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  • Title: Perception of the Nature of Thought
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    • Authorized translation from the German of Notes unrevised
    • Published in German as:
    • Authorized translation from the German of Notes unrevised
    • Published in German as:
    • matters actually stand in regard to what we call man's Saturn
    • we know that there is concealed within us, within our human being,
    • laws dependent on man's personal karma.
    • evolution depends on the fact that human souls, for instance, who
    • were personalities in ancient Roman times are present again today.
    • cosmic script, and consider what radiating forces pour into human
    • the same delusion as a man who had been sentenced by a certain legal
    • paragraph printed on the white page can sentence a man, can Aries,
    • star-script the connection between the cosmos and human destiny. And
    • outside space and time. When we observe human life as a whole
    • be seen when we confront a man in the physical world.
    • We have said that in meeting man
    • astral body from the Old Moon, and the Ego. And when we look at man
    • laws of Earth which prevail and are active when the ego fashions man
    • outwardly active. Now if we encounter a man we shall say: “You,
    • O Man, as you confront me as material man are an embodiment of the
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  • Title: Lecture: Brunetto Latini
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    • They were published in German as:
    • The manifold studies which we have
    • spoken of this fact, and we have indicated many examples.
    • over humanity have taken place, derive their sources again
    • spiritual life into the physical. Initiation opens out to man
    • today for those who call themselves civilised mankind.
    • this connection between Dante and a man who was initiated
    • any rate was known to that time. They knew that man, to reach
    • elementary matters. How little a man is inclined to set out
    • occurs: ‘As a young man,’ he writes, ‘I was
    • journey, I got into an omnibus. Simultaneously another man
    • in his mind of the typical pedant. He knew that the man,
    • beginning of the path which leads through man into the
    • man — to the system of his physical body. Look out over
    • related to our own outer body — the physical human
    • Behind it is the etheric body; but man in the first place is
    • Man, to begin
    • side of the mountain stood a woman, according to whose
    • commands that which arose, arose, and that which passed away,
    • before him in an Imagination, in the figure of a woman who
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  • Title: Meditation and Concentration
    Matching lines:
    • published in German as,
    • published in German as,
    • thought, feeling, and will-impulses, or in any other manner,
    • lead man into the spiritual world. We must be clear about
    • structure of the psycho-spiritual human being. How most
    • personalities are typical, they are like an old gentleman who
    • many years ago, when someone wrote to me urgently requesting
    • a talk with me, because he had made the acquaintance of a man
    • necessary for this wonderful structure ‘man
    • if the formative forces of these material parts of man
    • cycle of humanity, one only gets the pure, true and real
    • some extent the clairvoyant aspect of a man, which, seen from
    • parts a man — the ego and astral body down to the
    • this part of the spirit-soul nature of man which is, or can
    • humanity. Of a quite other kind is the clairvoyant results
    • which must appear ever more and more in present humanity. The
    • less will humanity be able to live, without their soul-life
    • the spiritual-psychic part of man is loosened, and thus
    • head-clairvoyance, for our cycle of humanity, leads in the
    • of man, stomach-clairvoyance leads to results connected
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • Rejuvenation of the Artistic Lifestyle, published in German as, Wege
    • Manifold indeed are
    • (The Inner Life of Man between Death and a New birth.)
    • acquired for understanding the other side of man's life
    • circumstances, is not remembered by the human being. In
    • something in face of which the human being has a ready fear
    • materialism, we have pictured that the human being loses
    • because the human being is still unaccustomed, during the
    • being, the being who rules and weaves within man, is
    • unknown in respect of the deeper side of a man's own hidden
    • existence, but it is unknown too, in respect of many things
    • the Ahrimanic as well as from the Luciferic side; and the
    • Ahrimanic and Luciferic sides upon our intellect, in so far
    • suddenly saw coming towards him a young man with a
    • a form of megalomania. Such people are by no means few in
    • and megalomania exist in many souls who have not the very
    • Megalomania gives rise
    • to many wishes ... but when I say ‘wishes’, you
    • megalomania, he will not admit it. He then appeals —
    • upon the human soul. And under the unconscious influence of
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Rejuvenation of the Artistic Lifestyle, published in German as, Wege
    • the story of Manon de Gaussin because it gives an actual
    • the human being passes through the gate of death, etheric
    • human individuality, has to enter upon the further journey
    • maintain the earthly body of the human being through the
    • whole maximum age of life. A human being who has reached
    • he was a child. When a human being has to leave the
    • from the etheric body of a human being who has reached a
    • the forces of this etheric body through many decades of his
    • earthly life. when a human being dies prematurely, the
    • who has died early, contains many unused forces; these
    • forces are not destroyed when a human being has passed
    • for the earthly life, are used for the purpose of the human
    • clairvoyance and has an important part to play in human
    • and that many spiritual influences can therefore proceed
    • decisions emanating from that maya of consciousness of
    • during earthly life in regard to death emanate from this
    • etheric body. He has, as it were, made human what,
    • be received by specific human hearts, also by the hearts of
    • cosmic but just because of that, more human — which
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • Rejuvenation of the Artistic Lifestyle, published in German as, Wege
    • many painful events that have recently happened we have
    • Science. One must picture to oneself that when the human
    • imagined. It is a tendency in human nature which may very
    • between the whole being of man and such a predilection.
    • And you may be quite sure of this: as human beings, through
    • statements of many persons there is a lack of material for
    • from many functions which had become sympathetic to him in
    • quite different manner in which one must place oneself to
    • compared with the moment of birth into physical human life
    • the human being from the physical-sensible sheath, it
    • count mankind. In each hierarchy is a whole host of beings.
    • These all think. It is not man alone who thinks. All the
    • the entirely different manner in which the human being
    • by many people is only a world-concept for the Gate of
    • we wish to reach the dead in the manner I described to you
    • here in the physical world is in a way the weakest in man,
    • human soul and the most unclear), over which we are least
    • all human activity of an artistic nature there must lie as
    • the human soul which is necessary for this human soul after
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