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  • Title: Perception of the Nature of Thought
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    • between the Spirits of Will and the Spirits of Personality.
    • Scientist. He will find nothing among the forces disclosed in the
    • will have to ask the question: How does it stand with what is derived
    • will have found that four periods in the development
    • you will find everywhere how the Christ-Impulse rules in them. It is
    • descriptions given of the separate epochs you will, if you are proper
    • Archai Willing (Vulcan)
    • You will see that I tried to present
    • A brief view of an Anthroposophy. There you will see how philosophy
    • public. The anthroposophist will find it however if he reads the book
    • “Ich will mein Licht vor eurem Licht verschliessen,
    • ich will euch nicht, ihr sollt mich nicht geniessen,
    • wished to arouse through today's lecture, then you will see
  • Title: Lecture: Brunetto Latini
    Matching lines:
    • work upon his soul will fail
    • will readily be inclined to use the word fancy or
    • you will recognise from what we shall presently say, may be
    • indeed it will be. It may be — indeed it often is so
    • soul-forces is a thing from which man will often flee, when
    • doubt, will say: ‘Maybe, but this world of the eyes and
    • the ears will not impress me greatly. The world of the
    • will be quick enough with his reply: Philosophy — with
    • and it will be something quite new to you. Then only will you
    • to know by external study — he only will claim to know
    • humanity — so great that it will only be able to be
    • must realise that coming ages will penetrate more and more
    • will remember, at an appropriate season we spoke of the story
    • of the world and humanity, will realise that we must now be
    • — equally great will be the difference between the
    • that will dominate the spiritual culture of the future.
    • have its corresponding value. Then it will indeed have its
    • will be destined to create, out of the primitive beginnings
  • Title: Meditation and Concentration
    Matching lines:
    • we will turn our attention today to a more general
    • state all our will is concentrated on our connection with the
    • thought, feeling, and will-impulses, or in any other manner,
    • the life of will; it is effected through humble surrender to
    • will, to a connection with the actions of spiritual beings of
    • less will humanity be able to live, without their soul-life
    • daunted at traveling this uncomfortable but secure path, will
    • their clairvoyance, above all they will develop a high
    • process: What arises as head-clairvoyance will always have
    • what I must call a universal scientific character; it will
    • Stomach-clairvoyance will be permeated especially with all
    • kinds of human egoism, and will very easily mislead the
    • spiritual world, will have extreme difficulty in getting
    • The colour will then become paler — and if we extend it
    • still further, the colour will become ever paler and paler,
    • civilisation of man; this is really important. Today, I will
    • imagination will realise that in the depths of our spirit,
    • man will not have finally to give account. People loved ever
  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • conception of Life. This will then lead us back to matters
    • understand this Maya. Some of the necessary concepts will
    • You will find there what new concepts must be
    • in reading such a lecture-course you will realise that it
    • awakening consists in the will stretching out to
    • find its bearings, the will, which as you know and can
    • unfold strongly after death. I spoke of will that is
    • of feeling that is coloured by will: when this life of
    • feeling that is coloured by will stretches out to find its
    • those stirrings of will which lead us to our actions, to
    • world of feelings, of impulses of will; but what we form in
    • of will and feelings, stand mostly — mostly,
    • megalomania, he will not admit it. He then appeals —
    • this, but on the contrary, he will often discover, under
    • of which he will not admit. He may have certain feelings
    • perhaps, will not allow himself to be controlled. Then,
    • extremely complicated. You will admit at once that such
    • world of truth and not in a world of Maya; you will also
    • case, — You will all know that there are people in
    • such people are asked about their reasons, they will give
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • a soul who has in any way willed his own death, through
    • spiritual movement we serve will owe, as we may well
    • “Death Spectrum” as I will call it — this
    • are released. I will call it the “Death
    • It will have been
    • will, and then it happens that after the death of
    • will of the karma that has not been lived out. So that when
    • it the will which should have brought about the union of
    • will have to live out this karma in a subsequent
    • incarnation ... this will happen at some time in the future.
    • like a prophetic picture of what will have to come about at
    • death spectrum (the etheric body), so that the karma-will
    • the moment of death truly, he will describe how the etheric
    • all events will have to assume a much stronger and more
    • whole. Because of this general suffering it will be
    • spiritual world will often feel compelled not to let his
    • will see that what is said here also portrays an element of
    • karma that has not been lived out. I will indicate as
    • end by a shot from a gun. Anyone who realises this will
    • unlived-out karma immediately after death, where will it
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • has the goodwill to let the meditation material be found in
    • stands there as the liberation of the Willing and Feeling
    • very much upon the answer that I will give. Now we reply to
    • strength of will. That gives a will-impulse of a feeling
    • nature, and a feeling-impulse of a will-nature. These we
    • our “will-rays.” And when we place such a
    • will-ray somewhere, which we create out of the force of
    • through the strength of our will-impulse we obliterate the
    • will force wherewith we must obliterate the thoughts in the
    • forth from the depth of being which, without our will,
    • willing and feeling, (they are the weakest parts of the
    • life of thought, but a development of our life of will and
    • feeling and sensation while we meditate, that is, of a will
    • because in this way we make our will continually weaker and
    • weaker. One makes the will weakest of all if one cultivates
    • will-element which must be impregnated into the artist from
    • our age it will come about more and more that the artist
    • will isolate himself in his art. But it can never reach
    • willed picture of how the nose stands out here, of how the
    • And here I will call your attention to something which the
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