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  • Title: Perception of the Nature of Thought
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    • Sun Activity in Earthly Evolution
    • Activity in Earthly Evolution —
    • Bearing
    • and then the Moon evolution and today we are living in the Earth
    • karma. Please note, my dear friends, that our personal karma is
    • woven in such a way that what befalls us in successive earth lives is
    • we learn to read what is in the surrounding cosmos and not
    • must be clear that at first there is nothing so directly (I said; at
    • laws of Earth which prevail and are active when the ego fashions man
    • earthly laws of the embodiment of the Ego, we look towards the
    • directly under the active forces of Earth-existence.
    • Earthly existence. For it is active in the period before man enters
    • Earth existence through his physical birth, it is active before the
    • Earth are working. But it is active in what exists only in the mother
    • the birth and perishes. In all that envelops the earthly human being
    • earthly life.
    • what can only thrive during earthly evolution within the protecting
    • diagram. We have seen that through all complications that appear
    • EARTH
    • embryo becomes so to say more and more atomistic. The nearer the
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  • Title: Lecture: Brunetto Latini
    Matching lines:
    • cannot be fully penetrated unless we also bear in mind that
    • idea of the appearance of a scholar or a pedant.
    • with, on the Earth, is for himself the only example —
    • learned that his party, the Guelphs, had been expelled from
    • thing, he tells us, which he now learned to know were the
    • learn to know what otherwise remains unconscious in him
    • he draws near to it. For when we perceive the forces of the
    • experience the four temperaments. There it becomes clear to
    • knows them from outside. You cannot learn to know the senses
    • eyes, the ears, the other senses from within. You experience
    • your own eyes, for instance, or your ears — filling
    • or your ears. There you perceive how the forces are working
    • hearing. You perceive an altogether complicated world, of
    • the ears will not impress me greatly. The world of the
    • world of the eyes and ears is very small. I should be gazing
    • is maya. What you envisage when you are within your ears or
    • the earthy, the watery, the airy, and the element of
    • knows his senses from without. Here now he learns to know
    • break through the ear, or the sense of taste.
    • his eye or his ear. So he slips through — through the
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  • Title: Meditation and Concentration
    Matching lines:
    • lead man into the spiritual world. We must be clear about
    • cosmos. He would explain heaven, earth, and hell out of this
    • many years ago, when someone wrote to me urgently requesting
    • mention that a really earnest spiritual movement can have no
    • of the physical head, be clear that the formative forces of
    • formative forces of everything belonging to our heart,
    • the heart, arms and hands. This raising or up-lifting of
    • “HEAD-CLAIRVOYANCE”. The up-lifting of the material heart-organ
    • clairvoyance, the heart — or
    • various kingdoms of the earth; whereas head-clairvoyance
    • which must appear ever more and more in present humanity. The
    • more we approach the future of our evolution on earth, the
    • Now a clear
    • these experiences disappear, and their colourless, shadowy
    • regions of the cosmos gradually draw near to this
    • projects itself out into the world, and it appears to you
    • believed that such a clairvoyance, appearing without the
    • made. But each one should be quite clear how such
    • of the microscope, or learns through his investigations,
    • worthy of veneration; but all is worthy of being learnt. That
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • by Rudolf Steiner at Dornach in early February of 1915. They are from
    • the concepts we must acquire of earthly Maya if we want to
    • be found in the lecture-course given last year in Vienna.
    • especially when the deaths of very dear Members are
    • From this side of life, death appears to be a dissolution,
    • something in face of which the human being has a ready fear
    • and dread. From the other side, death appears as the
    • blessing. Described in earthly terms: the moment of death,
    • today because the incentive is community with dear ones who
    • appears to be the case after death) — then we must
    • excessively clear consciousness, that there sets in, to
    • consciousness. We have to find our bearings and orientation
    • we succeed in so finding our bearings that, as it were, out
    • earth-life within this abundance of consciousness, then the
    • that has been particularly significant in our earthly life
    • and is also significant in the happenings after our earthly
    • find its bearings, the will, which as you know and can
    • bearings in the supersensible world, when the first sally
    • everyday life. We must be absolutely clear that even with
    • that he had no inkling of his external appearance, which
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • by Rudolf Steiner at Dornach in early February of 1915. They are from
    • maintain the earthly body of the human being through the
    • earthly life. when a human being dies prematurely, the
    • his karma had allowed him to remain on the earth, have been
    • these forces denotes a continual wearing out of the etheric
    • who has died early, contains many unused forces; these
    • year l842 when it was discovered by Julius Robert Mayer. A
    • for the earthly life, are used for the purpose of the human
    • life on the Earth, are used in the spiritual world and
    • evolution on the earth owes a great deal to these unused
    • during earthly life in regard to death emanate from this
    • learning to understand how we have to thank those who have
    • died in early youth, and how we have to thank those who
    • be received by specific human hearts, also by the hearts of
    • clear to you from what I said, and also from the whole
    • earthly lives spent together. Karmic connections of this
    • kind are indicated in nearly all imaginative writings. Such
    • connections arising from previous earthly lives have not
    • earlier point of time. It is just as if, from a later
    • among us recently, when we attended the cremation of a dear
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • by Rudolf Steiner at Dornach in early February of 1915. They are from
    • and foremost be healed of what can be called the earthly
    • with oneself in the spiritual sense when in the earthly
    • for what in the earthly sense is the most interesting of
    • too much earnest and to observe outer life with too little
    • earnestness. One only struggles through quite gradually to
    • earth.
    • Through the capacities given us by the earth we remember no
    • that they cannot know the very origin of their earth-life
    • of arriving at the fact of one's own birth with earthly
    • not exist for the faculties of earth, so already by the
    • ordinary earthly faculties in the physical body behold the
    • self-consciousness which we can bear in accordance with our
    • earthly preparation for death, we come to that which we
    • experiences in our various earth-incarnations. So it is a
    • beings concerned then appear to him. For here one has to do
    • what is objective to us after death, can appear. Never can
    • what is objective in the spiritual world appear to us if we
    • where the other is to appear we obliterate our own being;
    • human soul and the most unclear), over which we are least
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