitled, Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the
    • with certain aspects of Spiritual Science in connection
    • a preparation for the spiritual life which comes
    • clear to us slowly and by degrees, when through Spiritual
    • when we make Spiritual Science into an actual asset of
    • the spiritual life. The reason for choosing this particular
    • from what I say, how what we speak of as Spiritual Science
    • conscious through Spiritual Science. It may be that such a
  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • the lecture series entitled, Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the
    • encountered by spiritual-scientific knowledge is that when
    • which have gone over into the spiritual world but which
    • less in the spiritual world than in the physical world
    • in the spiritual world. So that we may say: forces of the
    • into the spiritual world and, as they have not been used
    • life on the Earth, are used in the spiritual world and
    • spiritual world.
    • physical world is connected with the spiritual world, and
    • that the spiritual world is behind the physical world.
    • There is variety and differentiation in the spiritual world
    • Spiritual Science are provided by these etheric bodies in
    • and that many spiritual influences can therefore proceed
    • basis of the spiritual stimuli which may come to us. The
    • spiritual movement we serve will owe, as we may well
    • those who do not proceed from Spiritual Science or from
    • flow into the spiritual world in which the soul is always
    • and how this gradually dissolves into the more spiritual
    • inclined to connect with purely spiritual perceptions,
    • connection with the spiritual world too; but there they are
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • the lecture series entitled, Ways of Spiritual Cognition and the
    • of death, the spiritual kingdom into which we enter through
    • mode of expressing oneself about the spiritual world, its
    • this spiritual world and a letting oneself be bestowed upon
    • in order to objectify itself in spiritual speech. So it is
    • relation to the spiritual world, is a certain mobility of
    • rightly in the spiritual world or for bringing anything at
    • all of the spiritual to expression.
    • with oneself in the spiritual sense when in the earthly
    • is for the spiritual world the most devoid of importance.
    • spiritual reality becomes very difficult when at every
    • spiritual forces and impulses, we do not get on well. Here
    • the spiritual world must pay attention to such connections.
    • moment of birth. In the spiritual world in the time between
    • we began in Berlin to carry on our movement of Spiritual
    • to stand correctly in the spiritual world. Here in the
    • surging spiritual life of wisdom. One enters first into
    • spiritual world.
    • thing which we see, in the spiritual world, where, as I
    • beginning of our spiritual life after death the vision of
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